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Adriana Locke is an author from the Midwest that writes romance novels. She spent so many years obsessing over fictional bad boys that she eventually decided to create her own. Locke was born in southern Indiana.

Order of Dogwood Lane Series

1Tumble 2019Description / Buy
2Tangle 2019Description / Buy
3Trouble 2020Description / Buy

Order of The Exception Series

1The Exception 2014Description / Buy
2The Connection (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
3The Perception 2015Description / Buy

Order of The Gibson Boys Series

1Crank 2017Description / Buy
2Craft 2018Description / Buy
3Cross 2018Description / Buy
4Crave 2018Description / Buy
5Crazy 2019Description / Buy

Order of Honey Creek Series

1Like You Love Me 2021Description / Buy

Order of Landry Family Series

1Sway 2016Description / Buy
2Swing 2016Description / Buy
3Switch 2017Description / Buy
4Swear 2017Description / Buy
5Swink 2017Description / Buy
6Sweet 2021Description / Buy

Order of Mason Family Series

1Restraint 2020Description / Buy
2Reputation 2020Description / Buy
3Reckless 2021Description / Buy
4Relentless 2021Description / Buy
5Resolution 2021Description / Buy

Order of A Cherry Falls Romance Series

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7216 Rancher Way ( By: Olivia T. Turner) 2021Description / Buy
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10309 Wildflower Falls Way ( By: Kate Hunt) 2021Description / Buy
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17504 Lovers Ridge ( By: Adriane Leigh) 2021Description / Buy
18511 Kissme Lane ( By: Abby Knox) 2021Description / Buy
19518 Hope Ave. (Short Story) ( By: Megan Wade) 2021Description / Buy
20525 Cherry Blossom Ln. ( By: Jordan Marie) 2021Description / Buy
21608 Alpha Avenue 2021Description / Buy
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311012 Curvy Way ( By: Shaw Hart) 2021Description / Buy
321116 Miracle Way ( By: Tracy Lorraine) 2021Description / Buy
331130 Free Spirit Ln ( By: Abby Brooks) 2021Description / Buy

Order of Adriana Locke Standalone Novels

1Sacrifice 2015Description / Buy
2Wherever It Leads 2016Description / Buy
3Written in the Scars 2016Description / Buy
4Lucky Number Eleven 2017Description / Buy
5The Relationship Pact 2020Description / Buy

Adriana Locke Anthologies

1 Jordyn's Army2020Description / Buy
2 Together with Love2020Description / Buy
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Her town was so small that she graduated with the same 24 kids that had been with her since she entered preschool. Locke left her hometown to make a new life for herself. But after spending some time in Phoenix and Ohio, she came back.

As a child, the author had an active imagination. She wanted to become a writer but it was just one of several career choices she toyed with. Writing had to compete with archeology and painting.

Writing and publishing won out because the author loved books. She was drawn to stories because they provided an escape to new worlds. They also taught her so many things, changing her perspective in ways she couldn’t have imagined. When she entered the publishing field, Locke decided to write contemporary romance because she wanted to make her readers happy.

She saw the stories she wrote as a source of hope, a means of injecting some joy into the lives of people that had so many struggles to contend with. Locke wanted her books to become a safe haven. She succeeded.

The author has an account on every significant social media platform because she loves talking to her readers and hearing about all the ways her novels changed their lives. Her love stories tend to resonate with audiences because Locke takes inspiration from real life.

The things she sees and the experiences she encounters spark her imagination. For instance, she distinctly remembers going to her son’s middle school wrestling meet and then watching as another wrestler was carted out of the school on a stretcher, following an injury.

The image of that young child leaving with a neck brace stayed with Locke. It planted a seed that grew to become ‘Sacrifice’. While the author has a writing desk with a computer, yellow legal pads, highlighters, and sharpies, she doesn’t have a particular spot that she uses to write.

Locke has the discipline to write from any location where she finds herself. If she had her way, she would find a quiet corner. Whenever she’s home, Locke will write at her desk. But more often than not, she writes while attending her children’s sports events.

She edits and proofreads the books she writes. But she has a team that helps her manage the other aspects of her career. When the author isn’t writing, she can be found cooking, walking in the sun, and playing with her kids. As far as her reading habits are concerned, Adriana Locke is drawn to women’s fiction, biographies, and cookbooks. She also reads magazines.

Locke is one of the few people with a subscription to her local newspaper. She reads the newspaper every single day. She encourages her readers to reach out to her on social media.

Best Adriana Locke Books

Locke is a Washington Post, Amazon Top 10, and USA Today bestselling author. Locke’s best novels include:

Crank: Walker and Sienna were a poor match, or so she thought. He wasn’t happy with her. Sienna had done some serious damage to his truck. But the truck was the least of her worries. She couldn’t get enough of Walker.

The mechanic was broody and rough, and he carried the scent of engine grease. But he ignited her desires in ways she couldn’t explain. For his part, Walker couldn’t deny the fact that he wanted her.

Sienna could feel it in his body as she brushed against him. The damage Sienna had done to his truck had been a costly mistake. But it was nothing compared to what she was about to do to him.

Tumble: Neely was desperate. With her job gone, she had no choice but to return to her hometown, if only for a little while. She did not expect to run into Dane Madden. A former bad boy, now a single father, Dane was her first kiss. He had also broken her heart.

And yet, he wanted her as much as she wanted him. They both knew it the moment they locked eyes. Could Neely find it in her heart to give him another chance?

When Does The Next Adriana Locke book come out?

The next book by Adriana Locke is Resolution and will be released on October, 22nd 2021. It is the newest book in the Mason Family Series.

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