Alexandra Stoddard Books

Alexandra Stoddard is a well known author and a contemporary writer of well known novels and books. She focuses mainly on the philosophical style of living and habits. She is a woman of many arts. She is also a well established interior designer and a philosopher of lifestyle. She is known mainly for her works which include an insight into human lifestyle and the art and way of living. She also focuses on contemporary living and lifestyle habits. She encourages readers and people to lead healthy lifestyle habits and develop good life skills which will enable them to function properly as individuals and people alike. She currently resides in Stonnington village in Connecticut with her daughters and grandchildren. She is well known for her works which promote wellness and changes in people’s attitude. Almost all of her books stress on the well being of people and change of hearts to bring about a positive change in people’s lives. She constantly strives to promote beautiful and joyous lives through celebrating our existence and leading healthy happy lives. She stresses on the importance of rituals in our lives and celebrating each and every day.

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She is known for her popular books which have sold worldwide and have received a lot of acclaim. Her books aim to promote wellness and togetherness along with living life peacefully. Some of her popular books include The Shared Wisdom of Mothers and Daughters, Things I want my Daughters to know, You are Your Choices, Things Good Mothers Know, Living A Beautiful Life, Order Beauty and Joy. She has received a number of editorial awards for her contribution to newspapers where her articles became popular among thousands of readers. She was also a producer for World News Tonight. She has spent almost all of her life helping and aiding other people to find the true meaning of life and happiness. She has guided thousands of people to set their life right and head in the right direction.

Her art combined with her skills of interior designing and turning chaos into order has helped her attain the right attitude for living life and showing other people how to do it in the same way. Her writings have taught millions of people around the world to appreciate all the little things we have in life rather than contemplating about things that we do not have. She has taught us to appreciate beauty all around us and find joy in appreciating detail and order wherever we see it. She endeavors to seek beauty everywhere she sees it and helps us attain nirvana through beautiful objects. Even her books are a work of art written in tinted ink on velvety paper, the reader is sure to find pleasure and happiness in flipping through her pages. Her works teach us to understand the importance of color and aesthetic surrounding so that our senses are always filled with serenity and happiness.

Best Alexandra Stoddard Books

Although all of her books have received worldwide acclaim, some of her most popular books are:

The Shared Wisdom of Mothers and Daughters: As a mother and grandmother, Alexandra Stoddard in this book of hers endeavors to teach people the bonding a mother and her daughter shares. She endeavors to celebrate the wisdom one garners through motherhood and the valuable lessons in life mothers can learn from their daughters. She speaks from her own experience and delivers the best possible advice a mother could have. This book is a delight to read and will surely catch the mind and interest of a mother. Interesting and captivating, this book is a must read.

Things I Want my Daughters to Know: This is a book about turning chaos into order. It makes the reader understand about all the mess we have in our daily lives and how we can sought to clean it up through ourselves. This book delivers the most simple advice on how to structure and attain order and discipline in your life. It teaches us how to correct errors in our lives without worrying too much and stressing ourselves. Readers will love the lucid language and simple advice given by the author through her true life experiences she has had.