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Alyse Carlson is an author that writes cozy mystery novels. Hart Johnson, the real person behind Alyse Carlson’s books, began using the pseudonym in 2012. She describes herself as a social scientist. Though, that description only applies to her activities in the day. She dedicates her nights to her writing habits.

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Order of A Garden Society Mystery Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Azalea Assault 2012 Description / Buy
2 The Begonia Bribe 2013 Description / Buy
3 Keeping Mum 2014 Description / Buy
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Carlson likes to blog. Admittedly, she isn’t as consistent as she would like to be. She blogs more frequently in certain seasons before eventually drifting off. Though, she makes an effort to keep her readers apprised of her situation.

Carlson uses her blog to connect with her fans. She writes blog posts that provide brief insights into her personal life. She isn’t afraid to admit that she sometimes becomes too bogged down with her responsibilities to find the time to write.

The author spends quite a bit of time interacting with other writers and supporting them, using her blog to introduce her fanbase to their works.

Best Alyse Carlson Books

Carlson claims to write from her bathtub, with some of the best books in her bibliography including:

The Azalea Assault: Few other places in the country have gardens as exquisite as those found in Roanoke, Virginia. Camellia Harris knows this. She has been tasked with promoting them. Camellia is quite confident in her craft. She knows her way around the PR world.

And there is no question in her mind that she has added a significant achievement to her resume by convincing a renowned national magazine to feature one of Roanoke’s gardens. Camellia knows that garden lovers in Roanoke will lose their minds once their local gardens attain country-wide fame.

She thought her success was guaranteed. She was wrong. It all started with Jean-Jaques Georges. A renowned photographer, Jean was charged with shooting the spread. Unfortunately, while his skills were not in his question, his attitude was foul.

He kicked his time in Roanoke off by insulting several guests at the welcoming party. If that wasn’t enough, he proceeded to misbehave with every single woman he came across. Camellia knew that she would have a difficult time maintaining the peace between Jean and the locals once the shoot started.

But then things got even worse. Jean died. They discovered his body the morning after the welcoming party, and there was no question in anyone’s mind that he had been murdered. No one was particularly sad that Jean was dead.

However, Camellia had every reason to worry. Her brother-in-law had been singled out as the culprit and her boyfriend was intent on getting the scoop. While it was hardly her field of expertise, Camellia found that she could only rely on herself to solve the murder. Fortunately, succeeding in PR meant being nosy, which is all Camellia needed to smoke the real killer out.

The Azalea Assault is the first novel in the Garden Society Mystery series. It was also the first novel Hart Johnson wrote after creating the Alyse Carlson pen name. The book introduces readers to Cam, a lovable PR professional that has just been added to the ranks of the Roanoke Garden Society.

As the new PR person, Cam has a lot on her plate. As such, she isn’t prepared for the murder that suddenly rocks her hometown. That doesn’t stop her from donning her sleuthing hat and solving a case that has everyone in Roanoke talking. Along the way, she makes discoveries about her friends, both new and old.

The Begonia Bribe: Roanoke has amazing gardens. Camellia spends her days promoting these gardens, which is why she is eventually drawn into the Little Miss Begonia Pageant, an event that will be held in a park. All the contestants are little girls. When Camellia is called upon to lend her support to the event, she cannot help but note all the drama that is ensuing.

The little girls are every bit as cute as she expected, but the mothers are quite catty. Things are even worse offstage. Some sort of conflict is brewing among the judges, a conflict that is somehow connected to Telly Stevens, a local newsman. What started as a simple spat escalates, leaving Stevens dead. Someone poisoned him with a plant. With so many suspects to choose from, Cam will have a difficult time finding the killer.

When Does The Next Alyse Carlson book come out?

Alyse Carlson doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Keeping Mum and was released on March, 4th 2014. It is the newest book in the A Garden Society Mystery Series.

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