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Amanda Flower is an award-winning author that writes mystery novels. Amanda was six years old when she decided that she wanted to write fiction. She wrote a story that she read out loud to her class.

Order of Amish Candy Shop Mysteries Series

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6Marshmallow Malice 2020Description / Buy
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9Lemon Drop Dead 2021Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Amish Candy Shop Mysteries Series

1Assaulted Caramel2017Description / Buy
2Criminally Cocoa (Short Story)2019Description / Buy
3Lethal Licorice2018Description / Buy
4Premeditated Peppermint2018Description / Buy
5Toxic Toffee2019Description / Buy
6Marshmallow Malice2020Description / Buy
7Botched Butterscotch (Short Story)2020Description / Buy
8Candy Cane Crime (Short Story)2020Description / Buy
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5Murder, Plainly Read 2015Description / Buy
6Murder, Handcrafted 2016Description / Buy
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The story was so amusing that it made her teacher and classmates laugh. The experience showed the author that she had a knack for storytelling. It was at that moment that she made up her mind to pursue a career in publishing. However, her father did not agree with Amanda’s goals.

He was an electrical engineer and he wanted his daughter to target a more practical career, one that would guarantee a stable income. Because Amanda perceived her father as a wise man, she listened to his advice and became a librarian.

The career choice was perfect for the author because it allowed her to indulge her passion for books. She would work as a librarian during the day. And then at night, she would sit down to write mystery novels. Initially, Amanda wrote for fun. It wasn’t until she moved to Amish Country in Ohio to work as a librarian that she began writing seriously.

Her new home in Ohio was perfect because it was free from distractions. It forced the author to dedicate her time to her craft. She also took a lot of inspiration from the things she saw and the Amish people she spoke to. The people that have read her work know that her books feature Amish characters, traditions, and concepts.

The author can empathize with their attitudes to an extent because she is a Christian author. Amanda believes that her faith goes hand in hand with traditional mysteries because the genre allows her to tell stories with a clear sense of right and wrong. It also permits her to inject elements of justice and forgiveness into every plot she concocts.

While many traditional mystery authors prefer to explore the darker aspects of the mystery genre, Amanda Flower wants to use her novels to bring humor and comfort into the lives of her readers. This is the reason why her books always end on a positive note. Amanda always gives her characters a happy ending.

She doesn’t judge other Christian authors that prefer to write grimy mysteries filled with morally questionable heroes. But Amanda cannot bring herself to craft such stories. As far as she is concerned, there is plenty of pain in the world. She doesn’t gain anything by adding to it.

Even though she always assigns time to her work as a lIbrarian, writing is a full-time job for Amanda. She will happily write into the late hours of the night to get her stories on paper.

The author enjoys the revision process because she is such a fast writer. Once she starts writing her first draft, she doesn’t stop until it is complete, which is why Amanda’s first drafts are always disastrous. The editing process allows her to give her stories more thought and to fine-tune her characters.

Amanda Flower Awards

Amanda Flower won the Agatha Award in 2015.

Best Amanda Flower Books

The author loves nature. She enjoys being outside. Amanda’s best novels include:

Crime and Poetry: Violet left Chicago because her grandmother was sick, or so she assumed. When Violet reached her bedside, she was surprised to find that Grandmother Daisy was perfectly healthy. She had tricked her granddaughter because she wanted Violet to work in her magical store.

Violet had no intention of sticking around. She was about to head back to the city when Benedict Raisin died. When they found him, the dead man had a copy of poem’s from Daisy’s store. The fact that Raisin had just added Daisy to his will meant that Violet’s grandmother was the prime suspect.

Prose and Cons: Daisy was determined to take advantage of the tourists the Food and Wine Festival would attract by giving a reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s work. Violet was called upon to help. She was supposed to work with the local writing group. But when one of their members died shortly before the event began, Violet realized that Poe’s work was the key to solving the murder.

Violet went to work, joining forces with a cat and the shop’s crow to find the killer in their midst.

When Does The Next Amanda Flower book come out?

The next book by Amanda Flower is Marriage Can Be Mischief and will be released on November, 30th 2021. It is the newest book in the Amish Matchmaker Mysteries Series.

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