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Amy Clipston is an American author that writes the Kauffman Amish Bakery series. Born in 1972 in New Jersey, Clipston started writing in elementary school. Back then, writing was just a silly hobby. The notion of seriously pursuing publishing never occurred to her.

Order of Kauffman Amish Bakery Series

1A Gift of Grace 2009Description / Buy
2A Promise of Hope 2010Description / Buy
3A Place of Peace 2010Description / Buy
4A Life of Joy 2011Description / Buy
5A Season of Love 2012Description / Buy

Order of Kauffman Amish Bakery -- Christmas Stories Series

1A Plain and Simple Christmas 2010Description / Buy
2Cookies and Cheer 2019Description / Buy

Order of Roadside Assistance Series

1Roadside Assistance 2011Description / Buy
2Destination Unknown 2014Description / Buy
3Miles from Nowhere 2015Description / Buy

Order of Hearts of Lancaster Grand Hotel Series

1A Hopeful Heart 2013Description / Buy
2A Mother's Secret 2014Description / Buy
3A Dream of Home 2014Description / Buy
4A Simple Prayer 2015Description / Buy

Order of Amish Heirloom Novella Series with Kathleen Fuller, Kelly Irvin, Beth Wiseman

1A Legacy of Love (Short Story) 2018Description / Buy
2The Cedar Chest (Short Story) ( By: Beth Wiseman) 2018Description / Buy
3The Treasured Book (Short Story) ( By: Kathleen Fuller) 2018Description / Buy
4The Midwife's Dream (Short Story) ( By: Kelly Irvin) 2018Description / Buy

Order of Amish Heirloom Series

1The Forgotten Recipe 2015Description / Buy
2The Courtship Basket 2016Description / Buy
3The Cherished Quilt 2016Description / Buy
4The Beloved Hope Chest 2017Description / Buy

Order of Amish Homestead Series

1A Place at Our Table 2017Description / Buy
2Room on the Porch Swing 2018Description / Buy
3A Seat by the Hearth 2018Description / Buy
4A Welcome at Our Door 2019Description / Buy

Order of Amish Legacy Series

1Foundation of Love 2021Description / Buy

Order of Amish Summer Series

1A Reunion in Pinecraft (Short Story) ( By: Shelley Shepard Gray) 2017Description / Buy
2Summer Storms (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
3Lakeside Love (Short Story) ( By: Kathleen Fuller) 2017Description / Buy

Order of An Amish Homecoming Series

1No Place like Home (Short Story) 2018Description / Buy
2What Love Built (Short Story) ( By: Kathleen Fuller) 2018Description / Buy
3The Courage to Love (Short Story) ( By: Shelley Shepard Gray) 2018Description / Buy
4An Amish Homecoming ( With: Beth Wiseman, , Shelley Shepard Gray) 2019Description / Buy

Order of Seasons of an Amish Garden Story Series

1Spring Is in the Air (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy
2Home by Summer (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy
3The Fruits of Fall (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy
4Winter Blessings (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy

Order of Amish Sweethearts Series

1Where the Heart Is (Short Story) 2018Description / Buy
2A Home for Lindsay (Short Story) 2018Description / Buy

Order of Amish Christmas Gift Series

1An Amish Christmas Gift 2015Description / Buy

Order of Amish Marketplace Series

1The Bake Shop 2019Description / Buy
2The Farm Stand 2020Description / Buy
3The Coffee Corner 2020Description / Buy
4The Jam and Jelly Nook 2021Description / Buy

Order of Amish Market Novella Series with Kathleen Fuller, Kelly Irvin, Vannetta Chapman

1Love Birds (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
2A Bid for Love (Short Story) ( By: Kathleen Fuller) 2016Description / Buy
3Love in Store (Short Story) ( By: Vannetta Chapman) 2016Description / Buy
4Sweeter than Honey (Short Story) ( By: Kelly Irvin) 2016Description / Buy

Order of An Amish Kitchen Series

1An Amish Kitchen ( By: Beth Wiseman) 2012Description / Buy
2A Spoonful of Love (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
3A Taste of Faith (Short Story) ( By: Kelly Long) 2013Description / Buy

Order of Amish Christmas Love Series with Ruth Reid, Kelly Irvin, Beth Wiseman

1Winter Kisses (Short Story) ( By: Beth Wiseman) 2017Description / Buy
2The Christmas Cat (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
3Snow Angels (Short Story) ( By: Kelly Irvin) 2017Description / Buy
4Home for Christmas (Short Story) ( By: Ruth Reid) 2017Description / Buy

Order of Amish Singing Series

1Hymn of Praise 2020Description / Buy
2Amazing Grace 2020Description / Buy
3Great Is Thy Faithfulness 2020Description / Buy
4O Holy Night 2020Description / Buy

Order of Amish Home Series with Kathleen Fuller, Beth Wiseman

1Home Sweet Home (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
2Building Faith (Short Story) ( By: Kathleen Fuller) 2017Description / Buy
3An Amish Home ( By: Beth Wiseman) 2017Description / Buy
4A Flicker of Hope (Short Story) ( By: Ruth Reid) 2017Description / Buy

Order of Amy Clipston Standalone Novels

1Betrayed 2009Description / Buy
2Reckless Heart 2012Description / Buy
3Love and Buggy Rides (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
4Their True Home 2019Description / Buy
5The Heart of Splendid Lake 2021Description / Buy
6The View from Coral Cove 2022Description / Buy

Order of Amy Clipston Short Stories/Novellas

1Naomi's Gift 2011Description / Buy
2A Son for Always / An Amish Cradle (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
3Splickety Love 2.3 (Short Story) ( With:) 2015Description / Buy
4Baskets of Sunshine (Short Story) 2020Description / Buy
5Evergreen Love 2021Description / Buy

Order of Amy Clipston Short Story Collections

1A Kauffman Amish Christmas Collection 2012Description / Buy
2An Amish Kitchen 2012Description / Buy
3The Kauffman Amish Bakery Collection 2014Description / Buy
4An Amish Home 2017Description / Buy
5An Amish Summer 2017Description / Buy
6An Amish Christmas Love 2019Description / Buy
7An Amish Barn Raising: Three Stories ( With: Kathleen Fuller, Kelly Irvin) 2021Description / Buy

Order of Beth Wiseman Short Story Collections

1Healing Hearts ( By: Beth Wiseman) 2011Description / Buy
2A Beth Wiseman Romance Collection ( By: Beth Wiseman) 2017Description / Buy
3An Amish Table ( By: Beth Wiseman) 2018Description / Buy
4An Amish Quilt ( By: Beth Wiseman) 2018Description / Buy

Order of Kelly Irvin Short Stories/Novellas with Ruth Reid, Kelly Irvin

1A Christmas Visitor (Short Story) ( By: Kelly Irvin) 2015Description / Buy
2An Unexpected Joy (Short Story) ( With: Ruth Reid, Kelly Irvin) 2015Description / Buy
3Cakes and Kisses (Short Story) ( By: Kelly Irvin) 2019Description / Buy

Order of Kathleen Fuller Short Story Collections

1An Amish Family ( By: Kathleen Fuller) 2018Description / Buy
2Amish Generations ( By: Kathleen Fuller) 2020Description / Buy
3An Amish Barn Raising: Three Stories ( With: Kathleen Fuller, Kelly Irvin) 2021Description / Buy

Amy Clipston Anthologies

1 An Amish Cradle2015Description / Buy
2 An Amish Harvest2016Description / Buy
3 An Amish Spring2018Description / Buy
4 An Amish Reunion: Four Amish Stories2019Description / Buy
5 An Amish Christmas Wedding2020Description / Buy
6 Amish Midwives: Three Stories2021Description / Buy
7 An Amish Picnic: Three Stories2021Description / Buy
8 An Amish Schoolroom: Three Stories2021Description / Buy
9 An Amish Christmas Bakery: Four Stories2021Description / Buy
10 An Amish Quilting Bee: Three Stories2021Description / Buy
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The author maintained this attitude throughout high school. After getting her degree in communication from Virginia Wesleyan University, Norfolk, Clipston joined the U.S Army Corps of Engineers.

The Norfolk District job was supposed to keep the author occupied for the summer. She did not expect to remain in the position for eleven years. But that is what happened.

She spent the four years that followed in Public Affairs before using her writing and editing skills in the Planning department. At the time, Clipston had shown no interest in publishing.

She was still writing. But she was only doing it for fun and it never occurred to her that her stories could become published works. In fact, she went so far as to hide her writing activities from her husband, Joe. She was reluctant to let anyone know that she dabbled in fiction.

Only her closest friends knew of Clipston’s hobby. Everything changed when she joined Chesapeake Romance Writers. She found them by accident. The writing group was a Godsend because it introduced Clipston to other writers that took note of her gifts.

Rather than simply encouraging her to publish her manuscripts, the writing group brought Clipston to the realization that she actually had a desire to become a successful author. They showed her that it was her dream to see her novels in bookstores and libraries.

Once she understood and accepted this ambition, Clipston’s new friends gave her the guidance she needed to write her first novel. They showed her how to plot, write, edit and submit manuscripts.
Eventually, she landed a literary agent. In 2007, she secured a publishing deal, paving the way for ‘Amish Singing’, ‘Amish Sweethearts’, ‘Amish Homestead’, and all the other series she has written over the years.

Clipston loves what she does. However, her family is just as important to the author. She met her husband, Joe, in college. Her life was tumultuous at the time because her father had just suffered a massive stroke.

Joe and Clipston had great chemistry. Their wedding four years later did not surprise anyone. The author saved her husband’s life when she gave her kidney to another man’s wife. This same man donated his kidney to Clipston’s husband.

The event cemented the enthusiasm Clipston has for organ and blood donation. She wrote a book about her husband’s kidney transplant (A Gift of Love).

Best Amy Clipston Books

Besides the Chesapeake Romance Writers, the author is also a member of the Romance Writers of America and the American Christian Fiction Writers, not to mention the Authors Guild. Clipston’s best books include:

A Gift of Grace: Rebecca Kauffman’s life was in turmoil. She wanted a beautiful family with amazing children and a dutiful husband. But she was stuck with Jessica and Lindsay, her teenage nieces.

Their English parents had perished in an accident. Rebecca had hoped to create a warm and loving environment for them. But Jessica was too rebellious. She had no interest in adopting the Amish ways of her new community. Her actions were exerting significant strain on Rebecca’s relationship with her husband, and Lindsay was hardly in a position to help.

With her life coming apart at the seams, Rebecca couldn’t help but wonder whether her faith in God would be enough to keep her family whole.

A Promise of Hope: Sarah was confused. Her husband was dead and she was left alone to care for their twins. Fortunately, she had her parents and their Amish community to help her.

She did not expect Luke to come knocking one random day. She was even more surprised to learn the secrets that Luke revealed about Peter. Sarah’s husband had chosen to hide a significant portion of his past from his wife. Now, Sarah was expected to bear the consequences of those secrets.

Her growing interest in Luke was only adding to her confusion. Her family was not helping. They wanted her to marry again. But she did not know if she could trust what she felt for Luke.

When Does The Next Amy Clipston book come out?

The next book by Amy Clipston is Foundation of Love and will be released on December, 28th 2021. It is the newest book in the Amish Legacy Series.

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