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Anne Hillerman, one of the USA’s popular mystery writers, is the daughter of Tony Hillerman, a late American best-seller detective author. Anne, who is known to take her father’s legacy forward, was born in Lawton in Oklahoma, US, on October 2, 1949. An avid reader who also loves to travel and ski, Anne is a resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico, US. She founded Wordharvest along with Jean Schaumberg in 2002 to promote the art of writing. Anne was a non-fiction writer and journalist before she became a novelist.

Hillerman’s award-winning debut novel Spider Woman’s Daughter, which came out in 2013, continued with the adventures of Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee but included a twist. Bernadette Manuelito, a fresh crime solver, has also chipped in. Anne’s second mystery novel Rock with Wings came out in 2015 and became a best-seller in New York. The next book of the series– Song of Lion – will be released in April next year.

Order of Leaphorn & Chee Series with Tony Hillerman

1The Blessing Way 1970Description / Buy
2Dance Hall of the Dead 1973Description / Buy
3Listening Woman 1978Description / Buy
4People of Darkness 1980Description / Buy
5The Dark Wind 1982Description / Buy
6The Ghostway 1984Description / Buy
7Skinwalkers 1986Description / Buy
8A Thief of Time 1988Description / Buy
9Talking God 1989Description / Buy
10Coyote Waits 1990Description / Buy
11Sacred Clowns 1992Description / Buy
12The Fallen Man 1996Description / Buy
13The First Eagle 1998Description / Buy
14Hunting Badger 1999Description / Buy
15The Wailing Wind 2002Description / Buy
16The Sinister Pig 2003Description / Buy
17Skeleton Man 2004Description / Buy
18The Shape Shifter 2006Description / Buy
19Spider Woman's Daughter 2013Description / Buy
20Rock with Wings 2015Description / Buy
21Song of the Lion 2017Description / Buy
22Cave of Bones 2018Description / Buy
23The Tale Teller 2019Description / Buy
24Stargazer 2021Description / Buy

Order of Anne Hillerman Non-Fiction Books

1The Great Taos Bank Robbery and Other True Stories 1973Description / Buy
2Children's Guide to Santa Fe 1984Description / Buy
3Ride the wind, USA to Africa 1995Description / Buy
4Insiders' Guide to Santa Fe 1998Description / Buy
5Tony Hillerman's Landscape: On the Road with Chee and Leaphorn 2009Description / Buy
6Santa Fe Flavors 2009Description / Buy
7Gardens of Santa Fe 2010Description / Buy
8Tony Hillerman's Landscapes: Southwest Guide & Map 2012Description / Buy
9Done in the Sun: Solar Projects for Children 2012Description / Buy
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Anne has won several awards in her writing career. Her first novel Spider Woman’s Daughter earned her Spur Award for the Best Novel of 2013 in 2014. The book also got two New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards – the Best Book of 2014 and Best Mystery of 2014. Her second book Rock with Wings ended as a nominee for the Dilys Award, conferred by the Independent Mystery Bookseller Association annually to the mystery titles.

The book she made with her photographer Don Strel – Tony Hillerman’s Landscape, which looked at places in Navajo territory which her father utlilized as his stories’ background, also received many awards. It was also picked as best picture book of the year 2010 by Plains and Mountains Booksellers. This book was give great fame to the writer all over the world. Millions of this book sold worldwide.

Anne Hillerman’s another creation Santa Fe Flavors: Best Restaurants and Recipes won 2009 Mexico Book Award besides securing the top rank from Mexico Press along with a silver medal from the National Federation of Press Women.

Gardens of Santa Fe, another book jointly contributed to by Anne and Don, ended as the finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award. Besides, Anne has also featured in various newspaper articles, book reviews and newsletters. She was also invited to New Mexico University to give Rudolpho Anaya Lecture.>


Three of Anne Hillerman’s best books authored so far are:

Spider Woman’s Daughter: This creation saw Anne continuing with her late father’s popular Leaphorn along with Chee series. This book enthralls the readers with an absorbing suspense, new characters, colorful presentation and a rich Southwestern ambience. The plot is centered on Police Officer of Navajo Nation Bernadette Manualito witnessing a cold-blooded shooting of a close person. With victim fighting for survival, the entire police and investigating team begin a manhunt. Bernadette also wants to join the investigation although law bars an eyewitness’s involvement. But she is not somebody to let it go, especially when her husband – Sergeant Jim Chee – is in the charge of the case. The duo gradually discovers that an old case involving Joe Leaphorn, Chee’s former partner may hold key. They dig into it and get closer to crack the case though not very easily.

Rock with Wings: In Anne’s sequel to Spider Woman’s Daughter, Bernadette and Jim – and their mentor Joe Leaphorn investigate two puzzling cases at the same time. The police officers were to take a break from the grinding daily routine but two cases – at Shiprock and Monument Valley – cut their vacation short and saw them responding to duties at separate areas. While Jim chases a series of clues to trace a missing woman, a criminal and a mysterious mound of dirt and rocks, Bernadette gets busy with a drug bust which had gone wrong. It will be under Leaphorn again that the two would go deeper into the case and meet deadly challenges to their courageous mission.

Tony Hillerman’s Landscape: This book takes the reader into world of Anne’s best-seller writer father Tony Hillerman’s by presenting a stunning collection of documentary photographs of New Mexzico and Arizona landscapes that served as backgrounds to the renowned author’s mystery novels. The book is narrated by Anne and is supported by her photographer husband Don Strel’s contribution. This work not only familiarizes the reader with the depths of a creative man’s imagination but also forms a perfect tribute to him from his daughter.

When Does The Next Anne Hillerman book come out?

Anne Hillerman doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Stargazer and was released on April, 13th 2021. It is the newest book in the Leaphorn & Chee Series.

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