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Art Taylor is an American author well known for his short stories in the mystery genre. Art has been writing since he was a child. His first-grade teacher will tell you of the time Art Taylor told him to expect his first book, a novel about Mice, to come out near Christmas.

Order of Art Taylor Short Story Collections

1The Boy Detective & The Summer of '74 and Other Tales of Suspense 2020Description / Buy

Order of Art Taylor Standalone Novels

1On the Road with Del and Louise 2015Description / Buy

Art Taylor Anthologies

1 2012 Press 53 Open Awards Anthology2012Description / Buy
2 The Crooked Road, Volume 32013Description / Buy
3 Murder Under the Oaks2015Description / Buy
4 Coast to Coast: Private Eyes from Sea to Shining Sea2017Description / Buy
5 Crime Travel2019Description / Buy
6 The Beat of Black Wings2020Description / Buy
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Sufficing to say, Art has come a long way since those days. Art’s journey hasn’t been an easy or conventional one. The author’s work has appeared in numerous magazines from Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine to Barrelhouse and North American review to mention but a few.

The author has managed to strike success without depending on the services of an agent. Art was lucky because he first made a name for himself writing short stories and contributing to various anthologies. By the time he began taking home awards for the short stories agents were coming to him and offering him their services. This was a stark contrast to Art Taylor’s earliest years when he had to struggle to have his submitted manuscript read.

The author, who is a graduate of Yale University, N.C. State University and George Mason University from where he acquired a Bachelor’s in American Studies, an M.A. in Creative Writing and an M.F.A in Fiction, has also gained notoriety over the years for his work as a reviewer of mysteries and thrillers for publications like the Washington Post.

Art Taylor primarily writes mystery novels. The author’s success can actually be traced back to all the connections he was able to build in the mystery community, this, in turn, helping him elicit credibility when he began to write his own mysteries and thrillers.

The author has made various story contributions to publications like the Mystery Scene Magazine and the Washington Independent Review of Books.

When he isn’t writing, Art Taylor’s work as an associate professor of English at George Mason University keeps him pretty busy.

Art Taylor Awards

Art Taylor has garnered a lot of critical acclaim as a writer over the years. One can see this in all the accolades he has won, this including an Agatha Award, Anthony Award, and a Macavity Award.

That isn’t even taking into account his trio of Derringer Awards. Those readers who thought Art was only strong when it came to short stories were probably surprised when he took the Agatha Award home in 2016 for Best First Novel.

The author seems to strike gold whenever he puts pen to paper, at least when it comes to collecting awards.

Best Art Taylor Novels

Art Taylor loves mystery and he never seems to run out of ideas, churning out one award-winning short story after another, with some of the best books in the author’s bibliography including the following:

On the Road with Del and Louise: Del and Louise are strange. Del took to crime out of desperation, determined to stop once his tuition was paid and his academic needs were met. For Del, robbing convenient stores was a necessity.

Louise should have been just a random holdup victim. Instead, she became Del’s lover and accomplice. The six stories in this book play with everything from comedy to drama and romance as they explore Del and Louise as characters.

This collection of short stories has a tendency to leap in and out of different genres. Art works with mystery, drama, romance and everything in between. Del and Louise are difficult characters to analyze because they are not always easy to like. However, they are both interesting, boasting curious motivations for doing the things they eventually do.

Some readers might be surprised to learn that Del and Louise are the only two characters in this book.

Murder Under Oaks: Art Taylor adds his voice to this popular anthology which draws upon the abilities of a wide range of crime writers from all over the country and even the globe. The anthology not only utilizes professionals in the industry but also taps new talents in the field of mystery.

The anthology celebrates Bouchercon’s first ever meeting in the American South.

This anthology has been described as a well-rounded collection of short stories. The strength of the anthology is the wide range of writers it uses which, in turn, produces a very varied collection of stories, each one dark, funny and clever in some way, not to mention historical.

Art’s primary role in this collection was that of Editor.

When Does The Next Art Taylor book come out?

Art Taylor doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Boy Detective & The Summer of '74 and Other Tales of Suspense and was released on February, 28th 2020. It is the newest book in the Art Taylor Short Story Collections.

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