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Barbara Cameron is a bestselling American author that writes inspirational fiction and nonfiction. The award-winning author writes about the Amish and their simple yet joyous lives.

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Order of Quilts of Lancaster County Series

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Order of Stitches in Time Series

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2 The Heart's Journey 2012 Description / Buy
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Order of Amish Roads Series

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2 Crossroads 2014 Description / Buy
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2 Seasons in Paradise 2016 Description / Buy
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Order of Hearts of Lancaster County Series

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Order of Barbara Cameron Standalone Novels

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1 The Metal Mistress 1982 Description / Buy
2 An Affair to Remember 1983 Description / Buy
3 Rapture Of The Deep 1984 Description / Buy
4 Star Ride 1985 Description / Buy
5 Loving a Summer Dad 2018 Description / Buy
6 Amish Snowbirds (Short Story) 2023 Description / Buy

Order of Barbara Cameron Short Story Collections

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1 Twice Blessed 2015 Description / Buy

Order of Barbara Cameron Non-Fiction Books

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1 The Alternative Shopping Guide (Short Story) 1998 Description / Buy

Barbara Cameron Anthologies

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1 An Amish Christmas 2009 Description / Buy
2 An Amish Gathering 2009 Description / Buy
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As a child, Jane Eyre was her favorite book character. She kept several copies of the novel, re-reading them every chance she got, which is why she was happy to teach her students about Jane Eyre when Cameron became a college English instructor.

The author was drawn to Jane’s kind and generous spirit. Cameron tries to replicate those qualities in the heroines she creates. When she began her publishing journey, the author would plot her novels out carefully.

Later on, she started writing by the seat of her pants. After a while, she found a balance between the two. In most cases, she wants the story to lead her and the characters to make decisions that are true to their unique attributes, regardless of the plans Cameron created for them.

She enjoys discovering the twists and turns they will take during their character arcs. One example is ‘Home to Paradise,’ a novel in which John, the hero, loves the English world. He doesn’t want to return to his Amish community, which is a problem for Rose Anna because she thought John would become her husband.

Rose makes it her mission to rescue John from himself and the English world. When Cameron sat down to write ‘Home to Paradise,’ she was convinced that John and Rose did not belong together. Or, at the very least, they wouldn’t end up together. But as she wrote his story, John surprised the author, taking actions Cameron never expected.

Such surprising twists make writing a joy for the author. A former news reporter and magazine editor, she works from a large room with desks, a bookcase, some dog beds, and a treadmill she looks at but never uses.

She writes on a computer. Her time as a reporter made Cameron a fast typist. However, she classifies herself as a slow writer. Though, she publishes two books a year, which is more than most.

Anyone that has ever visited her home will tell you that she loves animals. Her father was the same. Their home had every kind of animal you could imagine. But dogs were her favorite, especially the Pekingese breed, which she encountered because family friends from China owned them.

Barbara Cameron Awards

Cameron has won the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award. She has also received Carol and Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award nominations.

Barbara Cameron Books into Movies

Three of Cameron’s early works became movies (Indigo Autumn, The Garnet Princess, and Make Mine Chartreuse). They aired on HBO/Cinemax.

Best Barbara Cameron Books

The author writes inspirational stories that convey her faith in God. She wants her stories to create a sense of hope in readers. Cameron’s best books include:

A Time to Love: Jennie and Matthew are not the same. They come from different worlds, and the gulf between them is so enormous that Jennie doesn’t think she can bridge it. However, she’s hopeful.

Jennie’s days as a war correspondent left her with devasting injuries. In the aftermath of a car bomb, she decided to recuperate in her grandmother’s Amish community.

It was there that Matthew walked into her life. The two were well-acquainted with one another.

Jennie’s crush on Matthew had consumed her teenage years, and she wanted to interpret his appearance at her time of need as a sign that God was leading her to a brighter future.

But she was struggling to see past the physical and emotional scars that had forced her to return home.

A Time to Heal: Christopher wanted peace. After living a tumultuous life, the ex-soldier wished to rest. Hannah was gentle and kind, and she challenged everything he thought he knew. He couldn’t wait to pursue a new life with her in their simple community.

But destiny had other plans. The resistance from the Amish was the least of his worries. Christopher and Hannah had an enemy that had no qualms about sending them threats. To protect his future, Christopher must put everything on the line.

Rather than fleeing, he must stand his ground, which means revealing a secret that could ruin everything.

When Does The Next Barbara Cameron book come out?

Barbara Cameron doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Amish Snowbirds and was released on September, 18th 2023.

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