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Barbara Freethy is an award-winning and bestselling American Author that writes novels in the romance genre. A native of California, Freethy worked in public relations following her stint at UC Santa Barbara from where she got her Communications degree.

Order of Taken/Deception Series

1Played 2006Description / Buy
2Taken 2006Description / Buy

Order of Sanders Brothers Series

1Silent Run 2008Description / Buy
2Silent Fall 2008Description / Buy

Order of Angel's Bay Series

1Suddenly One Summer 2009Description / Buy
2On Shadow Beach 2010Description / Buy
3In Shelter Cove 2010Description / Buy
4At Hidden Falls 2011Description / Buy
5Garden of Secrets 2011Description / Buy

Order of Wish Series

1A Secret Wish 2011Description / Buy
2Just A Wish Away 2012Description / Buy
3When Wishes Collide 2012Description / Buy

Order of River Rock Series

1The Way Back Home 2012Description / Buy

Order of Callaways Series

1On a Night Like This 2012Description / Buy
2So This Is Love 2013Description / Buy
3Falling for a Stranger 2013Description / Buy
4Between Now and Forever 2013Description / Buy
5Nobody But You (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
6All a Heart Needs 2014Description / Buy
7That Summer Night 2014Description / Buy
8When Shadows Fall 2014Description / Buy
9Somewhere Only We Know 2015Description / Buy
10If I Didn't Know Better 2015Description / Buy
11Tender is the Night 2016Description / Buy
12Take Me Home (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy
13Closer To You 2016Description / Buy
14Once You're Mine 2017Description / Buy
15Can't Let Go 2017Description / Buy
16Secrets We Keep 2018Description / Buy

Order of Bachelors & Bridesmaids Series

1Kiss Me Forever 2014Description / Buy
2Steal My Heart 2014Description / Buy
3All Your Loving 2014Description / Buy
4Before I Do 2015Description / Buy
5Falling Into You 2015Description / Buy
6Forever Starts Tonight 2017Description / Buy
7Dreaming of You 2019Description / Buy

Order of Lightning Strikes Series

1Beautiful Storm 2015Description / Buy
2Lightning Lingers 2016Description / Buy
3Summer Rain 2016Description / Buy

Order of 7 Brides For 7 Brothers Series

1Luke 2016Description / Buy

Order of Off The Grid: FBI Series

1Perilous Trust 2017Description / Buy
2Reckless Whisper 2018Description / Buy
3Desperate Play 2018Description / Buy
4Elusive Promise 2018Description / Buy
5Dangerous Choice 2019Description / Buy
6Ruthless Cross 2019Description / Buy
7Critical Doubt 2020Description / Buy
8Fearless Pursuit 2020Description / Buy
9Daring Deception 2021Description / Buy
10Risky Bargain 2021Description / Buy

Order of 7 Brides For 7 Soldiers

1Ryder 2017Description / Buy

Order of Whisper Lake Series

1Always With Me 2019Description / Buy
2My Wildest Dream 2019Description / Buy
3Can't Fight The Moonlight 2020Description / Buy
4Just One Kiss 2020Description / Buy
5If We Never Met 2021Description / Buy

Order of Barbara Freethy Standalone Novels

1Promise of Marriage 1990Description / Buy
2Hometown Hero 1991Description / Buy
3Two to Tango 1992Description / Buy
4The Right Man For Loving 1992Description / Buy
5To the Rescue 1993Description / Buy
6The Man Behind The Magic 1993Description / Buy
7A Man Like Jake 1994Description / Buy
8Daniel's Gift 1996Description / Buy
9Ryan's Return 1996Description / Buy
10Ask Mariah 1997Description / Buy
11One True Love 1998Description / Buy
12The Sweetest Thing 1999Description / Buy
13Almost Home 2000Description / Buy
14Just the Way You Are 2000Description / Buy
15Some Kind of Wonderful 2001Description / Buy
16Love Will Find a Way 2002Description / Buy
17Summer Secrets 2003Description / Buy
18Golden Lies 2004Description / Buy
19The Cuzzian Horse (Short Story) 2004Description / Buy
20All She Ever Wanted 2004Description / Buy
21Don't Say a Word 2005Description / Buy
22Patrick Michael O'Reilly's 13th Summer 2007Description / Buy
23Sweet Somethings 2017Description / Buy

Order of 7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes Series

1Devlin 2019Description / Buy
2Jason ( By: Julia London) 2019Description / Buy
3Ross ( By: Lynn Raye Harris) 2019Description / Buy
4Phillip ( By: Cristin Harber) 2019Description / Buy
5Brock ( By: Roxanne St. Claire) 2019Description / Buy
6Logan ( By: Samantha Chase) 2019Description / Buy
7Trey ( By: Christie Ridgway) 2019Description / Buy
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She started her career as a traditionally published author that wrote for the likes of Harper Collins and Simon and Schuster. In 2011, Freethy made the move to self-publishing, eventually landing her first New York Times bestseller.

Freethy grew up in a household that loved books. Her mother was to blame. She made sure that every bookshelf was overflowing with novels. The author has fond memories of visiting bookstores and libraries in her search for the latest Nancy Drew novels.

She was in high school when her mother decided to write her first romance novel. Freethy encouraged her endeavors. She thought the idea of writing a romance novel like the ones that filled her home sounded like great fun.

The pair brainstormed ideas, critiqued one another’s work once Freethy started writing, and visited writer’s conferences. During her twenties, Freethy spent most of her time writing dull articles about uninteresting subjects like semiconductors that she did not understand.

Encouraged by her mother’s writing efforts, the author realized that, if she could write so well about subjects about which she was ignorant, she most likely had the talent required to produce fiction which she actually understood.

The fact that she studied English and Creative Writing in college helped. Freethy was pregnant when she started writing. She spent several years balancing the rigors that came with writing fiction with the demands of her small children.

At some point in her career, she was also forced to get a second job to improve the financial situation in her home because her writing career did not pay well enough to keep them afloat. It took the author several years before she became a full-time writer that could survive solely on the sales from her novels.

Self-publishing only entered the picture in 2011. Once the rights to the novels she had traditionally published in previous years reverted to Freethy, she made them available as eBooks. This initial encounter with the indie publishing arena changed the author’s life.

She found that it was an improvement on her experience as a traditionally published author. She had more control over her books. She could write as many novels as she wanted each year and she could make changes to her stories to meet the demands of her readers.

Not only did Barbara Freethy succeed in the field but she eventually became one of Amazon’s biggest stars, selling millions of copies of her books in just a few years. This encouraged Freethy to dedicate her efforts to self-publishing.

Rather than self-publishing backlist titles, she started writing and self-publishing original content. She has never regretted the decision. Though, she admits that it is a lot of work. But Freethy doesn’t mind making her own covers, hiring editors, and marketing her work.

Barbara Freethy Awards

Freethy has won the RITA and Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Awards.

Best Barbara Freethy Books

While she loves self-publishing, Freethy appreciates the collaborative process associated with the traditional publishing industry. Some of Freethy’s best books include:

Don’t Say a Word: Julia DeMarco thought she knew where she came from. At the very least, she was certain that she hadn’t been adopted. And yet, after coming across a photo during the preparations for her wedding, she became convinced that she was the little girl standing in front of the Russian Orphanage.

Now Julia must undertake a dangerous journey with Alex Manning, a reckless photographer as she attempts to discover the truth.

Just the Way You Are: Sam and Alli Tucker were happy. They appreciated the life they had made on Tucker’s Landing. But things are starting to change. Sam isn’t content. He loves Alli but he only stayed in Tucker’s Landing because marriage and fatherhood tied him down.

He dreams of doing so much more. Alli knows that she doesn’t hold Sam’s heart, not all of it. She understands that Sam wants to pursue a life away from Tucker’s Landing. For that reason, she needs to make a new life for herself, one that exists beyond the roles she plays as a wife and lover.

When Does The Next Barbara Freethy book come out?

Barbara Freethy doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Risky Bargain and was released on September, 21st 2021. It is the newest book in the Off The Grid: FBI Series.

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