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Barbara Graham is an American author best known for the Quilted Mysteries Series. She writes mystery novels, though it took her a while to find her footing as a published author. Barbara’s childhood revolved around the Texas Panhandle.

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Order of Quilted Mysteries/Theo and Tony Abernathy Mystery Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Murder By Serpents 2008 Description / Buy
2 Murder by Artifact 2009 Description / Buy
3 Murder by Music 2011 Description / Buy
4 Murder by Vegetable 2012 Description / Buy
5 Murder by Sunlight 2013 Description / Buy
6 Murder by Gravity 2014 Description / Buy
7 Murder by Kindness 2015 Description / Buy
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Because her father was in the US Navy, she also has strong memories of the days she spent in San Diego and Pearl Harbor. Barbara was a daydreamer and that made her a great storyteller. Though, in those early days, most of her stories chronicled her personal efforts to save the world.

The people that knew her were not particularly surprised that she became a published author. However, her success during those early stages was far from guaranteed. In fact, Barbara abandoned writing for a time. It wasn’t entirely her fault.

She experimented with the activity for a while. Then a college professor convinced her that writing wasn’t a feasible career to pursue. So she gave up on it. She moved around for a bit after college, leaving Denver to visit New Orleans and East Tennessee. She spent a few years working in the travel industry.

Following her marriage, she went back to Denver before finally settling down in Wyoming. In time, she rediscovered her love for writing and she produced several terrible novels before finally publishing ‘Murder by Serpents’.

Best Barbara Graham Books

Barbara shares her life with her husband and their two dogs. Some of the best books in her bibliography include:

Murder by Serpents: Tony Abernathy is the Sheriff of a small town in the Smoky Mountains, Theo, his wife, runs a quilt shop. Her life takes an interesting turn when she discovers a dead body. The victim was a snake-handling preacher.

A recent addition to the town, the preacher was clearly up to no good. The fact that snakes were used to arrange his murder makes the case all the more interesting. Tony knows that it won’t be easy to find the culprit, not with mother nature working against him.

He needs to figure out who the preacher was, what he was doing in the town, and whether he had accumulated any dangerous enemies. Fortunately, Tony’s wife is more than happy to lend a helping hand.

Tony was a Chicago cop. He moved to Tennessee because the couple wanted a quieter life. However, it looks like their small town isn’t quite as quaint and safe as they initially presumed.

Murder by Artifact: Tony’s little country keeps surprising him. It isn’t just the sweltering heat that is making his efforts so difficult. It looks like murder and mayhem are always afoot, giving his small force more work than they bargained for.

This time, the mystery at hand is a complex one. It looks like lawn ornaments are disappearing. The culprit keeps taking them at night. But that is hardly a cause for concern, not when you compare it to Tony’s other case.

Someone keeps sending him newspaper clippings talking about people that disappeared two decades earlier. Someone clearly wants his attention. They want him to investigate the cold cases. But Tony has other concerns.

His wife has a mystery quilt on her hands, an antique that someone added to the folk museum. Tony doesn’t fully understand how it is connected to a pair of murdered women. He also knows that he cannot juggle so many threads.

But that won’t stop him from trying. His community relies on him. Some of the residents are cantankerous. Others are adoring. Quite a few a dangerous. Tony has to deal with all of them to maintain peace and order in his new home.

This leaves him little time to watch his children’s baseball games. But that is to be expected. He doesn’t have nearly as much control over his life as he would like. Every time the sheriff thinks that he’s finally gotten a handle on things, the situation unravels.

Even though Barbara Graham is known for her cozy mysteries, and even though this book counts as a cozy mystery novel, it is quite gruesome, so much so that some people might categorize it as a thriller.

The novel follows Tony around as he tries to resolve multiple cases. As always, the author finds ways of giving Theo, Tony’s wife, the spotlight, exploring the activities of her quilting shop and dragging her into her own mystery.

When Does The Next Barbara Graham book come out?

Barbara Graham doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Murder by Kindness and was released on November, 18th 2015. It is the newest book in the Quilted Mysteries/Theo and Tony Abernathy Mystery Series.

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