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Ben Mezrich is a renowned American author that writes fiction and non-fiction. Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1969 to a lawyer (Mollie Newman) and the University of Maryland School of Medicine Chairman of Radiology (Reuben Mezrich), Mezrich was a student at Princeton Day School in New Jersey and Harvard University.

Order of Seven Wonders Trilogy Series

1Seven Wonders 2014Description / Buy

Order of Charlie Numbers Adventures Series

1Bringing Down the Mouse 2014Description / Buy
2Charlie Numbers and the Man in the Moon 2017Description / Buy
3Charlie Numbers and the Woolly Mammoth 2019Description / Buy

Order of Ben Mezrich Standalone Novels

1Threshold 1996Description / Buy
2Reaper 1997Description / Buy
3Fertile Ground 2001Description / Buy

Order of Ben Mezrich Short Stories/Novellas

1Q (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy

Order of Ben Mezrich Non-Fiction Books

1Bringing Down the House 2002Description / Buy
2Ugly Americans 2004Description / Buy
3Breaking Vegas 2005Description / Buy
4Rigged 2007Description / Buy
5Busting Vegas 2008Description / Buy
6The Accidental Billionaires 2009Description / Buy
7Sex on the Moon 2011Description / Buy
8Straight Flush 2013Description / Buy
9Once Upon a Time in Russia 2015Description / Buy
10The 37th Parallel 2016Description / Buy
11Woolly 2017Description / Buy
12Bitcoin Billionaires 2019Description / Buy
13The Antisocial Network 2021Description / Buy

Order of The X-Files Series

1Goblins ( By: Charles L. Grant) 1994Description / Buy
2Whirlwind ( By: Charles L. Grant) 1995Description / Buy
3Ground Zero ( By: Kevin J. Anderson) 1995Description / Buy
4Ruins ( By: Kevin J. Anderson) 1995Description / Buy
5Antibodies ( By: Kevin J. Anderson) 1997Description / Buy
6Skin 1998Description / Buy
7Fight the Future ( By: Elizabeth Hand) 1998Description / Buy
8I Want to Believe ( By: Max Allan Collins) 2008Description / Buy
9X-Files: Trust No One ( By: Gayle Lynds, Heather Graham, Jonathan Maberry, Max Allan Collins, Kevin J. Anderson, Tim Lebbon, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Brian Keene, Peter Clines, Gini Koch) 2015Description / Buy
10X-Files: The Truth Is Out There ( By: Jonathan Maberry, Kelley Armstrong, David Farland, Rachel Caine, , Kami Garcia, , Hank Phillippi Ryan) 2016Description / Buy
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He eventually graduated with a degree in social studies. A lot of people discovered Mezrich after he wrote ‘Bringing Down the House’. The book explored the lives of a group of MIT students who used a card counting system to win millions of dollars in Las Vegas.

Even though the book was supposedly non-fiction, some of the people that inspired Mezrich’s characters contested some of the events in the story. Though, that did not stop ‘Bringing Down the House’ from achieving massive publishing success.

Mezrich used the momentum to write additional non-fiction books that provided a fascinating glimpse into the lives of real people that had done extraordinary things, with the most prominent being ‘The Accidental Billionaires’ which chronicled the founding of Facebook.

Even though he ultimately found success as a non-fiction writer, Ben Mezrich was initially hellbent on making it as a novelist. The author was just 12 when he decided that he would pursue a career in publishing.

After graduating from college, Mezrich proved his resolve by writing nine novels in a year. It was an impressive feat but it did little to bolster his career. All his manuscripts were rejected. In fact, the writer accumulated a whopping 190 rejections in the years that followed.

Even after landing a book deal, Mezrich’s first six books were financial failures. Suffice it to say, he had to absorb several crippling blows before he finally got his big break. Few other authors would have persevered.

Mezrich kept going because he was determined to fulfill his life’s dream regardless of the cost. An awkward, average, non-descript geek who spent a lot of time playing video games and indulging his love for science fiction, Mezrich believes that all the failures he encountered early on paved the way for the success he eventually achieved.

He had to learn the ins and outs of publishing, to understand basic concepts like character development, and this is what his many rejections taught him. Mezrich spent a long time trying to find his voice.

For a while, he couldn’t help but mimic people like Jay McInerney whose work had heavily influenced his own. But over time, he discovered his identity and that gave his work the spark that appeals to his fans.

The author admits that luck played a role in his success. For instance, he just so happened to be at a dive bar when a group of rich MIT kids walked in and introduced him to the concept that gave ‘Bringing Down the House’ life.

Though, the author will tell you disciplined writing also played a role. Others inspired his stories but Mezrich had to write them in a compelling manner to attract readers.

Ben Mezrich Books into Movies

Robert Luketic turned ‘Bringing Down the House’ into a heist drama called ’21’. that debuted in 2008. Aaron Sorkin turned ‘The Accidental Billionaires’ into a critically acclaimed movie called ‘The Social Network’.

Best Ben Mezrich Books

Even though he is primarily known for his non-fiction works, Mezrich also writes fast-moving thrillers, with some of the best books in his bibliography including:

Bringing Down the House: The MIT Blackjack Team was a group of card counters from MIT who discovered a system that could bamboozle Las Vegas’ most sophisticated casinos. They used it to earn millions of dollars. Even though this book is categorized as non-fiction and it uses characters that are based on real people, it features fictional occurrences that are used to push the story forward. It also exaggerates some aspects to elevate the drama.

The Accidental Billionaires: Eduardo and Mark felt like outsiders at Harvard. They did not fit into the school’s polished social scene. Eduardo tried to gain social acceptance by worming his way into the institution’s elite societies. Mark took a more interesting route, using his genius to create the system that eventually laid the foundation from which Facebook rose.

This book shows readers how the success of Facebook made Mark and Eduardo’s dreams a reality before ultimately fracturing their relationship.

When Does The Next Ben Mezrich book come out?

Ben Mezrich doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Antisocial Network and was released on September, 7th 2021. It is the newest book in the Ben Mezrich Non-Fiction Books.

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