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Betsy Brannon Green is an American author that writes inspirational fiction. Her father was studying at the University of Utah when Betsy was born (1958). He took the family to Birmingham, Alabama, following his graduation.

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Order of Haggerty Mystery Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Hearts in Hiding 2001 Description / Buy
2 Until Proven Guilty 2002 Description / Buy
3 Above Suspicion 2003 Description / Buy
4 Silenced 2004 Description / Buy
5 Copycat 2005 Description / Buy
6 Poison 2005 Description / Buy
7 Double Cross 2006 Description / Buy
8 Christmas in Haggerty (Short Story) 2006 Description / Buy
9 Backtrack 2007 Description / Buy
10 Puzzle Pieces 2015 Description / Buy

Order of Eureka Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Never Look Back 2002 Description / Buy
2 Don't Close Your Eyes 2003 Description / Buy
3 Foul Play 2004 Description / Buy

Order of Duty Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Hazardous Duty 2007 Description / Buy
2 Above and Beyond 2008 Description / Buy
3 Code of Honor 2009 Description / Buy

Order of Kennedy Killingsworth Series

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1 Murder by the Book 2009 Description / Buy
2 Murder by Design 2010 Description / Buy
3 Murder by the Way 2012 Description / Buy

Order of Proceed With Caution Series

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1 Proceed with Caution 2013 Description / Buy
2 Danger Ahead 2014 Description / Buy

Order of Betsy Brannon Green Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Pivot Point 2012 Description / Buy
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He wanted to attend medical school. The family moved again when he joined the Army. His military career took them to various cities before they finally planted roots in Decatur, Alabama. The author was still in Alabama when she met her husband (Robert Green). The pair have eight children.

You can trace her publishing career to 1999 when she started writing seriously. Publishers rejected her first novel. But then Covenant Communications surprised her by buying and publishing her second book.

Even as a child, Betsy had an active imagination. Unfortunately, she used it to tell lies. The author took great joy in watching the expressions on her audience’s faces change as she told her stories. Her mother was among the first to take note of the author’s gift.

The woman was impressed because, even when she knew for a fact that her daughter was lying, Betsy injected so much detail into her lies that they almost convinced her. And then, her life changed when she realized that people could put their lies on paper and sell them to publishers.

She put her skills to the test by writing a story about World War II in fourth grade. Adult Betsy thinks that story was terrible. But her mother loved it and told Betsy she was a talented writer. Young Betsy was more than happy to believe her.

She used her mother’s encouragement to write more stories, scribbling them in spiral notebooks that she passed on to her classmates. At the time, writing for a living hadn’t occurred to her. She wrote because she couldn’t stop.

Ideas kept invading her imagination, and she had no choice but to put them on paper. But writing was just a hobby, one she used to entertain her friends and family. Her grandmother’s death was the turning point.

The author had gone to Salt Lake to attend her funeral when she stopped at a bookshop in a ZCMI mall and found LDS fiction. Even though Betsy continued to ignore people who encouraged her to publish her stories, the notion of LDS fiction intrigued her.

When she abandoned a position at a busy high school for a kindergarten campus, Betsy was suddenly blessed and burdened with more free time than she could handle. When she asked the principal for something to do during her free time, the principal told the author to read a book.

Betsy decided to write one instead. She finished the manuscript in eight months and submitted it to every LDS publisher she could find. The author wanted to wait until the manuscript found a buyer before she wrote another one.

But Betsy couldn’t help it. She used her free time in the summer to write a second book and submitted it. Initially, she was discouraged after receiving several rejection letters for the first book. But then Covenant reached out and told her they would take the second book.

The first book was not wasted. She rewrote it later on, and it became her third published novel.

Betsy Brannon Green Awards

Betsy has received Whitney Award nominations.

Best Betsy Brannon Green Books

The author writes books with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in mind. Betsy’s best books include:

Hearts in Hiding: Kate Singleton’s life changed overnight. She had been married to her husband, an FBI agent, for a year when he died. Then she learned that his killers wanted her dead. Kate, who had a baby on the way, was at a loss.

Fortunately, the FBI came along and took her away, giving her new clothes, a home, and even a husband. But this was just the beginning of her adventure.

Hazardous Duty: Savannah McLaughlin was in a pickle. Her six-year-old daughter was missing, and the only clue the police could find was useless. It had a cryptic verse of scripture that meant nothing to them. Savannah’s only hope was a man that despised her.

Major Christopher Dane and his band of misfits had the tools and skills to find her daughter. But could he overlook their dark past?

When Does The Next Betsy Brannon Green book come out?

Betsy Brannon Green doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Silenced and was released on May, 26th 2020. It is the newest book in the Haggerty Mystery Series.

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