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A bestselling novelist living in Southern California, Betty Hechtman is famous the world over for her Crochet Mysteries series and Yarn Retreat Mysteries series. Writing mainly in the mystery fiction genre, she has managed to gain a large international fan following ever since she burst onto the literary scene with her first novel in 2006.

Order of Crochet Mysteries Series

1Hooked on Murder 2008Description / Buy
2Dead Men Don't Crochet 2008Description / Buy
3By Hook or by Crook 2009Description / Buy
4A Stitch in Crime 2009Description / Buy
5You Better Knot Die 2010Description / Buy
6Behind the Seams 2011Description / Buy
7If Hooks Could Kill 2012Description / Buy
8For Better or Worsted 2013Description / Buy
9Knot Guilty 2014Description / Buy
10Seams Like Murder 2016Description / Buy
11Hooking for Trouble 2016Description / Buy
12On the Hook 2018Description / Buy
13Hooks Can Be Deceiving 2018Description / Buy
14One for the Hooks 2021Description / Buy

Order of Writer For Hire Mysteries Series

1Murder Ink 2021Description / Buy
2Writing a Wrong 2021Description / Buy

Order of Yarn Retreat Mysteries Series

1Yarn to Go 2013Description / Buy
2Silence of the Lamb's Wool 2014Description / Buy
3Wound Up in Murder 2015Description / Buy
4Gone with the Wool 2016Description / Buy
5A Tangled Yarn 2017Description / Buy
6Inherit the Wool 2018Description / Buy
7Knot on Your Life 2019Description / Buy
8But Knot for Me 2021Description / Buy

Order of Blue Schwartz Series

1Blue Schwartz and Nefertiti's Necklace: A Mystery with Recipes 2006Description / Buy
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Best Betty Hechtman Books:

The author is mainly known for two best selling mystery series. The Crochet series follows the adventures of Molly Pink, who is a community relations and events coordinator at a bookstore where she often finds herself embroiled in a series of murder investigations. The Yarn Retreat series finds it’s protagonist in dessert chef Casey Feldstein, after her aunt dies and leaves her Yarn retreat business in Casey’s care.

Here are some of the best novels the two mystery series have to offer:

Yarn To Go: The first novel in the Yarn Retreat Series, the novel begins with dessert chef Casey Feldstein unexpectedly coming into possession of a new business when her aunt dies and bequeaths her Yarn Retreat business to Casey. At first baffled and out of her depth, Casey has to grapple with her new responsibilities while also investigating the truth about her aunt’s murder. After one of her close friends also dies, Casey realizes there is more to the matter than meets the eye. However, she is also not without her own resources, and using her training from her former days as a private investigator, as well as the help of some old friends, Casey begins a winding and dangerous journey towards the truth about what really happened to her aunt.

With a solid mystery at it’s core and a colorful cast of characters, the novel rises above most other cozy mystery novels in it’s skillful use of plot as well as red herrings that follow a logical sequence instead of merely being inserted awkwardly into the narrative to move the plot along. Casey also proves to be a warm, likeable character who warrants an entire series being written about her exploits.

Gone With The Wool: As October arrives at California’s Monterey Peninsula, Casey Feldstein is busy managing the Yarn Retreat left in her care by her aunt. A week long festival is being held in town to celebrate the arrival of thousands of monarch butterflies in search of a place to spend winter, with a butterfly queen and her court event held to top off the celebrations.

Casey has to manage the retreat while also helping with baking for the festival. But all the preparations come to a stop when a former butterfly queen is murdered, and her body is found with a knife sticking out of her back. Casey is drawn into the murder case and has to find a way to trap the vengeful killer before more people get hurt, even as she uncovers some dark secrets about the town she calls home. With knitting, cooking and an ingenious murder mystery, the novel keeps you hooked all the way to the end!

Behind The Seams: The sixth novel in the Crochet mystery series, the novel finds CeeCee Collins, the informal leader of the crochet group, preparing for the release of her new movie which is already generating Oscar buzz. CeeCee is scheduled to appear on the Barbara Olive Overton show to promote the film, and Molly and the rest of the club decide to tag along with her. However, things quickly unravel when CeeCee’s niece is accused of poisoning one of the producers on the show where she works as a production assistant. It is up to Molly and her group to clear the niece’s name while also helping CeeCee stay clear of any controversy that could damage her chances at the Oscars.

Although not the first book in the series, the novel can be read as a stand alone mystery novel with an intriguing riddle at the center and a careful buildup of clues and hints that make the journey to the big reveal both surprising and satisfying. Not just a straight mystery, the novel also deals with matters of the heart as Molly finds herself dealing with a boyfriend who might be more serious about their relationship than she is. With many twists and turns throughout the plot, the book is an engaging whodunit and possibly the best addition to the Crochet Mystery Series.

When Does The Next Betty Hechtman book come out?

The next book by Betty Hechtman is But Knot for Me and will be released on November, 16th 2021. It is the newest book in the Yarn Retreat Mysteries Series.

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