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Beverly Jenkins writes historical and suspenseful romance novels. Born in 1951 in Detroit, the African American author started reading at a young age. When she was still in the womb, her mother would read to her.

Order of Belle / Josephine Series

1Belle / Belle and the Beau 2002Description / Buy
2Josephine 2003Description / Buy

Order of Edge Series

1The Edge of Dawn 2004Description / Buy
2The Edge of Midnight 2007Description / Buy

Order of Blessings Series

1Bring on the Blessings 2009Description / Buy
2A Second Helping 2009Description / Buy
3Something Old, Something New 2011Description / Buy
4A Wish and a Prayer 2012Description / Buy
5Crystal Clear (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
6Heart of Gold 2014Description / Buy
7For Your Love 2015Description / Buy
8Stepping to a New Day 2016Description / Buy
9Chasing Down a Dream 2017Description / Buy
10Second Time Sweeter 2018Description / Buy
11On the Corner of Hope and Main 2020Description / Buy
12A Christmas to Remember 2022Description / Buy

Order of Destiny Series

1Destiny's Embrace 2013Description / Buy
2Destiny's Surrender 2013Description / Buy
3Destiny's Captive 2014Description / Buy

Order of Old West Series

1Forbidden 2016Description / Buy
2Breathless 2017Description / Buy
3Tempest 2018Description / Buy

Order of Women Who Dare Series

1Rebel 2019Description / Buy
2Wild Rain 2021Description / Buy

Order of The Le Veq Family Series

1Through the Storm 1998Description / Buy
2Winds of the Storm 2006Description / Buy
3Captured 2009Description / Buy

Order of The Grayson Family Series

1Vivid 1995Description / Buy
2Jewel 2008Description / Buy

Order of Beverly Jenkins Standalone Novels

1Night Song 1994Description / Buy
2Indigo 1996Description / Buy
3Topaz 1997Description / Buy
4The Taming of Jessi Rose 1999Description / Buy
5Always and Forever 2000Description / Buy
6Before the Dawn 2001Description / Buy
7A Chance at Love 2002Description / Buy
8Something Like Love 2005Description / Buy
9Black Lace 2005Description / Buy
10Sexy/Dangerous 2006Description / Buy
11Wild Sweet Love 2007Description / Buy
12Deadly Sexy 2007Description / Buy
13Midnight 2010Description / Buy
14Night Hawk 2011Description / Buy
15Hawaii Magic (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy
16One Masked Night (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy
17I'll Be Home for Christmas (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy

Order of Beverly Jenkins Short Stories/Novellas

1Prisoner of Love (Short Story) 2007Description / Buy
2Homecoming (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy
3You Sang to Me (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy
4This Christmas Rivalry (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy
5Rare Danger 2021Description / Buy

Order of Beverly Jenkins Short Story Collections

1Gettin' Merry 2002Description / Buy
2Cuffed by Candlelight 2007Description / Buy
3Rhythms of Love 2010Description / Buy
4Once Upon a Holiday 2010Description / Buy
5Baby, Let It Snow 2011Description / Buy
6Island for Two 2012Description / Buy
7A Beverly Jenkins Romance Collection 2018Description / Buy

Beverly Jenkins Anthologies

1 Merry Sexy Christmas2012Description / Buy
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Once she was born, Jenkins spent many an hour chewing on the cloth books her mother had bought for her. Once she was old enough, she started frequenting the library, reading the likes of ‘Dune’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

She joined her elementary school newspaper, lending her talents as an editor to the publication. Michigan State University was an important part of her life, and not just because she graduated from the institution. Jenkins worked at the university library’s circulation department.

Her lunch period was highly educational because she used it to read articles about African American history. When she migrated to Ypsilanti with her husband, even though her position at the Parke Davis Pharmaceuticals reference desk kept her busy, she found the time to write romance novels.

In the beginning, she wrote for fun. But after a colleague encouraged her, Jenkins found an agent. She eventually landed a publisher. ‘Night Song’, her first novel, came out in 1994.

Even though she went on to publish novels in various romance sub-genres, the author is primarily known for her historical romances. Her books are easy to identify because they feature attractive black men and women in 19th Century garb, a rarity in the romance genre.

Jenkins’ books are filled with strong and accomplished protagonists living in towns that African Americans founded in the aftermath of the Civil War. The author does meticulous research.

Her goal is to make her settings as accurate as possible. Jenkins’ career has thrived because people are fascinated by the idea of romantic tales set during a period where life was not only restrictive but considerably dangerous for African Americans.

Jenkins is determined to show that, even in the most trying of times, black people can find joy in the romantic bonds they have formed with the people in their community.

The author chose to write romance because none of the romance novels on the market reflected her experiences. She couldn’t find stories that mirrored the people she had known or the relationships they had nurtured.

Initially, the publishing world rejected the author. They did not know what to make of stories about African American characters in the 19th Century that did not tackle slavery. Jenkins was an anomaly because her first story was about a Buffalo soldier pursuing a relationship with a schoolteacher.

The industry couldn’t find a place for her. But Jenkins persisted because she was determined to introduce black love to the public.

Beverly Jenkins Awards

Jenkins has won the Michigan Author Award, Romantic Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award.

Best Beverly Jenkins Books

The author encourages people to explore black history by adding bibliographies of the texts she used in her research to her novels. Jenkins’ best books include:

Bring on the Blessings: Bernadine Brown was 52 when she decided to divorce her husband. He was sleeping with his secretary. Rather than bemoaning her situation, Bernadine asked God to show her what she should do with the $275 million the divorce had given her.

Trent July, the mayor of Henry Adams, was distraught. His was one of the few townships still in existence that had been founded by freed slaves. And now, because of crippling debt, the town was up for sale.

When Bernadine came to Henry Adams, Trent was surprised. She wasn’t quite what he expected. More importantly, Bernadine was ready and willing to work hand-in-hand with Trent to save the town. But some among the community were opposed to the change the pair wanted to enact.

Forbidden: Rhine Fontaine was going places. His dreams were finally within reach. But his success was built on a lie, and Eddy was making it very difficult for Rhine to maintain his façade.

She was everything he wanted: beautiful, strong-willed, and defiant. But Eddy was not staying. She was grateful for everything Rhine had done for her.

She owed him her life. But she had no intention of allowing the fiery passion between them to trap her in Nevada.

When Does The Next Beverly Jenkins book come out?

The next book by Beverly Jenkins is A Christmas to Remember and will be released on October, 15th 2022. It is the newest book in the Blessings Series.

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