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William Boy Watterson II better known as Bill Watterson is an American cartoonist. He has been an active author and syndicated cartoonist from 1985 to 1995. Born in Washington DC 1958, he spent most of his time during childhood alone drawing cartoons, and produced his first cartoon when aged only eight.

Order of Calvin and Hobbes Series

1Calvin and Hobbes 1987Description / Buy
2Something Under the Bed is Drooling 1988Description / Buy
3The Essential Calvin and Hobbes 1988Description / Buy
4Yukon Ho! 1989Description / Buy
5The Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book 1989Description / Buy
6Weirdos from Another Planet! 1990Description / Buy
7The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes 1990Description / Buy
8The Revenge of the Baby-Sat 1991Description / Buy
9Scientific Progress Goes 1991Description / Buy
10Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons 1992Description / Buy
11The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes 1992Description / Buy
12The Days Are Just Packed 1993Description / Buy
13Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat 1994Description / Buy
14The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book 1995Description / Buy
15There's Treasure Everywhere 1996Description / Buy
16It's a Magical World 1996Description / Buy
17Calvin and Hobbes: Sunday Pages, 1985-1995 2001Description / Buy
18The Complete Calvin and Hobbes 2005Description / Buy

Order of Bill Watterson Non-Fiction Books

1The Art of Richard Thompson 2014Description / Buy
2Exploring Calvin and Hobbes 2015Description / Buy
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He is best known as the author and cartoonist of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip that he produced for over a decade. His first title in the strip was Calvin and Hobbes first published in 1985. He went on to write over thirty more comic strips and collection in the Calvin and Hobbes series, his most accomplished work. The works have proved very popular and have even featured in exhibitions and collections in the US and in Europe.


As one of America’s preeminent comic strip authors and cartoonists, Watterson has won many prestigious awards for the Calvin and Hobbes series over the years. Watterson won the Reuben Award by the National Cartoonist’s society twice – in 1986 and 1988. He was the youngest cartoonist ever to have the honor and one of six that have won it twice. At the 2014 Angouleme International Comics Festival, Watterson was honored with the Grand Prix for his works. He is one of only four non-European cartoonists ever to win the Prix in its 41-year history. He won the 1988 Sproing Award for Tommy og Tigern, won the Harvey Award for Best Syndicated comic strip seven times, and the Special Award for Humor of the Harvey Award in 1989. He won the 1990 Max & Moritz Prize for Best Comic Strip, and the Adamson Award in 1991 for Kalle och Hobbe. In 1992, he won the Best Comic Strip of the Eisner Award for Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons and The Revenge of the Baby Sat. In the same year, En avant tete de thon won Best Foreign Comic Book at the Angouleme Comic Festival.


With a career spanning over a decade, Bill Watterson has authored many comic strips. Nonetheless, some of the most highly regarded works that he ever produced include:

It’s a Magical World: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection: one of the most complete collection of Bill Watterson’s comic strips. Despite Watterson retiring his phenomenally popular comic strip, A Magical World brings back Calvin and his Tiger Hobbes back to life in this collection of the most popular of the Calvin and Hobbes strips. The collection has all strips featuring Calvin and his daily life alongside comic’s favorite characters such as Rosalyn the baby sitter, Miss Wormwood the schoolteacher, Susie Derkins his classmate, long-suffering parents, and his furry friend. The Magical World comes with full color illustrations of inspired snowman art, the bold Spaceman Spiff who faces off with a Bug Being and Calvin who is turned into a firefly. Magical World is one of the best collections to take you back in time to savor the best qualities of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

Calvin and Hobbes: Sunday Pages 1985-1995: An Exhibition Catalogue: This is the most complete collection of The Calvin and Hobbes comic strips ever written by Bill Watterson. The book is a collaboration between The Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library and the Calvin and Hobbes Sunday Pages. The exhibition carefully reproduces all the original Sunday pages in color including registration marks, corrections, and sketch lines. There is also a print version of the exhibition in full color given that the creative and intentional use of color was one of the essential hallmarks of a Watterson comic. The collection is a particularly interesting one, given that Bill Watterson himself was involved in the selection of several works work that were included in the final exhibition. The volume also includes Watterson’s comments about some of the selections. His reflections on Calvin and Hobbes through an essay offer important insights into his motivations and lifestyle as a syndicated cartoon author. Having a reprint of books is always a good thing, but nothing beats having the original work along with the perspectives of one of the most highly regarded comic strip writers of the generation alongside them. This work is a fresh look back at comic strips as a vehicle for fresh and creative ideas, adventure, tears, and laughter that only Bill Watterson can pull off.

When Does The Next Bill Watterson book come out?

Bill Watterson doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Exploring Calvin and Hobbes and was released on March, 10th 2015. It is the newest book in the Bill Watterson Non-Fiction Books.

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