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Boston Teran is the pseudonym of an unidentified author of eleven critically acclaimed thriller novels. Most of Terans’ works have not only gone on to become cult classics, but have also garnered critical acclaim and comparisons with the works of some of the best writers in the genre such as John Ford and Joan Didion.

Order of Boston Teran Standalone Novels

1God Is a Bullet 1999Description / Buy
2Never Count Out the Dead 2001Description / Buy
3The Prince of Deadly Weapons 2002Description / Buy
4Trois femmes 2006Description / Buy
5Giv: The Story of a Dog and America 2009Description / Buy
6The Creed of Violence 2010Description / Buy
7Gardens of Grief 2010Description / Buy
8The World Eve Left Us 2012Description / Buy
9The Cloud and the Fire 2013Description / Buy
10The Country I Lived In 2014Description / Buy
11BY YOUR DEEDS 2016Description / Buy
12A Child Went Forth 2018Description / Buy
13How Beautiful They Were 2019Description / Buy
14Two Boys at Breakwater 2021Description / Buy
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Unlike his contemporaries, John Teran does not write series of novels with the same characters and settings. His first novel, God is a bullet is one of his most popular works, and has gone on to achieve the status of cult classic. The novels are clearly some of the best you can find with some of the titles made into movies and racking up a multitude of awards through the years.


Boston Teran has been the recipient of many awards since publishing his first novel, God is a Bullet in 1999. The first novel won the Grand Prix Calibere in 2004, Best Translated Crime Fiction of the Year in Japan in 2002, Japan Adventure Fiction Association Prize in 2001, the CWAJohn Creasy Award for Best First Novel in 2000, and the Stephen Crane Literary First Fiction Award in 1999. It was also on the shortlist for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award in 2001, and the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for Best First Novel in 2000. Giv – The Story of a Dog and America made the shortlist for the International IMPACT Literary Award in 2009, while Gardens of Grief was a finalist as Book of the Year by ForeWord Reviews in 2012. The World Eve Left Us won the Eric Hoffer Award in 2011, and the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year in the Adult Fiction in 2012.


Ehren Kruger, he of the The Ring, Blood and Chocolate, and Reindeer Games fame, adapted Teran’s first novel, God is a Bullet into a movie. The 2009 published Creed of Violence was purchased by Universal for what is the second highest monetary award for a script. The movie is adapted by Todd Field best known for writing the script for Little Children In the Bedroom.


Even as Boston Teran is one of the best crime fiction writers out there, three of his novels are his most outstanding. These are:

God is a Bullet: Set in the wild wasteland of badlands of Mexico and the southern Californian desert, the novel opens to a twelve-year-old boy stumbling upon the body of woman. The case goes unsolved for 25 years, before a fourteen year old girl goes missing, apparently kidnapped by the Left Handed Path, a bloodthirsty satanic cult. The cult considers murder to be the ultimate service, joy, and freedom and indoctrinated members with its twisted beliefs. The girl’s father seeks the help of Case Hardin, a former cult member who believes that the two cases are connected and that she can get the girl back. What follows is primal hunt through the subculture of ritualistic violence and drugs, which taxes both Hightower and Hardin to the limits of psychological and physical trauma and torment.

Giv: The Story of a Dog and America: Tells the story of Dean Hickok a retired US Marine who nearly runs down a dog one night after a violent rainstorm. Finding commonality between his suffering and that of the dog left to suffer and die in a crate, his determination to survive and live make Hickok take the dog home. As a recent returnee from the war in Iraq in which he was the lone survivor of his platoon, seeing the dog lying helpless on the road in the sweeping rain struck a chord in his heart, which was wounded and empty of purpose. For Hickok, the incident is not pure coincidence, but rather fate putting him together with a dog who saved his life by giving him purpose, just as he saved his.

Gardens of Grief: In this sequel to Creed of Violence, Boston Teran writes a forceful condemnation of the controversial and monstrous Armenian genocide. The historical fiction analyzes the lingering questions about the fundamentalist Turkish militias that killed over two million Armenians. Were the killings a methodical extermination, an unfortunate act of war, or was the Turkish government involved? The novel has drawn comparisons with none other than Hemingway’s excellent classic, For Whom the Bell Tolls. It has the same aspects of bravery and honor alongside selflessness that have made the works of Solzhenitsyn, Hemingway, and Emile Zola J’Accuse so profound.

When Does The Next Boston Teran book come out?

Boston Teran doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Two Boys at Breakwater and was released on July, 8th 2021.

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