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Bradley Wright is an American author that writes thrillers. Wright is a native of Kentucky. The author isn’t afraid to admit that he fits some of the cliches the world associates with people from Kentucky.

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His passions include horse racing, bourbon, and rolling hills. Even though various circumstances have drawn him away over the years, the author’s adoration for Kentucky has never waned because the sense of community and solidarity it offers is unmatched.

That doesn’t mean Wright is opposed to living in other places. One of the reasons he fell in love with San Diego is that it differs drastically from Kentucky. Wright loves the variety. Although San Diego and Kentucky have more in common than people realize.

Like many Kentucky boys, Wright was a sports fan that discovered his talent for hitting home runs in high school. The gift landed the author a baseball scholarship, which the author appreciated because his math skills were severely lacking.

Wright doesn’t know whether he would have landed a position at Marshal University if it wasn’t for his athletic capabilities. The author’s father never thought a US college would accept him.

At the time, Wright was too busy daydreaming. While sports played a critical role in his life, the author was just as interested in writing, a passion that set him apart from other Kentucky boys. The author was blessed with friends and family that appreciated the songs, poems, and stories he penned.

They encouraged Wright to hone his skills, unaware of the publishing opportunities he would encounter in the future. Like many of his peers, Wright couldn’t make publishing a priority, not immediately because he had bills to pay, which is why the author pursued a restaurant business.

But Wright never forgot his passion for storytelling or the publishing dreams he had harbored for so long. Eventually, the author had enough money to chase that dream without going bankrupt.

Wright loves movies. You can see this in the novels he writes. The author doesn’t waste time on unnecessary descriptions that threaten to kill the momentum of his story or irrelevant characters that don’t matter to the plot.

Wright tries to inject meaning into every chapter. He wants to keep readers engrossed from start to finish, a task he continues to accomplish with each new novel. The author’s primary objective is to entertain fans of the thriller genre. He wants to give audiences an escape from the real-life struggles that plague them.

Best Bradley Wright Books

The author became a passionate movie lover at an early age. ‘Wedding Crashers’ is still his favorite film and the one movie he frequently quotes. Wright’s best books include:

The Secret Weapon: Alexander King’s family buried him a year ago. But the body wasn’t his. King orchestrated the ruse because a covert mission had taken a problematic turn, and the CIA counterterrorism operative had become a threat to his loved ones.

King’s enemies wouldn’t hesitate to use the operative’s friends and family against him. He had to fake his death. The last thing King wanted was for a conspiracy to pull him back into the spotlight. But he couldn’t help himself.

His instincts had compelled King to save a young woman from a bomb. The operative might have hesitated if he had known that the woman in question was more than she seemed. But it was too late.

King had been dragged into a tangled web that pitted him against powerful entities in the United States government. And now, the lives of millions rest on his shoulders.

Whiskey And Roses: Xander King has everything a man could want: good looks, a charismatic personality, and all the money in the world. But looks can be deceiving. Xander watched as his parents were murdered. His enemies thought he would forgive and forget.

But the legendary soldier has other plans. The CIA has been watching Xander. They are well aware of his clandestine activities as a vigilante assassin, and they’ve been waiting for Xander to exact his vengeance on the people that killed his parents.

That plan is finally set into motion by a surprise attack at Xander’s home. Now, the veteran is on the warpath. Xander’s enemies thought they had him cornered. But they were wrong.

When Does The Next Bradley Wright book come out?

The next book by Bradley Wright is Hard To Kill and will be released on July, 31st 2024. It is the newest book in the Adam Burke Series.

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