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Brian Shea is an author that writes mysteries and thrillers. His father comes from a neighborhood in Boston called Dorchester. When Shea was young, his father would often regale him with stories about life in Dorchester.

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Shea developed an appreciation for the community. But it was alien to him because the family was constantly moving. His decision to enroll at Northeastern University was inspired by a desire to reconnect with his father’s home.

Shea loved every minute of the five years he spent in the city. He had a strict running schedule that gave him an intimate taste of Boston. Fenway Park was so close that he could hear the games.

People that follow the author’s work are well-aware of his appreciation for Boston. They see it in some of the novels he writes. They also know that publishing was Shea’s dream from an early age. But he took several detours along the way before finally turning his attention to the publishing arena.

Initially, the author’s service to his country and community took center stage. First, he joined the U.S. Navy. Then he left the military and joined law enforcement, lending his talents to precincts in Texas and Connecticut.

When he wasn’t apprehending bad guys and investigating atrocities against children, the author was busy teaching fifth graders. Shea had every reason to disregard his publishing dreams. He was too occupied to assign time to his manuscript.

But the author refused to tolerate those excuses. Even though the universe was seemingly determined to distract him, he found a way to complete ‘The Camel’s Back.’ Penning the manuscript was far from easy.

Shea woke up at 5 in the morning to write. He would also squeeze another writing session into his schedule at the end of the day once his children fell asleep. The author is proud of that first book because it proved that full-time work and a demanding family were not valid excuses for not following one’s dreams.

‘The Camel’s Back’ served a therapeutic function. It gave the author a much-needed break from his investigative work. It was not the last novel the author wrote. ‘The Camel’s Back’ came out in 2018. Shea released two other books that same year.

He maintained that relentless pace month after month, year after year, quickly building a healthy bibliography with a sizable collection of novels.

Best Brian Shea Books

The author encourages interested readers to reach out to him via his website or email. He promises to respond to each message personally. Shea’s best books include:

Drift: Hatch is a drifter. She doesn’t have a home or commitments to tie her down, and she likes it that way. The army vet left her hometown over a decade ago, and she had no intention of going back. But then her sister died, and Hatch dropped everything to investigate.

The possibility of a murder case would have scared most people away. But Hatch was not like most people. The former Army interrogator was part of an elite Green Beret unit.

Hatch has all the skills she needs to find her sister’s killer. Initially, she thought Dalton Savage was an obstacle. The previous sheriff was a corrupt individual who was more than happy to sell his services to the highest bidder.

But Dalton was different. More importantly, she needed his expertise. However, every answer their investigation unlocked revealed more questions. Now, things are unraveling. It will take a miracle for Hatch and Dalton to escape with their lives.

Kill List: Declan, Nicholas, and Khaled live completely different lives. And yet, their paths are about to cross.

A controversial shooting took Declan’s job away, forcing the former police officer into a desperate corner. Declan was determined to protect his family at all costs, even if it meant crossing the line.

Nicholas left his human trafficking unit in Austin for the bank robbery unit in Connecticut to care for his aging mother. With his father dead, Nicholas was glad that his partner Isabella Martinez was so supportive.

An unimaginable loss has haunted Khaled for years. He came to the United States to find closure. Unfortunately for everyone, Khaled’s intentions are a threat to the country. Declan, Isabella, and Nick must join forces to save the day.

When Does The Next Brian Christopher Shea book come out?

The next book by Brian Christopher Shea is Pressure and will be released on July, 11th 2023. It is the newest book in the Lexi Mills Series.

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