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Brian Freeman is a well-established psychological suspense writer, who hails from Chicago, Illinois. Freeman was born on 28 March 1963 in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Once he completed his high school education, Brian Freeman, was then admitted to Carleton College where he graduated with a distinction in the year 1984. Before he chose to become a full-time author, Freeman worked for an international law firm as a public relations and marketing officer. Freeman describes his stories as having a hidden motive, which draws people across some exceedingly terrible lines. Ever since he was young, Brian Freeman was always overly obsessed with crime fiction. Brian Freeman made his literary debut in the year 2008, with the book Immoral. The book gained praise from both readers and critics alike. While he was in school both his teacher and grandmother-exempted Brian Freeman from regular tasks, thereby allowing Brian Freeman to fully concentrate on his writing.

Order of Jonathan Stride Series

1Immoral 2005Description / Buy
2Stripped 2006Description / Buy
3Stalked 2007Description / Buy
4In The Dark 2008Description / Buy
5The Burying Place 2009Description / Buy
6Spitting Devil (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
7The Cold Nowhere 2013Description / Buy
8Turn to Stone 2014Description / Buy
9Goodbye to the Dead 2015Description / Buy
10Marathon 2017Description / Buy
11Alter Ego 2018Description / Buy
12Funeral for a Friend 2020Description / Buy

Order of Tess Drake Series

1The Agency 2009Description / Buy

Order of Cab Bolton Series

1The Bone House 2010Description / Buy
2Season of Fear 2014Description / Buy

Order of Frost Easton Series

1The Night Bird 2017Description / Buy
2The Voice Inside 2018Description / Buy
3The Crooked Street 2019Description / Buy

Order of Brian Freeman Standalone Novels

1Spilled Blood 2012Description / Buy
2Thief River Falls 2020Description / Buy
3The Deep, Deep Snow 2020Description / Buy
4Infinite 2021Description / Buy

Order of Jason Bourne Series with Robert Ludlum, Eric Van Lustbader

1The Bourne Identity ( By: Robert Ludlum) 1980Description / Buy
2The Bourne Supremacy ( By: Robert Ludlum) 1986Description / Buy
3The Bourne Ultimatum ( By: Robert Ludlum) 1990Description / Buy
4The Bourne Legacy ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2003Description / Buy
5The Bourne Betrayal ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2007Description / Buy
6The Bourne Sanction ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2008Description / Buy
7The Bourne Deception ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2009Description / Buy
8The Bourne Objective ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2010Description / Buy
9The Bourne Dominion ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2011Description / Buy
10The Bourne Imperative ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2012Description / Buy
11The Bourne Retribution ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2013Description / Buy
12The Bourne Ascendancy ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2014Description / Buy
13The Bourne Enigma ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2016Description / Buy
14The Bourne Initiative ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2017Description / Buy
15The Bourne Evolution 2020Description / Buy
16The Bourne Treachery 2021Description / Buy

Brian Freeman Anthologies

1 The Crane House2012Description / Buy
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Apart from the Jonathan Stride book series that the author has begun writing, Freeman has also penned down several short stories and two standalone novels. Freeman has also published in numerous literary journals as well. Freeman has resided in the Bay Area of California for several years. However, at the moment, Brian Freeman resides with his wife Marcia in Minnesota. Some Freeman’s novel take place in real life locations, such as his home state of Minnesota. Brian Freeman is widely known for the Jonathan Stride book series that began with the debut novel, Immoral. The book series focuses on a police detective, Jonathan Stride. Stride is a weary detective who is solving a mystery of a precarious as a matter of fact a teenage girl is missing. While working in some of these cases, Jonathan Stride is fighting his present demons and his past as well.

From the very beginning, nothing appears to be clear and even Jonathan Stride being the restless interrogator that he usually is, becomes puzzled by the puzzling character of one Rachel, who arguably is one of the most conflict-stricken and interesting characters that Brian Freeman has ever created. The readers cannot help but notice each person is guilty in this world; the friends, the parents and the victim as well. However, none of this allows the protagonist, Jonathan to move towards the truth. Just when Rachel’s fate I about to be determined, Stride is in turn taken to Las Vegas, where the chilling book amplified by the author’s astute mind-blowing twists and character building, becomes exceedingly darker and exploding finally into a twist that goes beyond the mind games that the readers have ever seen in such a writing.

Brian Freeman Awards

One of the most successful book series by Brian Freeman is the Jonathan Stride book series. The first book in the series, Immoral has collected several awards including the Debut Book of the Year at the South Florida Sun Sentinel. The books have also been referred as a first class debut book by the Guardian.

Brian Freeman Best Books

Immoral: This is one of the best books by Brian Freeman. In the Jonathan Stride book series, the author focuses on a police lieutenant, Jonathan Stride, a police detective who is world-weary and has a mystery to solve about a precarious and immoral teenage girl, who has gone missing. With that said, all the books by author, Brian Freeman are not only full of colorful characters but also all the locations that the author selects also play a key role in his writing. Despite the fact that his book, Immoral could be referred as a Topos, Immoral has been impeccably executed. The author does not only aspire for psychological depth but also has shown that he can create excruciatingly vivid descriptions of people and places, which in turn shape up this debut novel. However, it should be noted that Brian Freeman is a master weaver of exceedingly complex plots.

Stripped to the Bone: This is the second book in the Jonathan Stride book series. As the second book in the Jonathan Stride book series, we meet once again with the protagonist, Jonathan Stride, together with his partner, one Serena Dial, are set to work on two seemingly unrelated cases. A celebrity who was enjoying the services of an escort and the killing of a young boy in a hit and run accident are the two cases that Serena and Jonathan Stride are looking into. While this novel was not warmly received as the first book, it still shows that it is a gem and also portrays the author’s talent in full.

When Does The Next Brian Freeman book come out?

Brian Freeman doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Bourne Treachery and was released on July, 28th 2021. It is the newest book in the Jason Bourne Series.

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