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Bruce Sterling is an American author who writes science fiction, although he wouldn’t call himself a novelist. The author uses terms like ‘Visionary’ and ‘Fantasist’ to describe himself. He’s a ‘science fictional personality’ who occasionally writes fiction instead of a conventional novelist selling genre fiction.

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Order of Mechanist Shapers Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Schismatrix 1985 Description / Buy
2 Crystal Express 1989 Description / Buy
3 Schismatrix Plus 1995 Description / Buy

Order of Bruce Sterling Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Artificial Kid 1980 Description / Buy
2 Islands in the Net 1988 Description / Buy
3 The Difference Engine ( With: William Gibson) 1990 Description / Buy
4 Heavy Weather 1994 Description / Buy
5 Holy Fire 1996 Description / Buy
6 Distraction 1998 Description / Buy
7 Zeitgeist 2000 Description / Buy
8 The Zenith Angle 2004 Description / Buy
9 The Caryatids 2009 Description / Buy
10 Love is Strange 2012 Description / Buy
11 Pirate Utopia 2015 Description / Buy

Order of Bruce Sterling Short Stories/Novellas

# Read Title Published Details
1 Dinner in Audoghast (in Asimov's) (Short Story) 1985 Description / Buy
2 Flowers of Edo (in Asimov's) (Short Story) 1987 Description / Buy
3 Our Neural Chernobyl (in F&SF) (Short Story) 1988 Description / Buy
4 Dori Bangs (in Asimov's) (Short Story) 1989 Description / Buy
5 Deep Eddy (in Asimov's) (Short Story) 1993 Description / Buy
6 Bicycle Repairman (in A Good Old-Fashioned Future) (Short Story) 1996 Description / Buy
7 Maneki Neko (in A Good Old-Fashioned Future) (Short Story) 1998 Description / Buy
8 Taklamakan (in A Good Old-Fashioned Future) (Short Story) 1998 Description / Buy
9 The Parthenopean Scalpel (Short Story) 2010 Description / Buy
10 Black Swan (Short Story) 2010 Description / Buy
11 Good Night, Moon (Short Story) ( With: Rudy Rucker) 2011 Description / Buy
12 Loco (Short Story) ( With: Rudy Rucker) 2012 Description / Buy
13 Totem Poles (Short Story) ( With: Rudy Rucker) 2016 Description / Buy

Order of Bruce Sterling Collections

# Read Title Published Details
1 Globalhead 1992 Description / Buy
2 A Good Old-Fashioned Future 1999 Description / Buy
3 Visionary in Residence 2005 Description / Buy
4 Ascendancies: The Best of Bruce Sterling 2007 Description / Buy
5 Gothic High-Tech 2011 Description / Buy
6 Robot Artists and Black Swans: The Italian Fantascienza Stories ( With: John Coulthart, Dario Tonani, Bruno Argento) 2021 Description / Buy

Order of The Harlan Ellison Discovery Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Autumn Angels ( By: Arthur Byron Cover) 1975 Description / Buy
2 The Light at the End of the Universe ( By: Terry Carr) 1976 Description / Buy
3 Involution Ocean 1977 Description / Buy

Order of Bruce Sterling Non-Fiction Books

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier 1992 Description / Buy
2 Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next Fifty Years 2002 Description / Buy
3 The Epic Struggle of the Internet of Things 2014 Description / Buy

Bruce Sterling Anthologies

# Read Title Published Details
1 Lone Star Universe 1976 Description / Buy
2 The Best Science Fiction of the Year 12 1983 Description / Buy
3 Universe 13 1983 Description / Buy
4 Nebula Awards 18 1983 Description / Buy
5 The Year's Best Science Fiction: Second Annual Collection 1985 Description / Buy
6 The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 12 1986 Description / Buy
7 Mirrorshades 1986 Description / Buy
8 Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, May 1987 1987 Description / Buy
9 The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, June 1988 1988 Description / Buy
10 The Seventh Omni Book of Science Fiction 1989 Description / Buy
11 Third Annual Collection 1989 Description / Buy
12 Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, September 1989 1989 Description / Buy
13 Drabble II: Double Century 1990 Description / Buy
14 The Year's Best Science Fiction: Seventh Annual Collection 1990 Description / Buy
15 Semiotext SF 1991 Description / Buy
16 Storming the Reality Studio 1991 Description / Buy
17 The Oxford Book of Science Fiction Stories 1992 Description / Buy
18 The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, July 1992 1992 Description / Buy
19 The Year's Best Science Fiction: Eleventh Annual Collection 1993 Description / Buy
20 Under African Skies 1993 Description / Buy
21 The Ascent of Wonder 1994 Description / Buy
22 Asimov's Science Fiction, November 1994 1994 Description / Buy
23 Cthulhu 2000 1995 Description / Buy
24 Paragons 1996 Description / Buy
25 Hackers 1996 Description / Buy
26 The Science Fiction Century 1997 Description / Buy
27 Modern Classics of Fantasy 1997 Description / Buy
28 Year's Best SF 2 1997 Description / Buy
29 Lightspeed Magazine, April 2011 1998 Description / Buy
30 The Good New Stuff 1999 Description / Buy
31 Year's Best SF 4 1999 Description / Buy
32 The Year's Best Science Fiction: Sixteenth Annual Collection 1999 Description / Buy
33 The Best from Fantasy & Science Fiction: The 50th Anniversary Anthology 1999 Description / Buy
34 Genometry 2001 Description / Buy
35 The Ultimate Cyberpunk 2002 Description / Buy
36 Supermen 2002 Description / Buy
37 Year's Best SF 8 2003 Description / Buy
38 The Mammoth Book of Best New SF 16 2003 Description / Buy
39 The Year\'s Best Science Fiction: Twentieth Annual Collection 2003 Description / Buy
40 Custer's Last Jump and Other Collaborations 2003 Description / Buy
41 The Hard SF Renaissance 2003 Description / Buy
42 Conversations on the Edge of the Apocalypse 2005 Description / Buy
43 The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Third Annual Collection 2006 Description / Buy
44 Nineteenth Annual Collection 2006 Description / Buy
45 Rewired 2007 Description / Buy
46 Year's Best SF 13 2008 Description / Buy
47 The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Seventh Annual Collection 2010 Description / Buy
48 The Wesleyan Anthology of Science Fiction 2010 Description / Buy
49 The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Volume 5 2011 Description / Buy
50 Happily Ever After 2011 Description / Buy
51 The Book of Cthulhu 2011 Description / Buy
52 Steampunk III 2012 Description / Buy
53 Digital Rapture 2012 Description / Buy
54 Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 35, April 2013 2013 Description / Buy
55 After the End 2013 Description / Buy
56 Twelve Tomorrows 2014 2014 Description / Buy
57 Hieroglyph 2014 Description / Buy
58 Transreal Cyberpunk 2015 Description / Buy
59 Lightspeed Magazine, February 2017 2017 Description / Buy
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Born in 1954 in Brownsville, Texas, Sterling’s parents took the family to India when he was young, which explains his fascination with Bollywood movies. A graduate of the University of Texas (Degree in Journalism), Sterling has several notable achievements, such as becoming a European Graduate School professor, running a Dungeons and Dragons game with the likes of Warren Spector, and joining ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena, as a visionary in residence.

The author introduced readers to Nullaqua in 1977 following the publication of his debut novel (Involution Ocean). The story took inspiration from Moby Dick and followed a ship sailing an ocean of dust.

Readers might be more familiar with the Shaper/Mechanist universe because the setting appeared in numerous Bruce Sterling stories from the early 80s. He also edited the ‘Cheap Truth’ fanzine and wrote a column for ‘SF Eye.’

Sterling knew he wanted to become an author after writing short stories in Junior high, reading them out loud, and watching his classmates laugh. His teachers would also nod in approval.

The author blames an uncle for introducing genre fiction to his life by giving Sterling SF paperbacks. He also met published SF writers in college who cemented his love for the field, not to mention the conventions and workshops he attended.

Sterling was fortunate to encounter individuals who mentored and encouraged him to pursue his passion, although the author differs from his peers because he doesn’t want fame.

Getting famous was fun. But once he achieved this goal, Sterling quickly found that fame was far too intrusive for his liking. He understands why other industry professionals yearn for the approval of the masses and the adoration of their readers. But Sterling is happiest operating in fields where most people don’t know him.

This is why he gravitates to creatives, such as software artists, who ply their trade in the genre without actually writing fiction.

The author takes inspiration from the things he sees when he tours Turin in Italy. He combs both physical and virtual libraries for information. Sterling is astounded by the amount of free information littered on the internet in every language imaginable.

Every so often, he will stumble upon curious historical tidbits while scouring archives from previous centuries that inevitably explode into an interesting concept for a story. As an American SF writer, the challenge of penning books that appeal to Italian readers (Sterling moved to Turin, Italy, with his wife in 2007) doesn’t scare him. In fact, some of the author’s original works have been published in Italian. He attends enough Italian conventions to know what his Italian audience wants.

Bruce Sterling Awards

Sterling has won John W. Campbell Memorial, Hugo, and Arthur C. Clarke Awards. He has also received numerous nominations for Hugo, John W. Campbel, and Nebula awards.

Best Bruce Sterling Books

Some people count Sterling among those artists who founded Science Fiction’s cyberpunk movement. Sterling’s best books include:

Schismatrix Plus: The Shapers and Mechanists are offshoots of humanity, and yet they couldn’t be more different. The Shapers use genetic engineering to enhance the human mind and body. Their aristocratic and elitist personas set them apart from the Mechanists, who seek immortality by merging with machines.

Neither faction has a place on earth. They were ejected from the planet a while ago. Abelard Lindsay trained as a Shaper diplomat. When his life takes an unexpected turn, Lindsey must forge a new future in exile. His journey across the solar system will introduce the aristocrat to the many human factions vying for power.

Islands In The Net: Humanity has entered the digital age. Information is the most powerful commodity. It controls the world, which is why conglomerates lock data away in computers, limiting full access to a few privileged souls.

Laura Webster is a rising star in Rizome Corporation: a career woman with a husband and a child. She doesn’t expect destiny to drag her into a dark landscape filled with black market data pirates and high-tech voodoo.

When Does The Next Bruce Sterling book come out?

Bruce Sterling doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Robot Artists and Black Swans: The Italian Fantascienza Stories and was released on March, 30th 2021. It is the newest book in the Bruce Sterling Collections.

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