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C. J. Cherryh is an American author that writes science fiction and fantasy. Born in 1943 in St. Louis, Missouri, her birth name is Carolyn Janice Cherry. She added an ‘H’ to her surname because her first editor thought that ‘Cherry’ had a much stronger association with romance than it did with science fiction and fantasy.

Order of The Morgaine Cycle Series

1Gate of Ivrel (Short Story) 1976Description / Buy
2Well of Shiuan 1978Description / Buy
3Fires of Azeroth 1979Description / Buy
4Exile's Gate 1988Description / Buy

Order of Hanan Rebellion Series

1Brothers of Earth 1976Description / Buy
2Hunter of Worlds 1977Description / Buy

Order of The Faded Sun Series

1Kesrith 1978Description / Buy
2Shon'jir 1978Description / Buy
3Kutath 1979Description / Buy

Order of Alliance-Union Series

1Serpent's Reach 1980Description / Buy
2Forty Thousand in Gehenna 1983Description / Buy

Order of Hinder Stars Series

1Alliance Rising 2019Description / Buy

Order of Chanur Series

1The Pride of Chanur 1981Description / Buy
2Chanur's Venture 1984Description / Buy
3The Kif Strike Back 1985Description / Buy
4Chanur's Homecoming 1986Description / Buy
5Chanur's Legacy 1992Description / Buy

Order of Alliance-Union: Company Wars Series

1Downbelow Station 1981Description / Buy
2Merchanter's Luck 1982Description / Buy
3Rimrunners 1989Description / Buy
4Heavy Time 1991Description / Buy
5Hellburner 1992Description / Buy
6Tripoint 1994Description / Buy
7Finity's End 1997Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Alliance-Union: Company Wars Series

1Heavy Time1991Description / Buy
2Hellburner1992Description / Buy
3Downbelow Station1981Description / Buy
4Merchanter's Luck1982Description / Buy
5Rimrunners1989Description / Buy
6Tripoint1994Description / Buy
7Finity's End1997Description / Buy

Order of Age of Exploration Series

1Port Eternity 1982Description / Buy
2Voyager in Night 1984Description / Buy
3Cuckoo's Egg 1985Description / Buy

Order of Arafel Series

1The Dreaming Tree 1983Description / Buy
2The Tree of Swords and Jewels 1983Description / Buy

Order of Heroes In Hell Series

1Rebels In Hell 1986Description / Buy
2The Gates of Hell ( With: Janet E. Morris) 1986Description / Buy
3Masters in Hell ( With: David Drake) 1987Description / Buy
4Kings in Hell ( With: Janet E. Morris) 1987Description / Buy
5Legions of Hell 1987Description / Buy

Order of Merovingen Nights Series

1Angel with the Sword 1985Description / Buy
2Festival Moon ( By: Pat Tobin) 1987Description / Buy
3Fever Season ( By: Pat Tobin) 1987Description / Buy
4Troubled Waters ( By: Chris Morris) 1988Description / Buy
5Smuggler's Gold ( By: Chris Morris) 1988Description / Buy
6Divine Right ( By: Bradley H. Sinor) 1989Description / Buy
7Flood Tide (Short Story) ( By: Bradley H. Sinor) 1990Description / Buy
8Endgame ( By: Pat Tobin) 1991Description / Buy

Order of Alliance-Union: Cyteen Series

1The Betrayal 1988Description / Buy
2The Rebirth 1989Description / Buy
3The Vindication 1989Description / Buy
4Regenesis 2009Description / Buy

Order of Rusalka Series

1Rusalka (Short Story) 1989Description / Buy
2Chernevog 1990Description / Buy
3Yvgenie 1991Description / Buy

Order of The Sword of Knowledge Series

1A Dirge for Sabis 1989Description / Buy
2Wizard Spawn 1989Description / Buy
3Reap the Whirlwind 1989Description / Buy

Order of Foreigner Series

1Foreigner 1994Description / Buy
2Invader 1995Description / Buy
3Inheritor 1996Description / Buy
4Precursor 1999Description / Buy
5Defender 2001Description / Buy
6Explorer 2002Description / Buy
7Destroyer 2003Description / Buy
8Pretender 2006Description / Buy
9Deliverer 2007Description / Buy
10Conspirator 2009Description / Buy
11Deceiver 2010Description / Buy
12Betrayer 2011Description / Buy
13Intruder 2012Description / Buy
14Protector 2013Description / Buy
15Peacemaker 2014Description / Buy
16Tracker 2015Description / Buy
17Visitor 2016Description / Buy
18Convergence 2017Description / Buy
19Emergence 2018Description / Buy
20Resurgence 2020Description / Buy
21Divergence 2020Description / Buy

Order of Finisterre Series

1Rider at the Gate 1995Description / Buy
2Cloud's Rider 1996Description / Buy

Order of Fortress Series

1Fortress in the Eye of Time 1995Description / Buy
2Fortress of Eagles 1998Description / Buy
3Fortress of Owls 1999Description / Buy
4Fortress of Dragons 2000Description / Buy
5Fortress of Ice 2006Description / Buy

Order of The Gene Wars Series

1Hammerfall 2001Description / Buy
2Forge of Heaven 2004Description / Buy

Order of C.J. Cherryh Standalone Novels

1Hestia 1979Description / Buy
2Wave Without a Shore 1981Description / Buy
3Glass and Amber 1987Description / Buy
4The Paladin 1988Description / Buy
5The Goblin Mirror 1992Description / Buy
6Faery in Shadow 1993Description / Buy
7Lois & Clark 1996Description / Buy

Order of C.J. Cherryh Short Story Collections

1Sunfall 1981Description / Buy
2Visible Light 1986Description / Buy
3The Collected Short Fiction of C.J. Cherryh 2004Description / Buy

Order of Heroes in Hell Series

1Heroes in Hell ( With: Gregory Benford, Janet E. Morris, , Chris Morris) 1986Description / Buy
2The Gates of Hell ( With: Janet E. Morris) 1986Description / Buy
3Kings in Hell ( With: Janet E. Morris) 1987Description / Buy
4Crusaders in Hell ( With: Gregory Benford, David Drake, Janet E. Morris, , Chris Morris) 1987Description / Buy
5Angels in Hell ( By: Janet E. Morris) 1987Description / Buy
6The Little Helliad ( By: Janet E. Morris, Chris Morris) 1988Description / Buy
7War in Hell ( By: Janet E. Morris) 1988Description / Buy
8Prophets in Hell ( With: George Alec Effinger, Robert Sheckley, David Drake, Janet E. Morris, , Chris Morris) 1989Description / Buy
9Lawyers in Hell ( By: Janet E. Morris, Chris Morris, , Jason Cordova) 2011Description / Buy
10Poets in Hell ( By: Janet E. Morris, , Chris Morris) 2014Description / Buy

Order of Alien Stars Series

1Alien Stars ( With: Timothy Zahn, Joe Haldeman) 1985Description / Buy
2After the Flames ( By: Robert Silverberg) 1985Description / Buy

Order of Heroes In Hell Series with David Drake

1Explorers in Hell ( By: David Drake) 1989Description / Buy

Order of Blood Of Ten Chiefs Series

1The Blood of Ten Chiefs ( With: Nancy Springer, Diana L. Paxson, Lynn Abbey, Robert Lynn Asprin, Diane Carey) 1986Description / Buy
2Wolfsong ( By: Lynn Abbey, Robert Lynn Asprin) 1989Description / Buy
3The Winds of Change ( By: Mercedes Lackey, Nancy Springer, Janny Wurts, Diana L. Paxson, , Lynn Abbey) 1989Description / Buy
4Against the Wind ( By: Mercedes Lackey, Nancy Springer, Diana L. Paxson, , Lynn Abbey, Len Wein) 1990Description / Buy
5Dark Hours ( By: Mercedes Lackey, Esther M. Friesner, Nancy Springer, Diana L. Paxson, Lynn Abbey) 1993Description / Buy

C.J. Cherryh Anthologies

1 Alien Stars1985Description / Buy
2 Moonsinger's Friends: An Anthology in Honor of Andre Norton1985Description / Buy
3 Once Upon a Time1991Description / Buy
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Her decision to use initials can be attributed to the fact that science fiction was a male-dominated genre when she was starting. Cherryh attended the University of Oklahoma (Bachelor of Arts degree) and Johns Hopkins University (Master of Arts degree).

She eventually became a teacher at John Marshal High School in Oklahoma City. Her day job required Cherryh to teach Latin. But she was far more interested in history and religion.

She would indulge these passions during the summer by leading tours of ancient ruins in countries like Italy and England. She took inspiration from Roman and Greek mythology to concoct her stories.
The author was an avid writer by this point. She started telling stories at the age of ten. Cherryh was obsessed with the ‘Flash Gordon’ TV show. When the show was canceled, she responded to the loss by writing stories.

Rather than following in the footsteps of her peers, who started by writing short stories before jumping to full-length novels, Cherryh wrote several full-length novels before she turned her attention to short stories.

Initially, the publishing arena was not receptive to the author’s work. Some publishers went so far as to misplace the manuscripts she had sent to them. Back then, before computers became so common, it was cheaper to retype a manuscript from a carbon copy than it was to pay for photocopying.

Cherryh was so dedicated to her publishing dreams that she painstakingly retyped the manuscripts that had been lost and resubmitted them. Once her career took off, she became a prominent member of the DAW Books family. She has had the pleasure of publishing her novels with companies like Baen Books and Random House.

But DAW Books has a special place in her heart because of her relationship with Donald A. Wollheim, the company’s founder. When he bought her manuscripts, Cherryh felt like her books had finally reached their true destination.

Wollheim was such an important part of the author’s life that she would stay at his family home whenever she went to New York City. Among her fans, Cherryh had a reputation for creating incredibly detailed fictional settings.

Her worlds feel like real places with tangible cultures and traditions. She writes in the third person. Her narration only reveals the things the character sees.

C.J. Cherryh Awards

She has won John W. Campbell and Hugo awards. She has also been nominated for Nebula, World Fantasy, Philip K Dick, Prometheus, and British Fantasy Society Awards.

Best C.J. Cherryh Books

The author has a variety of interests, including figure skating, traveling, planetary geology, cosmology, and photography, to mention but a few. Cherryh’s best books include:

The Pride of Chanur: Tully was something new. The people of Meetpoint Station had never seen his kind before. While the other members of his company had perished, Tully had fallen prey to the sadistic kif.

But he had escaped, finding his way to The Pride of Chanur. But his relief was short-lived. Tully was no ordinary fugitive. He had a critical piece of information, the kind that could make or break the fortunes of any species that was fortunate or unfortunate enough to get their hands on it.

Invader: When the Phoenix abandoned them, a colony of humans had to forge a new life on the Atevi planet. It had taken two centuries but the colony had turned the world of the Atevi into their new home.

The return of the phoenix all these centuries later has only served to plant seeds of doubt and confusion. Bren Cameron wants to do his part to keep the peace between the humans and the Atevi. But he returned from his procedure in Mospheira too late.

Even though his government had recalled him, Bren learned, later on, that Deana Hanks had been sent in his place. Deanna hated the Atevi and Bren knew that his actions would destroy the stability they had worked so hard to establish.

His only option is to approach the phoenix, not as the human spokesman but as the representative of the Atevi, an act that could alienate him from his people.

When Does The Next C.J. Cherryh book come out?

C.J. Cherryh doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Divergence and was released on September, 8th 2020. It is the newest book in the Foreigner Series.


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