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C.S. Forester was a renowned English novelist that died in 1966 at the age of 66. He was known primarily for his work on the Horatio Hornblower series. Forester was born in 1899 in Cairo to Sarah Medhurst Troughton and George Foster Smith.

Order of Horatio Hornblower Series

1The Happy Return / Beat to Quarters 1937Description / Buy
2Ship of the Line 1938Description / Buy
3Flying Colours 1938Description / Buy
4The Commodore / Commodore Hornblower 1945Description / Buy
5Lord Hornblower 1946Description / Buy
6Mr. Midshipman Hornblower 1950Description / Buy
7Lieutenant Hornblower 1952Description / Buy
8Hornblower and the Atropos 1953Description / Buy
9Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies 1957Description / Buy
10Hornblower and the Hotspur 1962Description / Buy
11Hornblower During the Crisis / Hornblower and the Crisis 1967Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Horatio Hornblower Series

1Mr. Midshipman Hornblower1950Description / Buy
2Lieutenant Hornblower1952Description / Buy
3Hornblower and the Hotspur1962Description / Buy
4Hornblower During the Crisis / Hornblower and the Crisis1967Description / Buy
5Hornblower and the Atropos1953Description / Buy
6The Happy Return / Beat to Quarters1937Description / Buy
7Ship of the Line1938Description / Buy
8Flying Colours1938Description / Buy
9The Commodore / Commodore Hornblower1945Description / Buy
10Lord Hornblower1946Description / Buy
11Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies1957Description / Buy

Order of Horatio Hornblower Collections

1Captain Hornblower R.N. 1965Description / Buy

Order of Horatio Hornblower Non-Fiction

1The Hornblower Companion (Short Story) 1964Description / Buy

Order of C.S. Forester Standalone Novels

1The Paid Piper 1924Description / Buy
2A Pawn Among Kings 1924Description / Buy
3Payment Deferred 1926Description / Buy
4The Wonderful Week 1927Description / Buy
5Love Lies Dreaming 1927Description / Buy
6The Shadow of the Hawk / The Daughter of the Hawk 1928Description / Buy
7Brown on Resolution 1929Description / Buy
8Plain Murder 1930Description / Buy
9Two-and-twenty (Short Story) 1931Description / Buy
10Rifleman Dodd / Death to the French 1932Description / Buy
11The Gun 1933Description / Buy
12The Peacemaker 1934Description / Buy
13The African Queen 1935Description / Buy
14The Pursued 1935Description / Buy
15Marionettes at home 1936Description / Buy
16The General 1936Description / Buy
17The Earthly Paradise 1940Description / Buy
18The Captain from Connecticut 1941Description / Buy
19The Ship 1943Description / Buy
20The Sky and the Forest 1948Description / Buy
21Randall and the River Of Time 1950Description / Buy
22The Good Shepherd/Greyhound 1955Description / Buy
23The Barbary Pirates 1956Description / Buy

Order of C.S. Forester Short Stories/Novellas

1African Queen (Short Story) 1980Description / Buy

Order of C.S. Forester Short Story Collections

1The Nightmare 1954Description / Buy
2Man in the Yellow Raft 1969Description / Buy
3Gold from Crete 1970Description / Buy

Order of C.S. Forester Children's Books

1Poo-Poo and the Dragons (Short Story) 1968Description / Buy

Order of C.S. Forester Plays

1U 97 2020Description / Buy

Order of C.S. Forester Non-Fiction

1Napoleon and His Court 1924Description / Buy
2Josephine, Napoleon's Empress 1925Description / Buy
3Victor Emmanuel II and the Union of Italy 1927Description / Buy
4Louis XIV: King of France and Navarre 1928Description / Buy
5Lord Nelson / Nelson 1929Description / Buy
6The Voyage of the Annie Marble 1929Description / Buy
7The Adventures of John Wetherell 1954Description / Buy
8The Naval War of 1812 / The Age of Fighting Sail 1957Description / Buy
9The Age of Fighting Sail 1957Description / Buy
10Hunting the Bismarck / Sink the Bismarck / The Last Nine Days of the Bismarck (Short Story) 1958Description / Buy
11Long Before Forty 1967Description / Buy
12Fatal Fascination: A Choice of Crime ( With: , , Nigel Balchin) 1968Description / Buy
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Forester was the youngest of five children. George, his father, taught at a school that was designed to introduce the English Education system to the sons of upper-class Egyptians.

When his parents’ marriage dissolved, Forester went to London with his mother and siblings. As a child, the author read voraciously. He was also fascinated by naval battles.

Forester was just one boy among many that attended the Officers’ Training Corps. But any hopes he had of doing his part to protect his country during the First World War went down the drain when a heart condition prevented him from joining the army.

While his friends fought and died in the war, Forester took a month-long camping trip during which he finally accepted his rejection. A former student at Alleyn’s School and Dulwich College, the author tried to pursue a career in medicine.

But his time at Guy’s Hospital showed him that he did not have the talent for the field. He never got his degree. The author spent the Second World War writing propaganda for the British Ministry of Information.

Officially, his writing career began in 1921 when he adopted Cecil Scott Forester as a pen name. It only took him two weeks to complete his first novel. His fervor for writing was such that he was churning out six thousand words every single day.

But the author’s manuscript was soundly rejected. Rather than giving up, he wrote a second novel. This time around, he tried to improve the quality of his work by cutting his production rate. But Forester admitted, later on, that his second novel was just as bad as the first. Though, the manuscript eventually became the third book he published.

The first book he published was the third manuscript he wrote. While he waited for the book to come out, the publisher paid Forester to write a Napoleon biography.

He agreed because the 25 pounds they gave him as an advance was the first money he had ever earned from his words. He wrote another biography later on but it did not make him quite as much money as he would have liked.

In the years that followed, he survived by writing novels, articles, and biographies. The Hornblower books were his most successful series. When he first introduced Horatio Hornblower to his readers, the character had a relatively high rank. To satisfy the craving that his audience had for more Hornblower stories, the author spent several sequels explaining Horatio’s past and the events that had allowed him to climb through the ranks.

C.S. Forester Awards

Forester received the James Tait Black Memorial Prize (1938).

C.S. Forester Books into Movies

‘The African Queen’ became a 1951 film called ‘The African Queen’. It starred Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn.

‘The Pride and the Passion’, a 1957 war film starring Sophia Loren and Cary Grant was based on ‘The Gun’.

‘Sink the Bismarck’ is a 1958 British War Film starring Dana Wynter and Kenneth Moore. It was based on ‘The Last Nine Days of the Bismarck’.

‘Greyhound’ is a 2020 War Film starring Tom Hanks. It was based on ‘The Good Shepherd’.

ITV aired a historical fiction war series based on the Hornblower books. It started in 1998 and ended in 2003.

Best C.S. Forester Books

The author knew Roald Dahl. He encouraged Dahl to incorporate his RAF experiences into his books. Forester’s best books include:

Mr. Midshipman Hornblower: Before he became a famed midshipman, Horatio Hornblower was just a 17-year-old boy that had to fight in a duel he would have preferred to avoid. This book chronicles his adventures, the lives he saved, and the galleys he fought against as he slowly became a man that soldiers would gladly follow into battle.

Lieutenant Hornblower: Napoleon and Spain were still at war. For all his triumphs at sea, Horatio’s journey was far from over. He fought many battles against internal and external enemies to distinguish himself. But now, he must carry the responsibilities that his first independent command will bring.

When Does The Next C.S. Forester book come out?

C.S. Forester doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is U 97 and was released on July, 2nd 2020. It is the newest book in the C.S. Forester Plays.


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