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Camilla Läckberg is a young and a talented Swedish crime writer born on 30th August 1974. Most of her works have been translated to over 40 languages in 60 countries worldwide. She was born and raised in Fjallbacka in Bohuslan and began writing at a tender age and among her earliest work is Tomten.

Order of Fjällbacka Series

1The Ice Princess 2004Description / Buy
2The Preacher 2004Description / Buy
3The Stonecutter 2005Description / Buy
4The Gallows Bird / The Stranger 2006Description / Buy
5The Hidden Child 2007Description / Buy
6The Drowning 2008Description / Buy
7The Lost Boy 2009Description / Buy
8Buried Angels 2011Description / Buy
9The Ice Child 2014Description / Buy
10The Girl In The Woods 2017Description / Buy

Order of Camilla Läckberg Short Story Collections

1The Scent of Almonds 2012Description / Buy

Order of Fayes hämnd Series

1Silver Tears 2020Description / Buy
2The Golden Cage 2020Description / Buy
3Wings of Silver (German only currently) 2020Description / Buy
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She graduated from the Gothenburg University with a degree in Economics. She later shifted to Stockholm where she first worked as an economist before becoming a dedicated full-time writer. She considers herself a naturally talented crime writer with a fascination of writing ever since she was little.

Läckberg is currently married to MMA fighter and author Simon Skold. She had previously been married to Marin Melin, the winner of Expedition Robinson which is basically the Swedish version of Survivor. She was also married one previous time and has four kids. Two from her first marriage, one from her second and one with Skold.

The Ice Princess is considered as her best works. She vividly describes the theme of parent-child difficulty.


Despite being a young writer, the talented Camilla Läckberg has won some awards for her unique writing style. In 2005, she was awarded SKTF Prices for the award of the best Author of the Year. In 2006, she also received Peoples Literature Award.


Camilla Läckberg’s have gotten so big in her home country that there was actually a TV series made based on them called “Fjällbackamorden”. The series consists of five made-for-TV 90 minutes movies based on characters from Camilla Läckberg’s novels. As well as the movie, The Hidden Child.

The Hidden Child (2007) was part of this series, but it was meant for bigger things as it was adapted for the big screen and premiered on 28th June 2013. It is based on Erica, an author whose parents are killed in a grisly road accident. After her parent’s death, she relocates to Fjallbacka, and she is about to discover that she has a brother. This ended up being the first “episode” of the series.

It was followed by The Eye of the Beholder, Friends for Life, The Sea Gives, The Sea Takes, The Coast Rider and The Queen of Light.

There are slight differences between the show and the novels though. In the TV series, Erika is a famous author married with three kids to Patrick Hedstrom and living in Fjällbacka. In the novels, she is unmarried and back visiting Fjällbacka to clean out their family home, but ends up deciding to stick around.

The series was slowed by tragedy as director Daniel Lind Lagerlöf was scouting locations for the show at Tjurpannan nature reserve and ended up going missing. He was presumed dead and it is likely that Lagerlöf slipped on some wet rocks and pulled out to sea. No remains were ever found. He is survived by a wife and three kids.


These are the three best of Camilla Läckberg books;

The Ice Princess: the novel follows a writer Erica Falck and detective Patrick Hedstrom who are investigating a cynical suicide.

After her parent’s death, Erica Falck returns home. While grieving the death of her parents, she is tasked with writing a biography of Selma Lagerlof, a Swedish author who happens to be the first person to win a Nobel Prize in Literature.

After Erica’s childhood friend Alex is found frozen in a bathtub, detective Patrick Hedstrom is tasked to investigate the case. His investigation reveals that the young woman death occurred before she was placed in the frozen tub.

Alex parents persuade Erica into investigating the death of their daughter. This leads her to meet with the police officer who is also investigating the puzzle behind Alex death. The efforts of the duo denude the dark secrets of the old town. They are determined to stop at nothing but to ensure the actual circumstances surrounding the death of Alex are unveiled. Erica depicts a biography about Alex, which becomes one of the biggest breakthroughs to solving the mystery behind their friend’s death.

The Hidden Child: this novel is considered as one of the plot driven novel in the series. Erica, who is a writer wants to write an exceptional book. This forces her husband to take a paternity leave to look after their newborn baby. Mysterious things begin to happen- their elderly neighbor is found dead, and it appears he has been dead for quite some time. Also, the man was a close friend of the Erica mother. Erica tries to consult a World War 2 historian who is then brutally murdered shortly after she visits him. It appears that someone is determined to keep the old secret buried.

In the way of side theme, Melberg adopts a stray dog. This leads him meeting with another dog owner a mother to his new detective. This is a milestone in search of the murderer.

The Preacher: this 2004 psychological thriller was originally written in Swedish as the Predikanten. A young boy discovers a dead woman in the resplendent Kungsklyftan ravine in Fjallbacka. The police arrive and find two skeletons underneath the woman’s body. It is revealed that these are the skeletons of Mona Thernblad and Siv Lantin, two female teens who vanished in 1979. However, the clues point to the Hult Family which comprises of Couple Gabriel, Liane, and their children Linda and Jacob as well as their distance nephews and their mother.

Another girl goes missing, and Detective Patrick has to do whatever it takes to save the young girl life.

Detective Patrick task is hampered as he is entangled by the fact that Erica has a child and the marriage disputes of Erica’s sister. It is later realized that the Hult family has more dark secrets than Patrick had imagined. The search is bound to bear fruits and resurface obscenities in this small community.

When Does The Next Camilla Läckberg book come out?

Camilla Läckberg doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Wings of Silver (German only currently) and was released on August, 13th 2020. It is the newest book in the Fayes hämnd Series.

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