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Candice Fox is an Australian author that writes crime fiction. Born in 1985 in Bankstown, New South Wales, Fox comes from a large family. Her parents had six children. If that wasn’t enough, the author has described her mother as an ‘Enthusiastic foster carer’.

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4 Fire with Fire 2023 Description / Buy
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6 Devil's Kitchen 2024 Description / Buy

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2 Fifty Fifty 2017 Description / Buy
3 Liar Liar 2018 Description / Buy
4 Hush 2019 Description / Buy
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Over a hundred and fifty foster children passed through their home when Fox was growing up. It was a fascinating experience. Fox had to fight for every moment of solace. The fact that her father was a parole officer made things even more interesting.

Fox spent her childhood listening to harrowing stories about crime and the tragic circumstances surrounding the foster kids that lived with them. Fox had no business listening to those stories. But their home was overflowing with people and the author’s parents couldn’t keep track of her movements.

As such, Fox overheard many conversations that should have been restricted to more mature ears. She would also sneak books out of her mother’s collection of crime fiction novels. James Patterson was shocked when he learned that Fox was just 12 years old when she read ‘Kiss The Girls’.

The things she read and heard turned Fox into the storyteller that she eventually became. Because she grew up in a chaotic setting, writing came easily to the author. She found that she could write anywhere and at anytime.

When she was a child, she had to squeeze her writing sessions in between the few moments of freedom that came her way when she wasn’t studying or doing chores. Because her breaks were rarely as long as she would have liked, she learned to write in quick, short bursts.

This turned the author into a fast writer. She started by writing a book a year. Most of her writing was done during the first ten months. The final two months were spent editing. Over time, as she refined her skills, Candace Fox started churning out 2-3 books annually.

Naturally, she wrote about crime because that is what she knew. Even though she can write anywhere and at any time, Fox prefers to pen her stories in the morning because she has a lot more energy during this period.

She has a nice home office but she will happily write in the yard if the weather is nice and the mood calls for it. Her goal is to produce roughly 30,000 words before showing her manuscript to her husband, agent, and publisher. Once she receives and internalizes their feedback, she will proceed.

Fox encourages aspiring authors to develop a thick skin. She doesn’t want them to take the rejections they receive personally because they are not personal. Publishers are looking for books they can sell. They are not out to judge or condemn the author.

She wants authors to realize that it might take several submissions before they finally write a novel that gets them the publishing deal of their dreams. She is convinced that every aspiring author can succeed if they have the drive to persevere.

Candice Fox Awards

Fox has won the Ned Kelly Award on multiple occasions.

Best Candice Fox Books

The author, whose resume includes a stint in the Royal Australian Navy, has written novels in collaboration with James Patterson. Fox’s best novels include:

Never Never: Harriet Blue, a detective in the Sydney Police Sex Crimes Department, was good at her job. And yet, her boss had banished her to the outback to investigate a missing mine worker. But the transfer was necessary.

Someone had brutally murdered three women and Harriet’s brother was the prime suspect. Her boss wanted to keep Harriet away from the media, which is why he had sent the detective to the outback. However, Danny Carter’s disappearance was not quite as straightforward as Harriet expected. Danny wasn’t the only person that had gone missing.

Fifty Fifty: Sam Blue was in the spotlight. Everyone was convinced that he had murdered three women. But Harriet wasn’t sure. She was still clinging to the possibility that her bother might be innocent. But she wasn’t in a position to help him.

Because of her connection to Sam, her boss had sent the detective to an outback town to investigate a diary that seemingly detailed a plan to kill a town.

When Does The Next Candice Fox book come out?

The next book by Candice Fox is Devil's Kitchen and will be released on June, 4th 2024.

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