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Carla Neggers is a bestselling romance/romantic suspense author that has written novels under pen names like Amelia James and Anne Harrell. Born in 1955 in Massachusetts, Neggers comes from a family of seven children.

Order of Velvet Glove Series

1The Venus Shoe 1984Description / Buy
2The Knotted Skein 1984Description / Buy
3The Uneven Score 1985Description / Buy

Order of Men: Made In America 2 Series

1Finders Keepers 1989Description / Buy

Order of Welcome To Tyler Series

1Sunshine ( By: Pat Warren) 1992Description / Buy
2Whirlwind ( By: Nancy Martin) 1992Description / Buy
3Bright Hopes ( By: Pat Warren) 1992Description / Buy
4Wisconsin Wedding 1992Description / Buy
5Monkey Wrench ( By: Nancy Martin) 1992Description / Buy
6Crossroads ( By: Marisa Carroll) 1992Description / Buy

Order of Lovers and Legends Series

1Night Watch 1993Description / Buy

Order of Texas Rangers/Carriage House Series

1The Carriage House 2001Description / Buy
2The Cabin 2002Description / Buy
3Stonebrook Cottage 2002Description / Buy
4The Harbor 2004Description / Buy
5Secret Hideaway (Short Story) 2016Description / Buy

Order of Cold Ridge/U.S. Marshals Series

1Cold Ridge 2003Description / Buy
2Night's Landing 2004Description / Buy
3The Rapids 2004Description / Buy
4Dark Sky 2005Description / Buy
5Breakwater 2006Description / Buy
6Abandon 2007Description / Buy

Order of Boston Police/FBI Series

1The Widow 2006Description / Buy
2The Angel 2008Description / Buy
3The Mist 2009Description / Buy
4The Whisper 2010Description / Buy

Order of Black Falls Series

1Cold Pursuit 2008Description / Buy
2Cold River 2009Description / Buy
3Cold Dawn 2010Description / Buy

Order of Sharpe & Donovan Series

1Saint's Gate 2011Description / Buy
2Heron's Cove 2012Description / Buy
3Rock Point (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
4Declan's Cross 2013Description / Buy
5Harbor Island 2014Description / Buy
6Keeper's Reach 2015Description / Buy
7Liar's Key 2016Description / Buy
8Thief's Mark 2017Description / Buy
9Impostor's Lure 2018Description / Buy
10Rival's Break 2019Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Sharpe & Donovan Series

1Rock Point (Short Story)2013Description / Buy
2Saint's Gate2011Description / Buy
3Heron's Cove2012Description / Buy
4Declan's Cross2013Description / Buy
5Harbor Island2014Description / Buy
6Keeper's Reach2015Description / Buy
7Liar's Key2016Description / Buy
8Thief's Mark2017Description / Buy
9Impostor's Lure2018Description / Buy
10Rival's Break2019Description / Buy

Order of Swift River Valley Series

1Secrets of the Lost Summer 2012Description / Buy
2That Night on Thistle Lane 2013Description / Buy
3Cider Brook 2013Description / Buy
4Christmas at Carriage Hill (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
5Echo Lake 2015Description / Buy
6A Knights Bridge Christmas 2015Description / Buy
7The Spring at Moss Hill 2016Description / Buy
8Red Clover Inn 2017Description / Buy
9The River House 2018Description / Buy
10Stone Bridges 2019Description / Buy

Order of Carla Neggers Standalone Novels

1Dream Images 1982Description / Buy
2Midsummer Dreams 1982Description / Buy
3Tangled Promises 1982Description / Buy
4Outrageous Desire 1983Description / Buy
5Dancing Season 1983Description / Buy
6Matching Wits 1983Description / Buy
7Heart on a String 1983Description / Buy
8A Touch of Magic 1984Description / Buy
9Delinquent Desire 1984Description / Buy
10Southern Comfort 1984Description / Buy
11Apple of My Eye 1985Description / Buy
12Interior Designs 1985Description / Buy
13Captivated 1986Description / Buy
14Claim the Crown 1987Description / Buy
15Trade Secrets 1987Description / Buy
16All in a Name 1988Description / Buy
17Family Matters 1988Description / Buy
18A Winning Battle 1988Description / Buy
19Minstrel's Fire 1989Description / Buy
20Betrayals 1990Description / Buy
21Within Reason 1990Description / Buy
22That Stubborn Yankee 1991Description / Buy
23Trying Patience 1992Description / Buy
24Tempting Fate 1993Description / Buy
25Bewitching 1993Description / Buy
26A Rare Chance 1996Description / Buy
27Finding You 1996Description / Buy
28The Groom Who Got Away 1996Description / Buy
29Just Before Sunrise 1997Description / Buy
30Night Scents 1997Description / Buy
31White Hot 1998Description / Buy
32Kiss the Moon 1999Description / Buy
33On Fire 1999Description / Buy
34The Waterfall 2000Description / Buy
35Shelter Island (Short Story) 2003Description / Buy
36Cut and Run 2006Description / Buy
37Cold Moonlight (Short Story) 2018Description / Buy

Order of Carla Neggers Short Stories/Novellas

1Christmas Ever After 2018Description / Buy

Order of More Than Words Series

1More Than Words: Stories of Strength ( By: Karen Harper) 2009Description / Buy
2More Than Words: Stories of Hope ( By: Catherine Mann) 2010Description / Buy
3More Than Words, Volume 7 ( By: Carly Phillips) 2011Description / Buy
4Worth the Risk (Short Story) ( By: ) 2011Description / Buy
5More Than Words, Where Dreams Begin ( By: ) 2013Description / Buy

Carla Neggers Anthologies

1 On the Edge2003Description / Buy
2 More Than Words2004Description / Buy
3 Love is Murder2012Description / Buy
4 Writes of Passage: Adventures on the Writer's Journey2014Description / Buy
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She started reading quite early in her life. The author always found the time to write her stories, even when she was a child. She attended Boston University from where she graduated with a degree in Journalism.

Neggers worked as a freelance art and entertainment reporter before her publishing career took off. A founding member of the Romance Writers of America (New England Chapter), Neggers sold her first novel shortly after her graduation.

She initially wrote romantic suspense. Neggers would come up with ‘what if’ scenarios that would eventually spiral into thrilling tales filled with dead bodies and tense mysteries. Because her bibliography is littered with romance, it might surprise some people to learn that she actually disliked the genre.

Neggers was convinced that it was filled with formulaic stories featuring older, handsome, wealthy gentlemen sweeping young virgins off their feet. The notion of writing traditional romance made Neggers sick.

She was forced to contemplate the possibility of writing romance because her work in the romantic suspense genre had attracted so many rejections. The author was talking to her agent in the early 1980s during lunch when she suggested that Neggers change tracks by writing a traditional romance novel.

When Neggers expressed her negative opinions on the genre, the agent in question gave the author a stack of romance novels to read. By the time she finished them, the author was forced to accept that the romance genre wasn’t quite what she imagined.

Not only were the heroines older and stronger but the heroes were dark and violent. For all its limitations, the romance genre had plenty of room for the author to experiment. And that is what she did.

She sat down and penned the sorts of romance heroes and heroines she would have enjoyed reading. She had no trouble selling her manuscripts. In the years that followed, Neggers found some publishers that appreciated her romantic suspense.

She revised her earlier novels and submitted them. While the author would rather write about corpses, she has found that she also enjoys writing conventional romance. Her writing process isn’t regimented.

She would love to operate on a schedule; to write a specific number of pages for a specific number of hours each day. But she can’t. Neggers has been known to take breaks from her manuscripts for several days at a time, especially when she encounters writer’s block.

Sometimes, she pushes her way through the rough patches. But on occasion, she finds that it is much easier to leave. When she finally returns to her stories, she feels rejuvenated and more than ready to write.

Carla Neggers Awards

Neggers has been nominated for RITA Awards. She won the RT Reviewers Choice Award in 1988.

Best Carla Neggers Books

Besides writing, the author loves to run. She also enjoys traveling. Some of Neggers’ best novels include:

The Widow: Abigail Browning lost her husband four days after their wedding. Someone shot him. It looked like a random act of violence but Abigail wasn’t convinced. Now a homicide detective, Abigail has spent seven years following false leads.

When she gets an anonymous tip, Abigail joins forces with Owen Garrison in the hopes of finally proving that Chris’s death wasn’t random. Owen is determined to help. The search-and-rescue worker tried to help Chris but he was too late. The guilt has haunted him ever since. As the pair unravels the mystery of Chris’s murder, they quickly realize that things are not quite what they seem.

Cold Ridge: The opportunity to photograph Sterling Rancourt’s home should excite Carine Winters. But all she feels is apprehension. Tyler North saved Rancourt’s life. The chances of Carine seeing the para-rescuer at Sterling’s home are quite high.

This is a problem because Tyler broke Carine’s heart when he left her at the altar months ago. Carine is forced to put her fears aside when a man dies in Rancourt’s home and Tyler’s best friend is identified as the primary suspect.

When Tyler returns from a rescue mission, he must contend with his best friend’s plight as well as a developing situation that has forced him and Carina to ally with one another.

When Does The Next Carla Neggers book come out?

Carla Neggers doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Rival's Break and was released on August, 27th 2019. It is the newest book in the Sharpe & Donovan Series.

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