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Caro Fraser was a British author that died in 2020. Born in 1953 in Carlisle to George MacDonald Fraser, also an author, Caro spent her childhood and mid-teens in Glasgow. A former student of Glasgow High School, her father’s ‘The Flashman Papers’ series began publication when she was 15 years old.

Order of Caper Court Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Pupil 1994 Description / Buy
2 Judicial Whispers 1995 Description / Buy
3 An Immoral Code 1998 Description / Buy
4 A Hallowed Place 1999 Description / Buy
5 A Perfect Obsession 2002 Description / Buy
6 Calculating Heart 2004 Description / Buy
7 Breath of Corruption 2007 Description / Buy
8 Errors of Judgment 2013 Description / Buy
9 A Touch of Silk 2020 Description / Buy

Order of Caro Fraser Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Trustees 1995 Description / Buy
2 An Inheritance 1997 Description / Buy
3 Beyond Forgiveness 1998 Description / Buy
4 A Little Learning 2001 Description / Buy
5 Familiar Rooms In Darkness 2003 Description / Buy
6 World Apart 2007 Description / Buy
7 The Summer House Party 2017 Description / Buy
8 Summer of Love 2018 Description / Buy
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She eventually left Glasgow High, joining Buchan School following the family’s migration to the isle of man. As a young adult, Caro enrolled at the Watford School of Art.

She also spent some time at King’s College (University of London) where she studied law. The author worked as a copywriter for a short time before joining the legal field and lending her talents to the shipping arena.

Caro was already in her early 40s when she started writing professionally. Following the birth of her third child (out of four), she decided to give writing a serious go. Her debut novel was ‘The Pupil’. It followed Anthony Cross, a barrister-in-training who has to maneuver the complexities of life at Caper Court.

Caro added several novels to the Caper Court series before turning her attention to the 1930s with ‘The Summer House Party’. The 30s and 40s had always fascinated Caro Fraser because the period encompassed the years in which her parents and grandparents had grown up.

She was drawn to the era because it allowed her to imagine what domestic life was like for women amidst the difficulties of war. Caro was fond of historical fiction as a whole because it gave writers a lot more room to methodically explore interesting settings, cultures, and traditions. Even though her first historical fiction novel required considerable research, she enjoyed it because she couldn’t get enough of the 1930s and 40s.

Caro’s interest in novels was ignited at a young age. She was six years old when she received Thackeray’s ‘The Rose and The Ring’. It became her favorite childhood book. It encouraged her to seek out the writings of interesting authors until she discovered giants like Dickens. Over time, her reading obsession gave birth to her interest in writing.

As a published author, Caro did not have any strict rituals. She had a schedule. For instance, she would start writing at 9. During the course of the day, she would take several breaks, stopping at 11 for coffee and biscuits, at 1 for lunch, and at 3 to go to the gym.

However, she wasn’t afraid to change her schedule whenever the need arose. Where her writing was concerned, she would either use her Mac or Ipad depending on whether she was at home or traveling. Caro was repelled by authors who suggested that they could only write on specific devices and in particular locations.

As far as she was concerned, writing was a job and it could be done anywhere using any medium. Whenever her schedule permitted her to work from home, Caro would write from a small study near her kitchen that had pictures of her children, random objects, and a window overlooking a garden.

Best Caro Fraser Books

Caro loved those moments during writing sessions in which a character did something unexpected. On the other hand, she hated getting stuck in situations where she couldn’t see a way forward in her story. Some of Caro’s best books include:

The Summer House Party: Dan Ranscombe is just one among many guests that have congregated for a house party in 1936. War will come to England in the next few years. But for now, Dan can sit back and enjoy the company of his friends. Though, things are not quite what they seem. Dan and his companions are about to make choices that will affect their lives for years to come.

Judicial Whispers: Leo is a London barrister at the cusp of achieving his dreams. But a rumor threatens to upend all his hard work. Leo cannot deny the fact that his sex life is far from conventional.

And yet, he is determined to prevent the rumor campaign from ruining his career, which is why he has chosen to take a wife. But Rachel Dean isn’t like other women. For one thing, she is far too guarded. But even more importantly, she has captured the interest of Anthony, Leo’s friend.

When Does The Next Caro Fraser book come out?

Caro Fraser doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is A Touch of Silk and was released on March, 19th 2020. It is the newest book in the Caper Court Series.

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