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Carol Higgins Clark is an American author that writes mystery novels. Even though Carol has worked had as an author to build her name, there are many readers for whom she will always be Mary Higgins Clark’s daughter.

Carol was born in 1956 in New York, though she grew up elsewhere. A student of Mount Holyoke College, Carol Higgins Clark’s love for writing was ignited by her mother. Mary had been a bestselling mystery author for several years by the time her daughter started college.

Order of Regan Reilly Mystery Series with Mary Higgins Clark

1Decked 1991Description / Buy
2Snagged 1993Description / Buy
3Iced 1994Description / Buy
4Twanged 1997Description / Buy
5Deck the Halls ( By: Mary Higgins Clark) 2000Description / Buy
6Fleeced 2001Description / Buy
7Jinxed 2002Description / Buy
8Popped 2003Description / Buy
9The Christmas Thief ( With: Mary Higgins Clark) 2004Description / Buy
10Burned 2005Description / Buy
11Hitched 2006Description / Buy
12Laced 2007Description / Buy
13Zapped 2008Description / Buy
14Cursed 2009Description / Buy
15Wrecked 2010Description / Buy
16Mobbed 2011Description / Buy
17Gypped / Scammed 2012Description / Buy
18Knocked 2021Description / Buy

Order of Carol Higgins Clark Standalone Novels

1He Sees You When You're Sleeping 2001Description / Buy

Order of Alvirah and Willy Series with Mary Higgins Clark

1Weep No More, My Lady ( By: Mary Higgins Clark) 1987Description / Buy
2The Lottery Winner ( By: Mary Higgins Clark) 1994Description / Buy
3All Through the Night ( By: Mary Higgins Clark) 1998Description / Buy
4Deck the Halls ( By: Mary Higgins Clark) 2000Description / Buy
5The Christmas Thief ( With: Mary Higgins Clark) 2004Description / Buy
6Santa Cruise ( With: Mary Higgins Clark) 2006Description / Buy
7Dashing Through the Snow ( With: Mary Higgins Clark) 2008Description / Buy
8I'll Walk Alone ( By: Mary Higgins Clark) 2011Description / Buy
9The Lost Years ( By: Mary Higgins Clark) 2012Description / Buy
10As Time Goes by ( By: Mary Higgins Clark) 2016Description / Buy
11All By Myself, Alone ( By: Mary Higgins Clark) 2017Description / Buy

Order of Fearless Jones Series with Janet Evanovich, Lawrence Block, Linda Fairstein, Nelson DeMille, Donald E Westlake, Mary Higgins Clark, Nancy Pickard, Walter Mosley, Edna Buchanan, Ann Rule

1The Plot Thickens ( With: Janet Evanovich, Lawrence Block, Linda Fairstein, Nelson DeMille, Donald E Westlake, Mary Higgins Clark, Nancy Pickard, Walter Mosley, Edna Buchanan, Ann Rule) 1997Description / Buy
2Fearless Jones ( By: Walter Mosley) 2001Description / Buy
3Fear Itself ( By: Walter Mosley) 2003Description / Buy
4Fear of the Dark ( By: Walter Mosley) 2006Description / Buy

Carol Higgins Clark Anthologies

1 The Plot Thickens1997Description / Buy
2 A Poison That Leaves No Trace: With Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle2002Description / Buy
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Carol was already helping her mother write her books by the time she began to pursue her B.A. In the beginning, Carol’s primary assignment was to retype Mary’s transcripts. She then slowly progressed to more substantial contributions, this including making changes to names and locations.

Even as a young child, Carol Higgins Clark had a keen interest in her mother’s work. Writing wasn’t easy for Mary. She had a full-time job, so finding the time to write was a hassle. Realizing that she had the capacity to help Mary, Carol began experimenting with and trying to understand the writing process at a very young age. By the time she was in college, Carol had the knowledge and skill to substantially contribute to Mary Higgins Clark’s novels.

It never occurred to Carol that all the time she was spending helping her mother would be preparation for her own writing career. Carol, like her mother, writes mystery and suspense novels. However, you would be hard pressed to compare the literary efforts of the two authors. This is because Mary is such a serious writer. Carol, on the other hand, loves to experiment with humor and lighter tones.

Before taking to the writing profession, Carol Higgins Clark was an actor. She managed to snag a few film roles before finally deciding to focus her efforts on her writing.

Carol has co-authored novels with her mother.

Carol Higgins Clark Awards

While Carol hasn’t won any notable awards for her work, she has had the pleasure of receiving a nomination for the Agatha Award and the Anthony Award in 1992 and 1993 respectively.

Best Carol Higgins Clark Books

Carol’s time as an author hasn’t been easy primarily because she has had to overcome the vast shadow that her famous mother casts; however, Carol has done a pretty decent job of standing out on her own, with some of the best books from the author including:

Snagged: When Regan Reilly comes to Miami, she expects to have a good time. There’s a wedding party on the horizon and Reilly suspects that South Beach will be every bit the fun time it is advertized.

Reilly gets to meet Uncle Ritchie, a close relative of the bride and a pretty unique individual. Ritchie has a lot more on his mind than the wedding. The seventy-something-year-old is off to a pantyhose convention, and he intends to show off some of his unconventional inventions.

When Ritchie survives an attempt on his life, Reilly isn’t so quick to jump to conclusions, not when there is so much fun to be had in Miami. However, she has no choice but to put her detective hat on when a second attempt is made on Ritchie’s life.

Further questions are raised when a suspicious death occurs. Reilly is determined to keep Ritchie alive. But, with a chaotic Miami hotel full of suspects, finding a crazed killer won’t be easy.

Snagged is the second book in Carol Higgins Clark’s Regan Reilly series. The book finds Regan Reilly protecting Ritchie Blossom, an old man who has developed a new kind of pantyhose.

Ritchie is certain that he has struck the jackpot. He just needs to sell the rights to his invention in order to write his retirement ticket. However, someone seems really determined to kill Ritchie.

And when Reilly interferes, she becomes a target as well.

Burned: Regan Reilly is about to marry Jack. But before she can tie the knot, Reilly must hightail it to Hawaii where all her girlfriends are waiting to join her for one last weekend getaway.

However, even though Reilly just wants to put her feet up, crime never seems to rest. The body of a nosy woman washes up at a resort and Reilly is forced to go on the hunt to find a killer before it is too late for her and her friends.

When Does The Next Carol Higgins Clark book come out?

Carol Higgins Clark doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Knocked and was released on January, 1st 2021. It is the newest book in the Regan Reilly Mystery Series.

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