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Carole Matthews is a bestselling English author that writes romantic comedies. Born in 1960 in St. Helens, Merseyside, she studied Beauty Therapy at Champneys College. Even though she was an avid reader, she tried her hand at several jobs before finally settling down to write her romantic comedies.

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Order of Chocolate Lovers’ Club Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Chocolate Lovers' Club 2007 Description / Buy
2 The Chocolate Lovers' Diet 2007 Description / Buy
3 The Chocolate Lovers' Christmas 2015 Description / Buy
4 The Chocolate Lovers' Wedding 2016 Description / Buy

Order of Carole Matthews Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Let's Meet on Platform 8 1997 Description / Buy
2 A Whiff of Scandal 1998 Description / Buy
3 More to Life Than This 1999 Description / Buy
4 For Better, for Worse 2000 Description / Buy
5 A Minor Indiscretion 2001 Description / Buy
6 A Compromising Position 2003 Description / Buy
7 The Sweetest Taboo 2004 Description / Buy
8 With or Without You 2004 Description / Buy
9 You Drive Me Crazy 2005 Description / Buy
10 Welcome to the Real World 2006 Description / Buy
11 It's a Kind of Magic 2008 Description / Buy
12 All You Need is Love 2008 Description / Buy
13 The Difference a Day Makes 2009 Description / Buy
14 That Loving Feeling 2009 Description / Buy
15 It's Now or Never 2010 Description / Buy
16 The Only Way Is Up 2010 Description / Buy
17 Wrapped Up in You 2011 Description / Buy
18 Summer Daydreams 2012 Description / Buy
19 With Love at Christmas 2012 Description / Buy
20 A Cottage by the Sea 2013 Description / Buy
21 Calling Mrs Christmas 2013 Description / Buy
22 A Place to Call Home 2014 Description / Buy
23 The Christmas Party 2014 Description / Buy
24 The Cake Shop in the Garden 2015 Description / Buy
25 Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses 2017 Description / Buy
26 Christmas at the Cake Shop in the Garden 2017 Description / Buy
27 Christmas Cakes and Mistletoe Nights 2017 Description / Buy
28 Million Love Songs 2018 Description / Buy
29 Happiness for Beginners 2019 Description / Buy
30 Sunny Days and Sea Breezes 2020 Description / Buy
31 Christmas For Beginners 2020 Description / Buy

Order of Carole Matthews Short Stories/Novellas

# Read Title Published Details
1 Sunshine, with a Chance of Snow (Short Story) 2013 Description / Buy

Order of Carole Matthews Short Story Collections

# Read Title Published Details
1 Winter Warmers 2012 Description / Buy

Carole Matthews Anthologies

# Read Title Published Details
1 Girls' Night Out 2006 Description / Buy
2 Loves Me, Loves Me Not 2009 Description / Buy
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She has worked as a secretary, freelance writer, television presenter, and an ice-cream lady. It took her a while to enter the publishing industry because writing had never been a dream of hers.

Even as a child, she was more interested in becoming a hairdresser, air traffic controller, or travel guide. Her interest in publishing was sparked when she joined a holistic clinic. Her experiences were so insane that she knew she had to write a book about it one day.

Before dipping her toes into fiction, she wrote articles for a health magazine. After freelancing for a little while, she joined a short story competition and, to her surprise, she won.

They paid her a thousand pounds for her efforts. Rather than spending the money on frivolous items, she paid for a writing course. Her tutor took immediate note of her talents, recommending her to the agent who sold ‘Let’s Meet on Platform 8,’ her first novel.

Since then, the author has written dozens of novels. She has also sold millions of copies of her books, making appearances on various bestseller lists (Sunday Times and USA Today). She wrote a book that appeared on ‘Reading with Ripa,’ an American TV book club, which increased her renown significantly.

Carole writes funny, lighthearted romance novels. She doesn’t mind labels like ‘Chick Lit’ and ‘Women’s Fiction’ that people routinely assign to her work. So long as the right readers find her stories, she is content with any label her publishers choose.

She writes romantic comedies because she loves the genre. Stories in the field come naturally to her. She tried to write traditional romance, but the stories in question kept taking a comedic turn, despite her best efforts.

When her career was starting, romantic comedies were far from popular. She blames Bridget Jones for giving the genre some much-needed attention. Her books are set in various locations, both local and exotic. Carole tries to write about places she has visited because it allows her to mine her experiences.

She injects what she saw and experienced during her trips into her stories. The author enjoys hearing from people who visited those locations because they read her books.

Carole Matthews Awards

Carole joined the Festival of Romance Hall of Fame in 2011. She also received an Outstanding Achievement Award (Romance Novelists’ Association) in 2015.

Carole Matthews Books Into Movies

‘A Compromising Position’ received a live-action film adaptation.

Best Carole Matthews Books

The author works from an office in her home. She spends eight hours at her desk every day. Carole’s best books include:

With or Without You: Lyssa Allen thought she was happy in London. But then her boyfriend abandoned her for a gorgeous replacement, and everything changed. Lyssa had to find herself. This meant leaving her home for a month-long trip to Nepal.

What she found surprised her. First of all, she was forced to re-examine her obsession with having children. She also met the man of her dreams, a man that wasn’t quite what she expected.

With her eyes finally open and her horizons expanded, Lyssa has a tough choice on her hands. Her vacation is coming to an end, and she must decide whether or not she is willing to go home.

The Chocolate Lovers’ Club: Lucy Lombard is like any other woman. She has problems. Fortunately, she has chocolate. Lucy can’t resist the treat. The rich, creamy flavor cures everything, not just illnesses of the flesh but ailments of the heart. With delicious chocolate in her hands, she doesn’t feel alone.

And she isn’t the only one. Autumn, Chantal, and Nadia are equally obsessed with chocolate, which is why the four women have joined forces, becoming The Chocolate Lovers’ Club.

They meet as often as they can at Chocolate Heaven, their sanctuary. Once there, the women do what they can to dissect the problems ailing them, ranging from flirtatious bosses to husbands with problematic addictions and marriages that lost their spark a long time ago.

When Does The Next Carole Matthews book come out?

Carole Matthews doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Christmas For Beginners and was released on October, 29th 2020.

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