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Cass Green is a pen name that Caroline Green uses to write adult fiction. Caroline has won numerous awards for her young adult novels. She eventually decided to dip her toes into adult fiction because she has a short attention span.

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Order of Cass Green Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Woman Next Door 2016 Description / Buy
2 In a Cottage In a Wood 2017 Description / Buy
3 Don’t You Cry / No Good Deed 2018 Description / Buy
4 The Killer Inside 2019 Description / Buy
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It doesn’t take the author long to get bored. She didn’t want her career to grow stale, which is why she chose to change things up a bit. ‘The Woman Next Door’ was Green’s first novel for adults. Even though she wrote a lot of YA books as Caroline, Green’s spare time was spent reading adult fiction.

As such, it wasn’t that jarring a transition for her to write ‘The Woman Next Door’. She believes that every writer has to change and adapt. Otherwise, their audience will lose interest. For Green, writing adult fiction is no different from writing YA.

The same is true for her marketing efforts. Though, Green admits that she wasn’t as enthusiastic about sharing her adult stories with her friends and family. The books the author writes as Cass Green are so much darker than her Caroline Green novels.

She makes an effort to unsettle her readers and she was initially afraid that the dark tones in her adult fiction would reveal the shadowy aspects of her mind that she normally hides. She wasn’t sure how the people that know her would react. Though, this fear did not stop Green from writing several adult fiction novels following the publication of ‘The Woman Next Door’.

The author’s stories are designed to unravel the human psyche, to determine how far people will go to convince themselves that their questionable actions are right. She uses unreliable narrators to keep her readers on their toes.

When she isn’t writing, Green spends her days inspiring other writers. She is a Writer in Residence (East Barnet School) and a teacher (City University). Green is quite disciplined where her novels are concerned.

She looks at her writing as work. She doesn’t wait to find the perfect moment or to stumble upon inspiration. Because she is a fast writer, she makes a lot of mistakes during her initial draft. She also doesn’t worry quite as much about depth and complexity during this stage.

When it comes to making revisions, she will either print the draft or access it via her kindle. This allows her to perceive her work as a reader rather than a writer which, in turn, allows Green to identify all her mistakes.

She also permits her agent to read the draft. Because he was an editor, she trusts him to locate any mistakes in the draft that escaped her eye. As far as the actual process of revising the draft is concerned, Green focuses her initial efforts on the sections that require re-writing.

Then she turns her attention to the smaller details. Because the revision stage doesn’t involve as much creativity, Green doesn’t utilize distractions such as music. She approaches the revisions like an assignment that requires all her attention. Sometimes, the revisions are minor. On occasion, she is forced to overhaul the entire story.

Best Cass Green Books

Green encourages aspiring writers to read as many books as possible in the genres they wish to pursue. Some of the best books in her bibliography include:

The Woman Next Door: Melissa and Hester have an interesting relationship. Melissa’s life is quite glamorous. Outwardly, she is successful. But Hester knows that the woman needs her help. In the past, it would have been much easier for her to give it.

After all, Hester and Melissa’s daughter were so close. But that is no longer the case. More importantly, Melissa has her own secrets and she has no interest in revealing them to Hester. And that is exactly what would happen if Melissa allowed Hester to help her.

In a Cottage in a Wood: Neve’s life was already a wreck and the future was looking quite bleak. But then she met Isabelle on a bridge one random night. For no apparent reason, Isabelle shoved a package into Neve’s hands and then jumped into the Thames below, killing herself.

Before she could fully process the incident, Neve learned that Isabelle had left a charming cottage to her. Neve wanted so badly to believe that Isabelle’s gift would change everything for the better. But then she saw the sinister bungalow waiting for her and she realized the bitter truth.

When Does The Next Cass Green book come out?

Cass Green doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Killer Inside and was released on September, 5th 2019.

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