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Catherine Bybee is a successful indie author from the United States that writes romance novels. Her books have appeared on USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists. The author, who has sold millions of copies of her books, grew up in Washington State.

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1 All Our Tomorrows 2024 Description / Buy

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1 Soul Mate (Short Story) 2009 Description / Buy
2 Possessive (Short Story) 2011 Description / Buy
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She was abused as a child and teen. Though, she survived those difficult times and graduated high school. Bybee loved romance novels. They gave her an escape from the traumatic events of her childhood. She has credited the genre for saving her life on more than one occasion.

At some point, she moved to California to become an actress. But her dreams of achieving stardom did not materialize. After waiting tables for longer than she expected, Bybee went back to school.

The author started fantasizing about publishing as a potential career in high school. At the time, she was consuming copious amounts of romance. She promised herself that she would become one of the many authors in the genre she admired so much.

When she abandoned her acting dreams and enrolled in nursing school, she had no idea that her new role as a registered nurse would prepare her for a career in publishing. The author worked in busy emergency rooms in Southern California that fed her imagination.

Her nursing career only ended because an accident injured her back. Bybee was helping a patient out of a wheelchair when she fell. In the seven years that followed, she underwent several back surgeries.
This meant a lot of downtime. She started writing during recovery. Her journey to publishing success was long because, by her own admission, she knew nothing about writing or publishing.

She couldn’t even trust her spelling capabilities. Fortunately, she had a word processor with a spell-check function. Additionally, Bybee was determined. She was not afraid to learn. Her hard work has paid off handsomely.

The author’s journey has been far from smooth. Even though she has sold millions of copies of her books, Bybee has days where she doubts herself and her process, especially during periods of significant personal turmoil.

She perseveres because she enjoys what she does. Some of her books require more research than others. But she has been fortunate enough to visit all the places she writes about, which is why her stories and descriptions are so rich.

Best Catherine Bybee Books

Bybee attributes her success to the strong support she gets from her readers. Because she grew up poor, she appreciates the fact that her career allows her to improve the lives of other people by employing them. Bybee’s best books include:

Not Quite Dating: Jessica had one goal in life. She was determined to give her son the stability she never had. For that reason, she refused to reciprocate Jack Morrison’s advances. Any other woman would have fallen head over heels for the cowboy.

He had the looks. But looks were not enough. Jessica did not have time to date. Her plate was too full. But even if she wanted to date, she needed a man with money, which is where Jack fell short, or so she thought.

Jack had more money than he could ever spend in a single lifetime. But he was tired of women fawning over him because of his money. He wanted to find a woman that would fall for him, not his money.
For that reason, he chose to conceal his identity before approaching Jessica, unaware that the façade would ruin any chance he had with the waitress.

Wife by Wednesday: Blake Harrison was rich and charming. He was also in desperate need of a wife. When he approached Sam Elliot, Blake thought the businessman would solve his problems. But Sam wasn’t a businessman.

Samantha Elliot was a beauty with the kind of voice men would die to hear just once in their lives. Their arrangement was simple enough. Blake was willing to pay ten million dollars for the year-long contract, and Samantha was more than happy to accept.

She needed the money. The funds would alleviate the weight of her family’s medical bills. But because their marriage was a sham, Sam had to stay away from Blake’s bed, a task that was easier said than done. She could barely contain her attraction for him.

When Does The Next Catherine Bybee book come out?

The next book by Catherine Bybee is All Our Tomorrows and will be released on June, 18th 2024. It is the newest book in the The Heirs Series.

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  1. I’ve been reading the Richter series and the last one being there on an Unexpected Distraction. Was there not previous series of Richter books prior to this one? And how can I find those

    1. There is one book before that “Changing the Rules” and after “A Thin Disguise” I got both on Amazon. I hope that helps.

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