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Charles Martin is an American author that writes General and Inspirational Fiction. The New York Times Bestseller was born in 1969. He attended Florida State University (B.A in English) and Regent University (M.A. in Journalism. Ph.D. in Communication).

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Order of Awakening Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Dead Don't Dance 2004 Description / Buy
2 Maggie 2006 Description / Buy

Order of Murphy Shepherd Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Water Keeper 2020 Description / Buy
2 The Letter Keeper 2021 Description / Buy
3 The Record Keeper 2022 Description / Buy

Order of Charles Martin Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Wrapped in Rain 2005 Description / Buy
2 When Crickets Cry 2006 Description / Buy
3 Chasing Fireflies 2007 Description / Buy
4 Where the River Ends 2008 Description / Buy
5 The Mountain Between Us 2010 Description / Buy
6 Thunder and Rain 2012 Description / Buy
7 Unwritten 2013 Description / Buy
8 A Life Intercepted 2014 Description / Buy
9 Water from My Heart 2015 Description / Buy
10 Long Way Gone 2016 Description / Buy
11 Send Down the Rain 2018 Description / Buy
12 The Last Exchange 2023 Description / Buy

Order of Charles Martin Religious Books

# Read Title Published Details
1 What If It's True? 2019 Description / Buy
2 They Turned the World Upside Down 2021 Description / Buy
3 If the Tomb Is Empty: Why the Resurrection Means Anything Is Possible ( With: Joby Martin) 2023 Description / Buy
4 Son of Man: Retelling the Stories of Jesus 2023 Description / Buy
5 Anything Is Possible: How Nine Miracles of Jesus Reveal God’s Love for You ( With: Joby Martin) 2023 Description / Buy
6 It Is Finished 2024 Description / Buy

Charles Martin Anthologies

# Read Title Published Details
1 As We Were Saying: Sewanee Writers on Writing 2021 Description / Buy
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As a child, the author was obsessed with sports, specifically football. But eventually, a passion for writing stories overtook him. Though, the notion of writing novels never occurred to him.

It was an impossible dream. Whenever he saw the giant faces of authors on the walls of a Barnes and Noble, he couldn’t imagine joining them in the publishing industry.

One day, as he left the bookstore, a thought struck Martin. He looked at those large pictures and realized that those authors did not start life as famous authors. More importantly, they did not become successful writers overnight.

The recognition that he could attain the same success pushed Martin to turn the various short stories he had written over the years into a proper novel. That novel became ‘The Dead Don’t Dance.’

It took the author quite a while to find a friendly publisher. His wife was supportive. She worked with Martin to make over a hundred submissions. Each submission included several pages of the author’s book as well as a cover letter.

Martin wanted just one person to give him a chance. His submissions received 86 rejections. The author was disheartened, but he did not surrender. He remembered an article he had read which revealed that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel (This Side of Paradise) was rejected 126 times.

Following in Fitzgerald’s footsteps, Martin made 126 rejections his target. As it turns out, he did not make it to 126 rejections. Eventually, he found a publisher that gave him the chance he needed to prove himself.

The author succeeded because he listened to a friend who told him to treat his publishing career as a business. That meant sitting down every single day to write.

Martin took this advice to heart. However, because he has so much to do during the day, he wakes up at 3 a.m. to write. This period suits him because the house is quiet. He can work without disturbances from his phone, TV, and other people. He writes until 7 a.m. He stops at this point because he feels like he has written as much as he could ever hope to write on any given day.

This leaves Martin free to tackle the business aspects of his career. As far as the actual writing is concerned, the author shines during the revision process. His first objective is to get the story on paper as quickly as possible. He waits until the revision process starts to fix his mistakes.

Charles Martin Awards

Martin has won RT Reviewers Choice, Christy, and Christian Book Awards.

Charles Martin Books into Movies

The Mountain Between Us became a 20th Century Fox movie starring Kate Winslet and Idris Elba.

Best Charles Martin Books

The author is married. His hobbies include bow hunting and Tae Kwan Do. Martin’s best books include:

The Mountain Between Us: Ben and Ashley were strangers. They only agreed to charter a plane together because they had important appointments to keep, and they couldn’t wait for the blizzard plaguing Salt Lake City to subside.

While Ben had a conference, Ashley was on her way to her wedding. But then the unthinkable happened. Now, Ben and Ashley are stranded in the remote wilderness during winter. To survive, they must learn to depend on one another. They did not expect their predicament to spark a deep connection.

Long Way Gone: Cooper couldn’t stand the restrictive life his father wanted him to live. At 18, he took the old man’s guitar and left for Nashville. Unfortunately, the music industry was harsh. It had nothing to offer him.

For a while, all seemed lost. But then Cooper met Daley Cross, and his encounter with the singer gave the young man’s musical talents the spark they needed.

Any hope of happiness Cooper had nurtured went down the drain when a tragic event rocked his life. He was forced to return home. He was doing a decent job of starting over when Daley walked into his new life. Now, he must decide whether or not he’s willing to reveal his past to her.

When Does The Next Charles Martin book come out?

Charles Martin doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is It Is Finished and was released on February, 6th 2024. It is the newest book in the Charles Martin Religious Books.

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  1. Thank you so much for your insight in life. I have shared with all my friends my favorite author. I loved the video of you playing a song your son recorded, you were so proud of him! We need Christian authors who write books of substance like you!
    Jimmie Bohannon

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