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Chelle Bliss is an American author that writes erotic romance novels. She reads as much as she writes, not just erotica but also young adult novels. Her books are filled with larger-than-life characters that are grounded in reality. When she isn’t reading or writing, Bliss travels. New Orleans and Paris have a special place in her heart.

Order of Chelle Bliss Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Enshrine 2016 Description / Buy
2 Top Bottom Switch (Short Story) 2016 Description / Buy
3 Misadventures of a City Girl (With: Meredith Wild) 2017 Description / Buy
4 Mend 2018 Description / Buy

Order of Love at Last Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Untangle Me 2013 Description / Buy
2 Kayden 2013 Description / Buy

Order of Men of Inked Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Throttle Me 2014 Description / Buy
2 Hook Me 2014 Description / Buy
3 Throttled (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
4 Resist Me 2014 Description / Buy
5 Resisting (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
6 The Gallos (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
7 Uncover Me 2015 Description / Buy
8 Men of Inked Series 2015 Description / Buy
9 Rebound (Short Story) 2015 Description / Buy
10 Without Me 2015 Description / Buy
11 Honor Me 2016 Description / Buy
12 Worship Me 2017 Description / Buy

Order of ALFA Investigations Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Sinful Intent 2015 Description / Buy
2 Unlawful Desire 2015 Description / Buy
3 Wicked Impulse 2016 Description / Buy
4 Guilty Sin 2018 Description / Buy

Order of Filthy Politics Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Dirty Work 2016 Description / Buy

Order of Takeover Duet Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Acquisition 2017 Description / Buy
2 Merger 2017 Description / Buy

Order of Nailed Down Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Nailed Down 2018 Description / Buy
2 Tied Down 2018 Description / Buy

Order of Men of Inked: Southside Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Maneuver 2018 Description / Buy
2 Flow 2018 Description / Buy
3 Hook 2018 Description / Buy
4 Hustle 2019 Description / Buy
5 Love 2019 Description / Buy

Order of Men of Inked: Heatwave Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Flame 2019 Description / Buy
2 Burn 2019 Description / Buy
3 Wildfire 2020 Description / Buy
4 Blaze 2020 Description / Buy
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It should be noted that ‘Chelle Bliss’ is a pen name. The author’s real name is Rachelle. She has a Bachelors Degree in History and a Masters in Education. She spent a decade teaching history on a high school level.

But despite the demands of her work, she couldn’t keep her imagination in check. The author had so many naughty ideas running through her mind. Eventually, she decided that writing would give her the creative outlet she needed to bring her thoughts to life.

So, she took up the habit. Before long, she had abandoned teaching altogether in favor of writing, a decision she never regretted. Chelle Bliss loves history, but not enough to give up writing. Her favorite authors include Tarryn Fisher, Kitty Thomas, Olivia Cunning, and C.J. Roberts. She spends quite a bit of time reading indie authors because they keep her imagination going.

Many of her stories are inspired by real life. Bliss encounters plenty of funny and sensual moments in her daily life that plant the seeds for the novels she eventually writes.

The author’s stories are mature. They feature plenty of sensual activity. Her heroes are strong men with impregnable wills that are forced to give love another shot after the right woman steals their hearts.

The heroines are strong. They won’t be bullied and some of them have a dangerous streak. Even though Chelle Bliss is a woman, she does an impressive job of writing from the male point of view. The author grew up with a brother. Her male friends also exceed her female friends. So, she has a clear understanding of the male psyche.

She knows what makes men tick, what sets them off, what calms them down. She understands the demons that haunt them and the desires that drive their hearts. But she also endeavors to craft strong heroines, women that are vulnerable in some places but more than capable of standing up for themselves.

She enjoys writing about families. Hers is a large Italian family and she knows that, from the outside, they all probably seem so crazy. She doesn’t deny using her family as inspiration for some of the more unhinged characters in her novels.

The author gets most of her writing done at home. She has a writing desk but she never uses it. She prefers a recliner with the bottom kicked out. The footrest operates as a desk.

Bliss cannot do without coffee. She always has a cup next to her computer, taking slow slips as she works. She also keeps a pair of headphones on hand because she needs the music to set the mood for the scenes she wants to write.

Lastly, she cannot do without Facebook. She always has a Facebook window open on her computer while she writes. The author is too restless to do just one thing at a time. Chaotic as it sounds, her process works.

Best Chelle Bliss Books

Bliss relies heavily on the support of her readers; every positive comment they send her way gives the author the impetus to keep writing, with some of the best books in her bibliography including:

Throttle Me: Suzy knew where she was going. She was going to work hard, attain success and find the right partner, eventually achieving true happiness. When her car broke down, she had no idea that her life was about to take an unexpected swerve.

A tattooed bad boy rescued her from the roadside and stole her heart. What should have been a one night stand evolved into something more.

Hook Me: When he wasn’t working as a piercer at ‘Inked’, Gallo could be found training his heart out. Nothing was more important to him than winning a UFC Championship. But then he met Doctor Mia Greco and everything changed.

Greco had no time for love. Her work consumed every waking hour of her existence. When Gallo tried to sweep her off her feet, she did what she could to deny him. But the universe kept finding ways of throwing them into one another’s arms.

When Does The Next Chelle Bliss book come out?

Chelle Bliss doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Blaze and was released on June, 30th 2020. It is the newest book in the Men of Inked: Heatwave Series.