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Chloe Neill is an American author that writes YA and urban fantasy novels. Born in 1975, Chloe attended the University of Nebraska, where she studied law. When she was growing up, writing was the last thing on the author’s mind.

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Order of Captain Kit Brightling Series

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Order of Chicagoland Vampires Series

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7 House Rules 2013 Description / Buy
8 Biting Bad 2013 Description / Buy
9 High Stakes 2014 Description / Buy
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13 Lucky Break (Short Story) 2015 Description / Buy
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Order of Heirs of Chicagoland Series

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5 Cold Curses 2023 Description / Buy

Chloe Neill Anthologies

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1 Heroic Hearts 2022 Description / Buy
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She wanted to pursue visual arts. She would struggle to construct sentences, and the notion of writing on a deadline made her anxious. For a time, it looked like her liberal arts college would rewire Chloe’s tastes, instilling in her a love for the written word.

The institution prioritized written tests over multiple-choice exams. The college challenged Chloe, tempting the author away from the studio art she initially hoped to pursue. In her sophomore year, rather than writing a short essay exploring the women’s rights movement, the author penned a story about a fictitious woman.

Her professor rewarded Chloe with a glowing review. However, it wasn’t enough to shift her anxieties. She was determined to steer clear of writing as an activity. This attitude persisted after graduation, especially when she took summer jobs and watched her colleagues struggle to finish drafts of reports.

It took a stint in journalism to change her mind. The transformation was gradual. Chloe’s job was simple. She would watch things and write about them. This happened day after day, week after week, and month after month until writing became second nature to the author.

She gained an innate understanding of the craft without seeking formal training. She could instinctually construct and punctuate sentences. But even at that point in her life, Chloe was content to leave publishing to other people.

She read voraciously but couldn’t imagine telling stories for a living. More importantly, it wasn’t something she ever thought of doing for fun.

Things changed when a critical relationship in the author’s life fractured, and she started looking to fiction for solace. At one time, Chloe was reading eight or more romance novels a week. But eventually, she ran out of books to read.

The author couldn’t find anything to hook her. So she tried her hand at fan fiction. Chloe was obsessed with the Dark Hunter novels by Sherrilyn Kenyon. However, Kenyon’s publishing schedule was too slow to satisfy Chloe’s needs. Or rather, Chloe read too quickly.

Initially, she tried to satisfy her craving for addictive stories by writing fan fiction set in the Dark Hunter universe. But she felt uncomfortable using another person’s setting and characters. So she gave up and decided to write her own stories. That was in 2005. These days, Chloe Neill writes two books annually.

Best Chloe Neill Books

The author encourages aspiring writers to read as much as they can. She taught herself to write by reading to her heart’s content. Chloe’s best books include:

Some Girls Bite: A rogue vampire tried to end Merit’s life one random night. It failed, but only because Ethan Sullivan intervened. The master vampire of Cadogan House chased the bloodsucker away. However, it was too late. The damage was done.

Ethan took drastic measures to save Merit’s life. The ancient vampire finished the graduate student’s transformation, turning her into a creature of the night. Now, Merit must find her footing at the Hyde Park mansion Ethan Sullivan calls home.

Ethan wants Merit to know that she owes him her life. He expects her servitude. But his attitude is the least of her worries. Her first brush with death was just the beginning. Someone is out to get her, and they won’t stop until Chicago becomes a warzone.

Twice Bitten: Merit is still new to the supernatural scene in Chicago. And yet, Master Vampire Ethan Sullivan has already assigned her a difficult task. Shapeshifters are converging on the city, and Ethan wants Merit to protect their alpha, Gabriel Keene.

Ethan isn’t ignorant of Merit’s limitations; he intends to train her for the upcoming mission. However, not even Ethan’s combat training sessions can prepare her for what’s ahead. The Master Vampire wanted Merit to spy on Gabriel.

But it looks like he misread the situation. Gabriel has powerful enemies. Someone wants his head. Merit won’t simply play bodyguard. She must stand in the gap between Gabriel and his foes, even though doing so puts her in grave danger.

When Does The Next Chloe Neill book come out?

Chloe Neill doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Cold Curses and was released on November, 14th 2023. It is the newest book in the Heirs of Chicagoland Series.

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