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Christine Feehan is an American author. Born in Ukiah, California, Feehan comes from a large family. She grew up with 13 siblings, an experience that encouraged her to build an equally large family once the opportunity arose.

Order of Dark Series

1Dark Prince 1999Description / Buy
2Dark Desire 1999Description / Buy
3Dark Gold 2000Description / Buy
4Dark Magic 2000Description / Buy
5Dark Challenge 2000Description / Buy
6Dark Fire 2001Description / Buy
7Dark Legend 2002Description / Buy
8Dark Guardian 2002Description / Buy
9Dark Symphony 2003Description / Buy
10Dark Melody 2003Description / Buy
11Dark Destiny 2004Description / Buy
12Dark Secret 2005Description / Buy
13Dark Demon 2006Description / Buy
14Dark Celebration 2006Description / Buy
15Dark Possession 2007Description / Buy
16Dark Curse 2008Description / Buy
17Dark Slayer 2009Description / Buy
18Dark Descent 2010Description / Buy
19Dark Dream (Short Story) 2010Description / Buy
20Dark Peril 2010Description / Buy
21Dark Predator 2011Description / Buy
22Dark Storm 2012Description / Buy
23Dark Lycan 2013Description / Buy
24Dark Wolf 2014Description / Buy
25Dark Blood 2014Description / Buy
26Dark Crime 2015Description / Buy
27Dark Ghost 2015Description / Buy
28Dark Promises 2015Description / Buy
29Dark Carousel 2017Description / Buy
30Dark Legacy 2017Description / Buy
31Dark Sentinel 2018Description / Buy
32Dark Illusion 2019Description / Buy
33Dark Song 2020Description / Buy
34Dark Tarot 2021Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Dark Series

1Dark Prince1999Description / Buy
2Dark Desire1999Description / Buy
3Dark Gold2000Description / Buy
4Dark Magic2000Description / Buy
5Dark Challenge2000Description / Buy
6Dark Fire2001Description / Buy
7Dark Dream (Short Story)2010Description / Buy
8Dark Legend2002Description / Buy
9Dark Guardian2002Description / Buy
10Dark Symphony2003Description / Buy
11Dark Descent2010Description / Buy
12Dark Melody2003Description / Buy
13Dark Destiny2004Description / Buy
14Dark Secret2005Description / Buy
15Dark Demon2006Description / Buy
16Dark Celebration2006Description / Buy
17Dark Possession2007Description / Buy
18Dark Curse2008Description / Buy
19Dark Slayer2009Description / Buy
20Dark Peril2010Description / Buy
21Dark Predator2011Description / Buy
22Dark Storm2012Description / Buy
23Dark Lycan2013Description / Buy
24Dark Wolf2014Description / Buy
25Dark Blood2014Description / Buy
26Dark Crime2015Description / Buy
27Dark Ghost2015Description / Buy
28Dark Promises2015Description / Buy
29Dark Carousel2017Description / Buy
30Dark Legacy2017Description / Buy
31Dark Sentinel2018Description / Buy
32Dark Illusion2019Description / Buy
33Dark Song2020Description / Buy
34Dark Tarot2021Description / Buy

Order of GhostWalkers Series

1Shadow Game 2003Description / Buy
2Mind Game 2004Description / Buy
3Night Game 2005Description / Buy
4Conspiracy Game 2006Description / Buy
5Deadly Game 2007Description / Buy
6Predatory Game 2008Description / Buy
7Murder Game 2009Description / Buy
8Street Game 2009Description / Buy
9Ruthless Game 2010Description / Buy
10Samurai Game 2012Description / Buy
11Viper Game 2015Description / Buy
12Spider Game 2016Description / Buy
13Power Game 2017Description / Buy
14Covert Game 2018Description / Buy
15Toxic Game 2019Description / Buy
16Lethal Game 2020Description / Buy
17Lightning Game 2021Description / Buy
18Phantom Game 2022Description / Buy

Order of Leopard People Series

1The Awakening 2002Description / Buy
2Wild Rain 2004Description / Buy
3Burning Wild 2009Description / Buy
4Wild Fire 2010Description / Buy
5Savage Nature 2011Description / Buy
6Leopard's Prey 2013Description / Buy
7Cat's Lair 2015Description / Buy
8Wild Cat 2015Description / Buy
9Leopard's Fury 2016Description / Buy
10Leopard's Blood 2017Description / Buy
11Leopard's Run 2018Description / Buy
12Leopard's Wrath 2019Description / Buy
13Leopard's Rage 2020Description / Buy

Order of Sea Haven: Drake Sisters Series

1Magic in the Wind (Short Story) 2003Description / Buy
2The Twilight Before Christmas 2003Description / Buy
3Oceans of Fire 2005Description / Buy
4Dangerous Tides 2006Description / Buy
5Safe Harbor 2007Description / Buy
6Turbulent Sea 2008Description / Buy
7Hidden Currents 2009Description / Buy

Order of Sea Haven: Sisters Of The Heart Series

1Water Bound 2010Description / Buy
2Spirit Bound 2011Description / Buy
3Air Bound 2014Description / Buy
4Earth Bound 2015Description / Buy
5Fire Bound 2016Description / Buy
6Bound Together 2017Description / Buy

Order of Shadow Riders Series

1Shadow Rider 2016Description / Buy
2Shadow Reaper 2017Description / Buy
3Shadow Keeper 2018Description / Buy
4Shadow Warrior 2019Description / Buy
5Shadow Flight 2020Description / Buy
6Shadow Storm 2021Description / Buy

Order of Torpedo Ink Series

1Judgment Road 2018Description / Buy
2Vengeance Road 2019Description / Buy
3Vendetta Road 2020Description / Buy
4Desolation Road 2020Description / Buy
5Reckless Road 2021Description / Buy
6Annihilation Road 2021Description / Buy
7Savage Road 2022Description / Buy

Order of Scarletti Dynasty Series

1The Scarletti Curse 2001Description / Buy
2Dark Symphony 2003Description / Buy

Order of Carpathians (Dark) Graphic Novel Series

1Dark Hunger 2004Description / Buy

Order of Christine Feehan Standalone Novels

1Lair of the Lion 2002Description / Buy
2Murder at Sunrise Lake 2021Description / Buy

Order of Christine Feehan Short Stories/Novellas

1After the Music 2002Description / Buy
2Rocky Mountain Miracle 2014Description / Buy

Order of Christine Feehan Short Story Collections

1The Shadows of Christmas Past ( With: Susan Sizemore) 2004Description / Buy
2The Wicked and the Wondrous 2004Description / Buy
3Dark Dreamers ( With: Marjorie M. Liu) 2006Description / Buy
4A Christine Feehan Holiday Treasury 2006Description / Buy

Christine Feehan Anthologies

1 After Twilight2001Description / Buy
2 Fantasy2002Description / Buy
3 The Only One2003Description / Buy
4 Lover Beware2003Description / Buy
5 Hot Blooded2004Description / Buy
6 Heart’s Kiss: Issue 12, December 2018-January 2019: Featuring Susan Donovan2018Description / Buy
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The author has 11 children that have given her numerous grandchildren. Her childhood was loud and vibrant. Her home, a two-story house, was always filled with noise. The second story would become a haunted house during Halloween.

The house was even more active during Christmas. Feehan cherishes those moments because she was always surrounded by a strong support system. The author had all the company she could want and she tried to reproduce that same experience when she started her own family.

Her interest in novels was birthed at a very young age. She started writing stories the moment she learned to put sentences together on paper. She kept attracting the ire of her teachers because she was always writing stories instead of paying attention in class.

One teacher made the mistake of confiscating her notebook during a math class. He had no idea that she had just written a love scene. The scene mortified both of them, though the experience did little to erode the author’s fascination with the written word.

Despite the size of her family, Feehan has such incredible discipline that she can write at any time and anywhere. Naturally, she prefers isolation whenever she writes romantic scenes. The notion of detailing sensual acts on paper with her children around her doesn’t appeal to Christine Feehan.

Her entry into the publishing arena can be attributed to her friends. As a child, she would force her ten sisters to read everything she wrote. But as an adult, her friends were more than happy to read the stories she penned.

They were so impressed with ‘Dark Prince’, her first vampire romance novel that they pushed her to send the manuscript to an agent. Feehan did just that, eventually selling the book to Dorchester Publishing.

This paved the way for a successful career in the industry. Feehan has experimented with a variety of sub-genres in the field of romance. She writes everything from paranormal romance to fantasy, and military thrillers.

The Carpathian books, for which Feehan is best known, came out of her grief. She lost her son. The author has fond memories of all the stories about dragons and heroes that she would narrate to him.

When he died, the grief consumed her. She finally overcame the obstacle by introducing the Carpathians, a collection of fictional heroes that allowed her to explore sorrow. She went on to write several installments in the series.

The novels feature ancient hunters with abilities and attributes comparable to vampires. Their purpose in life is to destroy evil. But they also want love.

Christine Feehan Awards

The author has won the RT Reviewers Choice Award on numerous occasions. She has also received Rita Award nominations.

Best Christine Feehan Books

Feehan is an accomplished martial artist. She attributes her confidence and discipline to her training. Some of Feehan’s best novels include:

Dark Prince: The Carpathians are immortal. They have also been blessed with animal instincts. However, they require a lifemate, either human or Carpathian. Without this lifemate, the darkness in their soul will consume them until they become vampires.

Prince Mikhail is an ancient Carpathian whose people are on the verge of extinction. After years of loneliness, Mikhail was finally ready to surrender to the despair. But then Raven came into his life.

A psychic that used her gift to help the police, Raven went to the Carpathian Mountains to find peace. She was bound to Mikhail the moment their minds touched. But a life with Mikhail won’t be easy. His enemies are convinced that the Carpathians are just vampires, and they are determined to wipe them off the face of the map.

Dark Desire: The Carpathian male was just a stranger to Shea when the surgeon first laid eyes on him, a raging man like no other she had ever seen. And yet, Shea was drawn to him. The stranger had called her to the Carpathian Mountains.

He was an ancient creature, a being blanketed by darkness, and Shea was his light, his only hope of salvation, but only if she could see past his ravaged exterior.

When Does The Next Christine Feehan book come out?

The next book by Christine Feehan is Dark Tarot and will be released on November, 9th 2021. It is the newest book in the Dark Series.

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