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Chuck Palahniuk is the bestselling author of the novel from which Fight Club, a critically acclaimed movie, was adapted. Born in 1962 in Pasco, Washington, the American novelist’s parents divorced when he was a teenager. Chuck remembers spending a lot of time at his maternal grandparents’ home with his siblings after that.

Order of Damned Series

1Damned 2011Description / Buy
2Doomed 2013Description / Buy

Order of Chuck Palahniuk Standalone Novels

1Fight Club 1996Description / Buy
2Survivor 1999Description / Buy
3Invisible Monsters 1999Description / Buy
4Choke 2001Description / Buy
5Lullaby 2002Description / Buy
6Diary 2003Description / Buy
7Haunted 2005Description / Buy
8Rant 2007Description / Buy
9Snuff 2008Description / Buy
10Pygmy 2009Description / Buy
11Tell-All 2010Description / Buy
12Invisible Monsters Remix 2012Description / Buy
13Beautiful You 2014Description / Buy
14Adjustment Day 2018Description / Buy
15The Invention of Sound 2020Description / Buy

Order of Chuck Palahniuk Short Story Collections

1Make Something Up 2015Description / Buy
2Bait 2016Description / Buy

Order of Chuck Palahniuk Non-Fiction Books

1Fugitives and Refugees 2003Description / Buy
2Stranger than Fiction 2004Description / Buy
3Consider This 2020Description / Buy

Order of Fight Club 2 Graphic Novels

1Fight Club 2 #1 2015Description / Buy
2Fight Club 2 #2 2015Description / Buy
3Fight Club 2 #3 2015Description / Buy
4Fight Club 2 #4 2015Description / Buy
5Fight Club 2 #5 2015Description / Buy
6Fight Club 2 #6 2015Description / Buy
7Fight Club 2 #7 2015Description / Buy
8Fight Club 2 #8 2015Description / Buy
9Fight Club 2 #9 2016Description / Buy
10Fight Club 2 #10 2016Description / Buy

Order of Dark Delicacies Series

1Dark Delicacies: Original Tales of Terror and the Macabre by the World's Greatest Horror Writers 2005Description / Buy
2Dark Delicacies II: Fear 2007Description / Buy
3Dark Delicacies III: Haunted 2009Description / Buy

Chuck Palahniuk Anthologies

1 Dark Delicacies III: Haunted2009Description / Buy
2 Burnt Tongues2014Description / Buy
3 Chiral Mad 32016Description / Buy
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A graduate of the University of Oregon where he studied journalism, Chuck spent a lot of time working for Freightliner as a diesel mechanic as he waited to achieve success as a writer.

Despite writing manuals, working in journalism and even volunteering at a hospice, it wasn’t until Chuck began to seriously pursue his work as a novelist that success finally came. It all began with fight club, which started as a short story that he experimented with after Invisible Monsters, one of his first novels was rejected by publishers.

Chuck Palahniuk has a recognizable style. The author writes characters with self-destructive mannerisms, often driven towards aggression by the rejection and marginalization they experience at the hands of society.

The author also loves to use time as a writing tool, often starting his stories at the end and then working his way backwards before revealing an unexpected plot twist. Chuck looks to Tom Spanbauer, Denis Johnson, Albert Camus and the like for inspiration when it comes to his particular style of writing.

Chuck’s books are not for everyone, and he has been criticized for being quite the nihilist. Chuck Palahniuk isn’t fond of that accusation, though, often countering by saying that he is more romantic than anything and only those people who disagree with the message of his novels call him nihilistic.

The fact that Chuck has experienced tragedy in life, specifically the murder of his father and his lover at the hands of a jealous ex-boyfriend, might have something to do with Chuck’s gloomy stories and conclusions.

Chuck Palahniuk Awards

Chuck isn’t a household name. He definitely hasn’t exploded in fame and popularity like everyone expected. However, amongst those who know his work, Chuck is a pretty big name, having won awards like the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award and the Oregon Book Award, both for the book Fight Club.

Chuck Palahniuk Books into Movies

Chuck might not be a household name but he has had the distinct pleasure of seeing his books become movies, with the most prominent being:

Fight Club, Chuck’s first published novel became a wildly beloved and critically acclaimed movie directed by David Fincher. Released in 1999, the movie starred Brad Pitt and Edward Norton and it chronicled the life of a discontented white collar worker who forms a fight club with those friends of his who also appreciate the idea of fighting to blow off steam.

The movie was criticized for its violent and ambiguous nature and suffered at the box office, only achieving success in later years when it was finally released on DVD.

Choke is a special book to Chuck because it was his first bestseller. The book, which follows a sex addict who encounters numerous struggles in his efforts to care for his ailing mother, was adapted into a movie in 2008.

The movie, which Clark Gregg directed, starred Sam Rockwell.

Besides these two renowned works, Invisible Monsters and Lullaby were also turned into graphic novels. The film rights for Survivor and Invisible Monsters were purchased in the 2000s but they have yet to manifest as actual films.

Best Chuck Palahniuk Books

Chuck Palahniuk’s fame has continued to grow with the passing of time as his books reach new markets, with some of the best titles under his name including:

Fight Club: Tyler Durden is everything from a waiter to an anarchic genius. And he is responsible for Fight Club, a creation which draws young white-collar employees into dark basements were they fight barehanded.

However, there is more to Tyler’s plans than a mere thirst for violence. Tyler wants revenge against the world.

This book has a philosophical message for those who care enough to find it as it explores the empty lives of young men who do not understand why they cannot find satisfaction in the offerings of modern society.

Survivor: Tender Branson’s airplane is going down. However, before Flight 2039 disappears into the Australian Outback, Branson is determined to regale readers with a tale that saw him transform from a Creedish child to a media messiah.

This book has been accused of being a little too similar to Chuck’s earlier works, specifically with regards to the personality of its characters and their worldview.

When Does The Next Chuck Palahniuk book come out?

Chuck Palahniuk doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Invention of Sound and was released on September, 8th 2020.

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