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Chuck Wendig is a bestselling American novelist, screenwriter, and comic book writer that is responsible for novels like Star Wars Aftermath. Born in 1976 in New Hope, Pennsylvania, Wendig attended the Queens University of Charlotte, graduating in 1998 after pursuing Engish and Religion.

Order of Atlanta Burns Series

1Atlanta Burns 2015Description / Buy
2The Hunt 2016Description / Buy

Order of Dinocalypse Trilogy Series

1Dinocalypse Now 2012Description / Buy
2Beyond Dinocalypse 2013Description / Buy

Order of Double Dead Series

1Double Dead 2011Description / Buy
2Bad Blood 2016Description / Buy

Order of Gods & Monsters Series

1Unclean Spirits 2013Description / Buy
2Mythbreaker ( By: Stephen Blackmoore) 2014Description / Buy
3Food of the Gods ( By: Cassandra Khaw) 2017Description / Buy
4The Last Supper Before Ragnarok ( By: Cassandra Khaw) 2019Description / Buy

Order of The Heartland Trilogy Series

1Under the Empyrean Sky 2013Description / Buy
2Blightborn 2014Description / Buy
3The Harvest 2015Description / Buy

Order of Journey To Star Wars: The Force Awakens Series

1Star Wars 2015Description / Buy
2Life Debt 2016Description / Buy
3Empire's End 2017Description / Buy

Order of Miriam Black Series

1Blackbirds 2012Description / Buy
2Mockingbird 2012Description / Buy
3The Cormorant 2013Description / Buy
4Thunderbird 2017Description / Buy
5The Raptor & the Wren 2018Description / Buy
6Vultures 2019Description / Buy

Order of Mookie Pearl Series

1The Blue Blazes 2013Description / Buy
2The Hellsblood Bride 2014Description / Buy
3Red Devils Rise 2015Description / Buy

Order of Zer0es Series

1Zeroes 2015Description / Buy
2Invasive 2016Description / Buy

Order of Chuck Wendig Standalone Novels

1Wanderers 2019Description / Buy
2The Book of Accidents 2021Description / Buy
3Dust & Grim 2021Description / Buy

Order of Chuck Wendig Short Stories/Novellas

1The Wind Has Teeth Tonight (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy

Order of Chuck Wendig Short Story Collections

1Irregular Creatures (Short Story) 2009Description / Buy

Order of Chuck Wendig Non-Fiction

1Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey 2011Description / Buy
2250 Things You Should Know About Writing (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy
3Revenge of the Penmonkey 2011Description / Buy
4500 Ways to Be a Better Writer 2011Description / Buy
5500 More Ways To Be A Better Writer 2012Description / Buy
6500 Ways to Tell a Better Story 2012Description / Buy
7The Kick-Ass Writer 2013Description / Buy
830 Days in the Word Mines (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy

Order of Red / Dark Circle Comics Series

1The Shield, Vol. 1: Daughter of the Revolution (Short Story) ( With: , Adam Christopher) 2016Description / Buy
2The Hangman, Vol. 1 (Short Story) ( By: Alex Segura) 2016Description / Buy

Order of The Shield Single Issues Series

1The Shield #1 (Short Story) ( With: , , Myke Cole, , Adam Christopher) 2015Description / Buy
2The Shield #2 (Short Story) ( With: , Myke Cole, , , Adam Christopher) 2016Description / Buy
3The Shield #3 (Short Story) ( With: , , , Adam Christopher) 2016Description / Buy
4The Shield #4 (Short Story) ( With: , , , Adam Christopher) 2016Description / Buy

Chuck Wendig Anthologies

1 Feeding Kate2012Description / Buy
2 Trouble in the Heartland2014Description / Buy
3 Exigencies2015Description / Buy
4 Nights of the Living Dead Anthology2017Description / Buy
5 Death & Honey2019Description / Buy
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Wendig knew from a young age that he wanted to write fiction for a living. He was just 18 when he wrote his first novel. The accomplishment, while significant, did little to promote his career. The author wrote five more novels. None of them were ever published.

As a result, Wendig decided to experiment with other forms of writing. He spent several years working as an RPG writer, amassing an impressive two million words during that period. He left his stamp on the world of pen-and-paper roleplaying games, adding his voice to projects like ‘Hunter: The Vigil’.

To make ends meet, the author was also forced to do several odd jobs. After using pseudonyms like C. David Wendig to publish his early works, Wendig eventually abandoned all other pursuits to write full time as a freelancer.

Wendig wrote ‘Double Dead’, his debut novel in 2011. He went on to publish several novels before finally bringing the ‘Miriam Black’ series to the world. The books attracted so much attention that Starz optioned the series for a possible television adaptation.

Even though the writer and producer of ‘Breaking Bad’ was initially interested in developing the show, the project never materialized. Though, you won’t find Wendig complaining. Rumors of the project did a lot to market his books to new audiences.

The author’s success did not end with the publication of the ‘Miriam Black’ series. Besides joining Marvel Comics and using his talents to write some of their more interesting characters, Wendig is also responsible for the ‘Aftermath’ Star Wars Saga.

The author’s Star Wars story was controversial when it was first published, attracting praise and criticism in equal amounts. The furor surrounding ‘Aftermath’ added more fuel to the fire that was Wendig’s career, introducing his work to readers that had never heard of him.

Despite the knocks the author took because of his work on ‘Aftermath’, Chuck Wendig hasn’t stopped writing. He gets most of his work done in the morning, but only after making his family breakfast, feeding the dog, and drinking some coffee.

Like most authors, Wendig struggles with writer’s block from time to time. Sometimes, he merely pushes through it. Other times, he gets the creative juices flowing by reading through what he’s written so far and fixing his mistakes.

There are times where his writer’s block isn’t truly writer’s block but, rather, a case of anxiety or depression. Those conditions are not quite as easy to overcome.

Chuck Wendig Awards

Wendig received a John W. Campbell Award nomination for ‘Blackbirds’. He has also received an International Digital Emmy Award nomination and Goodreads Choice Awards nominations.

Best Chuck Wendig Books

Wendig struggled as an aspiring writer because he kept imitating the styles of other writers. But today, he is recognized for his unique voice and distinct style. Some of the best books in his bibliography include:

Aftermath: Things are starting to change for the Galaxy. Following the Empire’s defeat at the Battle of Endor, the New Republic is ready to rebuild. But the war is not over. During a reconnaissance mission, Wedge Antilles stumbled upon a terrifying sight. Before he could report his findings, they took him captive.

Like a lot of former rebels, Norra was tired of war. She couldn’t wait to settle down with her son in some distant corner of the galaxy. But then she intercepted Antilles’s desperate call and realized that her mission wasn’t over. She had one more job to do, a mission that had to succeed. Otherwise, the Empire would launch a deadly counterstrike.

Wanderers: Shana had an emergency on her hands. Her sister was sleepwalking. Not only had Shana failed to wake her but she was seemingly walking towards a particular destination. Before Shana could make head or tails of the mystery, she realized that her sister wasn’t the only victim of this ailment.

People from all over America were sleepwalking with Shana’s sister, and their friends and family were following in their wake, determined to keep them safe from a militia that would stop at nothing to exterminate them.

When Does The Next Chuck Wendig book come out?

The next book by Chuck Wendig is Dust & Grim and will be released on October, 5th 2021.

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