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D. S. Butler is a British author that writes crime novels. She grew up reading mysteries and crime fiction. As a child, she was drawn to the works of Agatha Christie. She also read a lot of gothic novels, which is why the presence of an old creepy manor in ‘House of Lies’ won’t surprise the people that know her.

Order of DS Jack Mackinnon Series

1Deadly Obsession 2012Description / Buy
2Deadly Motive 2012Description / Buy
3Deadly Revenge 2012Description / Buy
4Deadly Justice 2013Description / Buy
5Deadly Ritual 2014Description / Buy
6Deadly Payback 2015Description / Buy
7Deadly Game 2016Description / Buy
8Deadly Intent 2019Description / Buy

Order of Harper Grant Mystery Series

1A Witchy Business 2016Description / Buy
2A Witchy Mystery 2016Description / Buy
3A Witchy Christmas 2016Description / Buy
4A Witchy Valentine 2017Description / Buy
5Harper Grant and the Poisoned Pumpkin Pie (Short Story) 2018Description / Buy

Order of East End Series with Dani Oakley

1East End Trouble 2016Description / Buy
2East End Diamond 2016Description / Buy
3East End Retribution 2017Description / Buy

Order of DS Karen Hart Series

1Bring Them Home 2018Description / Buy
2Where Secrets Lie 2019Description / Buy
3Don't Turn Back 2020Description / Buy
4House of Lies 2020Description / Buy
5On Cold Ground 2021Description / Buy

Order of D.S. Butler Standalone Novels

1Lost Child 2017Description / Buy
2Her Missing Daughter 2018Description / Buy
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As an adult, Butler pursued a career in Science, acquiring a Ph.D. in biochemistry. Besides working as a research scientist and a scientific officer in a pathology laboratory, she also lent her talents to the University of Oxford.

The author had an opportunity to visit the Middle East. She lived in places like Dubai and Bahrain. Though, she eventually returned to the United Kingdom. Butler uses her scientific background to enhance the quality of her novels.

She places a lot of emphasis on the locations because she takes quite a bit of inspiration from real places. Because the setting is one of the most important aspects of the stories she writes, she enjoys visiting urban and rural landscapes. She also likes watching people.

Butler has coffee shops that she frequents. She will sit and observe the passersby, using her imagination to craft interesting backstories for them. On occasion, those same passersby, and even the customers, will spark ideas for characters in the author’s novels.

Butler is not afraid to inject her personality into her protagonists. Some of them have so much in common with the author. They like the same music, read the same books, and live in similar places. Though, according to Butler, she always elevates her heroes and heroines by not only saddling them with more tragedy but also giving them more courage than she possesses.

Over the years, the author has found that beginnings are so much easier to write than endings. From Butler’s point of view, you create mystery plots by asking questions, an undertaking that isn’t particularly complicated.

Answering those questions is a whole other challenge. With endings, the author has to ensure that she ties up all the loose threads in a manner that readers will find satisfying. The questions she asked at the start are meaningless if she cannot answer them at the end.

Best D. S. Butler Books

The author’s bibliography is filled with different kinds of mysteries. Some of her books are darker and grittier. Others are fluffier and lighter. People that are new to her work might not realize that she also writes cozy mysteries using the ‘Danica Britton’ name. Butler’s best books include:

Bring Them Home: DS Hart would like to think that she’s good at her job. However, her confidence in her abilities isn’t as strong as it once was. Less than two years ago, a woman disappeared. Hart did what she could but she couldn’t solve the case. The victim in question had seemingly vanished off the face of the earth.

But now, a new tragedy is unfolding. Two other victims –girls from a primary school — have disappeared. The village of Heighington is rightly panicked. Hart is convinced that the disappearance of the two girls is connected to the Amy Fisher case.

But finding clues to substantiate that connection will be easier said than done. Hart has a lot to juggle, including a scrupulous boss, a haunting loss she is hesitant to confront, and the secrets the community of Lincolnshire is hiding. If Hart wants to find the young girls before it’s too late, she cannot afford to play by the rules, regardless of what her boss says.

Where Secrets Lie: Oliver Fox was dead. His remains had just been discovered but he disappeared three decades ago. The case seemed obvious. The remains were found in the home of an old man. Hart was ready to wrap things up. But then she saw the warning.

Even more confusing were the clues surrounding Oliver. Clearly, he was the victim. But his apparent crimes had introduced a whole new layer of potential killers to the equation. Additionally, Hart’s investigation suggested that someone was working to keep the community’s secrets buried.

Now that the case has taken on new life, Hart must follow the allegations of child abuse to their destination. She must find the culprit before more bodies drop.

When Does The Next D.S. Butler book come out?

D.S. Butler doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is On Cold Ground and was released on March, 25th 2021. It is the newest book in the DS Karen Hart Series.


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