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Daniel Cole is a popular British author that writes mystery novels. Publishers and critics used phrases like ‘Pulse-racing’ to describe his debut crime series. The author’s first novel was so well-written that it got Daniel a three-book deal.

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Order of Fawkes and Baxter Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Ragdoll 2017 Description / Buy
2 Hangman 2018 Description / Buy
3 Endgame 2019 Description / Buy

Order of Daniel Cole Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Mimic 2021 Description / Buy
2 Jackdaw 2023 Description / Buy
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Attaining publishing success was not easy. In fact, Daniel almost gave up, and for a good reason. He spent several years writing and receiving nothing but rejections for his efforts. ‘Ragdoll,’ his debut novel, began as a television pilot.

But he couldn’t find anyone to produce it. Rather than leaving the story to collect dust under his bed, Daniel turned the concept into a novel. The author had no formal training. He wrote the book selfishly, telling the type of story he wanted to read and filling it with characters that appealed to him.

The result was a humorous, thought-provoking tale that audiences lapped up because they couldn’t get enough of the protagonists and their adventures. There’s no reason to believe that Daniel Cole would have become the publishing sensation people know today if publishers had dismissed ‘Ragoll.’

The author has said as much. He thinks he would have given up if ‘Ragdoll’ had received the same reaction as his previous creative attempts. The rejection would have cemented Daniel’s belief that he was simply deluding himself.

After all, he had written for so many years and had nothing but rejection letters to show for his efforts. He’s grateful that his first attempt at literary publishing was so smooth-sailing. The right people saw his manuscript at the right time.

Readers have praised Daniel for his cinematic storytelling, which isn’t a coincidence. He takes inspiration from movies and TV shows. The author has spoken fondly of Joss Whedon, who inspires him because the director’s characters are so relatable.

Daniel remembers an interview in which Whedon emphasized the importance of building strong secondary characters. Everyone has a story. They don’t exist to serve as cannon fodder for the hero. They all have desires and motivations that shape their decisions.

Daniel applies this advice to his work. The author doesn’t plot his books as thoroughly as people assume. He knows the beginning and the end. He will also construct the chapters and major setpieces.

However, the author is not married to this blueprint. He leaves plenty of room for the story to take unexpected twists and turns. The first draft takes Daniel nine months to finish. And then, the revisions begin.

The author is undisciplined. He only writes when the mood hits him. However, that mood can last weeks. During that period, the author will write obsessively. He gets most of his work done at the beach on good days or at home during night hours.

Daniel Cole Books into Movies

‘Ragdoll’ became a TV series.

Best Daniel Cole Books

Before finding success in publishing, the author was a paramedic and an RSPCA officer. His experiences in the field occasionally shape his stories. Daniel Cole’s best books include:

Ragdoll: Someone killed six people and stitched them together like puppets, creating a corpse the press dubbed ‘The Ragdoll.’ William Fawkes couldn’t have asked for a bigger case. Previously suspended for assaulting a suspect and forced to undergo psychological evaluations, the so-called wolf was eager to leave his mistakes in the past.

Identifying the identities of the six victims was the distraction he sorely needed. But then his reporter ex-wife entered the picture when the killer reached out to her, and Fawkes realized that more was going on than any of them could perceive.

Hangman: The Ragdoll murders ended eighteen months ago, but the scars won’t heal anytime soon. DCI Emily Baxter had no idea what to expect when Elliot Curtis (FBI) and Damien Rouche (CIA) reached out to her. They had a murder to solve. But why did they want her help?

Emily got her answers when she saw the pictures. A copycat had contorted the victim in a pose similar to the Ragdoll murders. But this time, the murder had occurred on the other side of the Atlantic.

The killer had scrawled the word ‘BAIT’ into the victim’s chest. The second body was even more fascinating because it had the word ‘PUPPET.’ Who was the bait? What about the puppets? The answers to those questions would reveal the identity of this new copycat.

When Does The Next Daniel Cole book come out?

Daniel Cole doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Jackdaw and was released on October, 10th 2023.


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