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Daniel Easterman is the pseudonym for Dennis M. MacEoin, a British author. Born in 1949 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Daniel took an interest in English Language and Literature, studying these two subjects at the University of Dublin.

Order of Daniel Easterman Standalone Novels

1The Last Assassin 1984Description / Buy
2The Seventh Sanctuary 1987Description / Buy
3The Ninth Buddha 1989Description / Buy
4Brotherhood of the Tomb 1989Description / Buy
5Night of the Seventh Darkness 1991Description / Buy
6Naomi's Room (As: Jonathan Aycliffe) 1991Description / Buy
7Name of the Beast 1992Description / Buy
8Whispers in the Dark (As: Jonathan Aycliffe) 1992Description / Buy
9The Judas Testament 1994Description / Buy
10The Vanishment (As: Jonathan Aycliffe) 1994Description / Buy
11Night of the Apocalypse / Day of Wrath 1995Description / Buy
12The Matrix (As: Jonathan Aycliffe) 1995Description / Buy
13The Lost (As: Jonathan Aycliffe) 1996Description / Buy
14The Final Judgement 1996Description / Buy
15A Shadow on the Wall 1999Description / Buy
16The Talisman (As: Jonathan Aycliffe) 1999Description / Buy
17Incarnation 2000Description / Buy
18The Jaguar Mask 2001Description / Buy
19Midnight Comes at Noon 2002Description / Buy
20Maroc 2003Description / Buy
21A Garden Lost in Time (As: Jonathan Aycliffe) 2004Description / Buy
22Sword 2008Description / Buy
23Spear of Destiny 2009Description / Buy
24The Silence of Ghosts (As: Jonathan Aycliffe) 2013Description / Buy
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He also took an interest in Islamic studies and Arabic, not to mention Persian, eventually pursuing the subjects at the University of Edinburgh. Those particular subject matters consumed Daniel’s life, Islam in particular.

The author even went so far as to take his trade to Mohammed V University in Morocco where he was to teach. Interestingly enough, Daniel resigned from the position shortly after he arrived. While he has claimed that his decision to leave came down to contractual issues and an improper working environment, Dead Easterman’s fans have been known craft conspiracy theories about what really happened.

Even though Daniel has studied Islam extensively, the author has a very negative view of the religion and hasn’t been shy about disparaging it, especially in his efforts as a pro-Israel Campaigner.

Daniel’s ill feelings towards Islam have done little to curb interest in the work he has produced within this field, this including his contributions to the Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam in the Modern World and the Penguin Handbook of religions.

Besides his literature, Daniel Easterman has done work for British Think Tanks involved with matters related to Islam. This includes reporting on literature that could be termed as being hateful towards Islam.

Daniel Easterman’s work as a novelist began in 1984. Daniel writes international thrillers and he spent many years pursuing the career under the Easterman name, becoming renowned for books like The Ninth Buddha, The Judas Testament, and The Spear of Destiny.

Daniel’s books have a wide appeal and have been translated into more than a dozen languages.

Best Daniel Easterman Books

Daniel Easterman isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, the author took to writing international thrillers with a lot of fervor, with some of the best novels from Daniel Easterman including the following:

The Seventh Sanctuary: There is a plan in play, one that will see Israel destroyed and the Nazi Reich reborn. And David Rosen is determined to stop it. The American Archeologist stumbled upon the truth when his father and colleagues were killed.

David wasn’t willing to chock the deaths up to a coincidence and he began to look beneath the surface. Now, David and his Palestinian guide turned lover must do the impossible.

The Seventh Sanctuary is one of Daniel Easterman’s more popular thrillers. The book starts out like any other thriller. However, it quickly becomes clear that the content isn’t as escapist as one might have come to presume. Instead, there is a lot of passion in Daniel’s words, with his story exploring issues of love and idealism.

Daniel also ponders the question of evil. The book is visually compelling, creating lively cities and scorching deserts, not to mention all the chemistry that seems to spark between David and Leyla.

Like every good thriller, this one has a twist ending that caps off the whole story. It is easy to see why fans of the thriller genre would flock to this book, what with all the Nazis and hidden cities and ancient scrolls. Daniel definitely gets a little too ponderous and long-winded in a book that is definitely quite long.

Brotherhood of the Tomb: Patrick Canavan has a difficult task to accomplish. With the help of an Ethiopian priest, Patrick must prevent the reemergence of an ancient and secret Brotherhood. It all began decades ago, when the tomb of Jesus, his mother and brother was discovered.

The discovery had little to do with Patrick who was too busy falling in love with a girl called Francesca Contarini who had a strange cross around her neck.

By the time Francesca died two decades later, Patrick had joined and left the CIA, and his attempts at recapturing his youth back home where mired by a sinister man he notices watching him.

Now, as the bodies begin to pile up, Patrick knows that everything he has seen and heard is connected, all the murdered children and bald KGB agents. It is all connected and Patrick must solve the puzzle while he still has time.

This book clearly manifests Daniel Easterman’s expertise. The book utilizes a lot of biblical history as well as knowledge related to the Middle East.

When Does The Next Daniel Easterman book come out?

Daniel Easterman doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Spear of Destiny and was released on January, 1st 2009.


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