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Danielle Steel is a wildly successful American novelist who has sold more than eight hundred million copies of her books, this making her one of the bestselling fiction authors to ever live.

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Order of Danielle Steel Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Going Home 1973 Description / Buy
2 Passion's Promise / Golden Moments 1976 Description / Buy
3 Now and Forever 1977 Description / Buy
4 The Promise 1977 Description / Buy
5 Season of Passion 1979 Description / Buy
6 Summer's End 1979 Description / Buy
7 The Ring 1980 Description / Buy
8 Palomino 1981 Description / Buy
9 To Love Again 1981 Description / Buy
10 Remembrance 1981 Description / Buy
11 Loving 1981 Description / Buy
12 Once in a Lifetime 1982 Description / Buy
13 Crossings 1982 Description / Buy
14 A Perfect Stranger 1983 Description / Buy
15 Thurston House 1983 Description / Buy
16 Changes 1983 Description / Buy
17 Full Circle 1984 Description / Buy
18 Family Album 1985 Description / Buy
19 Secrets 1985 Description / Buy
20 Wanderlust 1986 Description / Buy
21 Fine Things 1987 Description / Buy
22 Kaleidoscope 1987 Description / Buy
23 Zoya 1988 Description / Buy
24 Star 1988 Description / Buy
25 Daddy 1989 Description / Buy
26 Message from Nam 1990 Description / Buy
27 Heartbeat 1991 Description / Buy
28 No Greater Love 1991 Description / Buy
29 Jewels 1992 Description / Buy
30 Mixed Blessings 1992 Description / Buy
31 Vanished 1993 Description / Buy
32 Accident 1994 Description / Buy
33 The Gift 1994 Description / Buy
34 Wings 1994 Description / Buy
35 Lightning 1995 Description / Buy
36 Five Days in Paris 1995 Description / Buy
37 Malice 1996 Description / Buy
38 Silent Honor 1996 Description / Buy
39 The Ranch 1997 Description / Buy
40 Special Delivery 1997 Description / Buy
41 The Ghost 1997 Description / Buy
42 The Long Road Home 1998 Description / Buy
43 The Klone and I 1998 Description / Buy
44 Mirror Image 1998 Description / Buy
45 Bittersweet 1998 Description / Buy
46 Granny Dan 1999 Description / Buy
47 Irresistible Forces 1999 Description / Buy
48 The Wedding 2000 Description / Buy
49 The House on Hope Street 2000 Description / Buy
50 Journey 2000 Description / Buy
51 Lone Eagle 2001 Description / Buy
52 Leap of Faith 2001 Description / Buy
53 The Kiss 2001 Description / Buy
54 The Cottage 2002 Description / Buy
55 Sunset In St. Tropez 2002 Description / Buy
56 Answered Prayers 2002 Description / Buy
57 Dating Game 2003 Description / Buy
58 Johnny Angel 2003 Description / Buy
59 Safe Harbour 2003 Description / Buy
60 Ransom 2004 Description / Buy
61 Second Chance 2004 Description / Buy
62 Echoes 2004 Description / Buy
63 Impossible 2005 Description / Buy
64 Miracle 2005 Description / Buy
65 Toxic Bachelors 2005 Description / Buy
66 The House 2006 Description / Buy
67 Coming Out 2006 Description / Buy
68 H.R.H. 2006 Description / Buy
69 Sisters 2007 Description / Buy
70 Bungalow 2 2007 Description / Buy
71 Amazing Grace 2007 Description / Buy
72 Honor Thyself 2008 Description / Buy
73 Rogue 2008 Description / Buy
74 A Good Woman 2008 Description / Buy
75 One Day at a Time 2009 Description / Buy
76 Matters of the Heart 2009 Description / Buy
77 Southern Lights 2009 Description / Buy
78 Big Girl 2010 Description / Buy
79 Family Ties 2010 Description / Buy
80 Legacy 2010 Description / Buy
81 Happy Birthday 2011 Description / Buy
82 Hotel Vendome 2011 Description / Buy
83 44 Charles Street 2011 Description / Buy
84 Betrayal 2012 Description / Buy
85 Friends Forever 2012 Description / Buy
86 The Sins of the Mother 2012 Description / Buy
87 Until the End of Time 2013 Description / Buy
88 First Sight 2013 Description / Buy
89 Winners 2013 Description / Buy
90 A Perfect Life 2014 Description / Buy
91 Pegasus 2014 Description / Buy
92 Power Play 2014 Description / Buy
93 Prodigal Son 2015 Description / Buy
94 Country 2015 Description / Buy
95 Undercover 2015 Description / Buy
96 Precious Gifts 2015 Description / Buy
97 Blue 2016 Description / Buy
98 Property of a Noblewoman 2016 Description / Buy
99 The Apartment 2016 Description / Buy
100 Magic 2016 Description / Buy
101 Rushing Waters 2016 Description / Buy
102 The Award 2016 Description / Buy
103 The Mistress 2017 Description / Buy
104 Dangerous Games 2017 Description / Buy
105 Against All Odds 2017 Description / Buy
106 The Duchess 2017 Description / Buy
107 The Right Time 2017 Description / Buy
108 Fairytale 2017 Description / Buy
109 Past Perfect 2017 Description / Buy
110 Fall from Grace 2018 Description / Buy
111 Accidental Heroes 2018 Description / Buy
112 The Cast 2018 Description / Buy
113 The Good Fight 2018 Description / Buy
114 In His Father's Footsteps 2018 Description / Buy
115 Beauchamp Hall 2018 Description / Buy
116 Turning Point 2019 Description / Buy
117 Silent Night 2019 Description / Buy
118 Blessing in Disguise 2019 Description / Buy
119 Lost and Found 2019 Description / Buy
120 The Dark Side 2019 Description / Buy
121 Child's Play 2019 Description / Buy
122 Spy 2019 Description / Buy
123 Moral Compass 2020 Description / Buy
124 The Numbers Game 2020 Description / Buy
125 The Wedding Dress 2020 Description / Buy
126 Daddy's Girls 2020 Description / Buy
127 Royal 2020 Description / Buy
128 All That Glitters 2020 Description / Buy
129 Neighbors 2021 Description / Buy
130 The Affair 2021 Description / Buy
131 Finding Ashley 2021 Description / Buy
132 Nine Lives 2021 Description / Buy
133 Complications 2021 Description / Buy
134 The Butler 2021 Description / Buy
135 Flying Angels 2021 Description / Buy
136 Invisible 2022 Description / Buy
137 High Stakes 2022 Description / Buy
138 Beautiful 2022 Description / Buy
139 Suspects 2022 Description / Buy
140 The Challenge 2022 Description / Buy
141 The High Notes 2022 Description / Buy
142 The Whittiers 2022 Description / Buy
143 Without a Trace 2023 Description / Buy
144 Worthy Opponents 2023 Description / Buy
145 The Wedding Planner 2023 Description / Buy
146 Palazzo 2023 Description / Buy
147 Happiness 2023 Description / Buy
148 Second Act 2023 Description / Buy
149 The Ball at Versailles 2023 Description / Buy
150 Upside Down 2024 Description / Buy
151 Never Too Late 2024 Description / Buy
152 Only the Brave 2024 Description / Buy
153 Resurrection 2024 Description / Buy
154 Joy 2024 Description / Buy
155 Triangle 2024 Description / Buy
156 Trial by Fire 2024 Description / Buy

Order of Max & Martha Children's Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Martha's New Daddy 1989 Description / Buy
2 Max and the Baby-sitter 1989 Description / Buy
3 Martha's Best Friend 1989 Description / Buy
4 Max's Daddy Goes to the Hospital 1989 Description / Buy
5 Max's New Baby 1989 Description / Buy
6 Martha's New School (Short Story) 1989 Description / Buy
7 Max Runs Away 1990 Description / Buy
8 Martha's New Puppy 1990 Description / Buy
9 Max and Grandpa and Grandpa Winky 1991 Description / Buy
10 Martha and Hilary and the Stranger 1991 Description / Buy

Order of Freddie Children’s Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Freddie's Trip 1992 Description / Buy
2 Freddie's First Night Away 1992 Description / Buy
3 Freddie and the Doctor 1992 Description / Buy
4 Freddie's Accident 1992 Description / Buy

Order of Danielle Steel Short Story Collections

# Read Title Published Details
1 Love 1984 Description / Buy

Order of Danielle Steel Picture Books

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Happiest Hippo in the World 2000 Description / Buy
2 Pretty Minnie in Paris 2014 Description / Buy
3 Pretty Minnie in Hollywood 2016 Description / Buy

Order of Danielle Steel Non-Fiction Books

# Read Title Published Details
1 His Bright Light 1998 Description / Buy
2 A Gift of Hope 2010 Description / Buy
3 Pure Joy 2013 Description / Buy
4 Expect a Miracle 2020 Description / Buy
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Born in 1947 in New York City, Danielle was the only child of a Portuguese Diplomat’s daughter and a German Jewish Immigrant. Danielle’s roots as a writer can probably be traced all the way back to her days in France where she was afforded the chance to attend her parent’s parties and observe the mannerisms of the wealthy and fortunate.

With her parents divorcing while she was so young, Danielle spent so much time with her father in New York and Europe that she rarely saw her mother. The author’s path to success began after her marriage to an American banker at the age of 18.

This followed stints at Parsons School of Design and New York City University where Danielle Steel studied literature design and fashion design. By the time she was 19, Danielle had finished her first manuscript.

However, she would spend a few more years working as a freelance writer, this while caring for her first child, before Danielle’s fiction work garnered any notable interest.

Danielle’s personal life has consisted of one all-consuming storm of confusion after another, especially when it comes to her many marriages and divorces. Despite her personal turmoil, Danielle’s literary achievements have endured, with the author becoming a near permanent fixture on bestseller lists across the country.

Danielle primarily writes romance. She introduces her characters while they are in a state of crisis and then explores their lives as they try to overcome the impossible. While many have dismissed Danielle for writing fluff, the author hasn’t shied away from tackling difficult subjects such as incest and war.

She has also adapted her writing style over the years, with her heroines growing stronger and showing an unbending will and tenacity. That hasn’t stopped her from eliciting criticisms regarding the redundant nature of her writing and the fact that she tends to tell readers her story rather than showing it to them.

For those fans of her more popular books, especially those individuals looking for a second chance to indulge in the adventures of their favorite characters, Danielle has been very adamant about her disinterest in the prospect of writing sequels.

For Danielle, the idea of having her novels being compared to their predecessors doesn’t appeal to her, which is why she primarily writes standalones.

Danielle Steel Awards

Despite the criticisms her books receive, Danielle has been rewarded with accolades for her efforts inside and outside the publishing field, this including an Outstanding Achievement Award in Mental Health, an Outstanding Achievement award for Work with Adolescents and a Distinguished Service in Mental Health Award, not to mention being decorated as an Officer of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the government of France.

Danielle Steel Books into Movies

Danielle’s success is such that nearly two dozen of her book have been adapted into movies and television films of one sort or another, this including Jewels, Crossings, Kaleidoscope, Family Album, No Greater Love, Fine Things, Message from Nam, and Full Circle to mention but a few.

Even Danielle Steel fans will be hard-pressed to admit that they have watched every single one of the movies that have been adapted from her novels, not when new plans are being made to adapt even more of her novels for the big and small screen every single day.

It is difficult to deny the impact Danielle has had on the culture of the world.

Best Danielle Steel Books

Danielle has written so many books that it has become the norm for her fans to argue over which one is the best, with those titles that often receive a mention including the following:

Jewels: Sarah Whitfield met William on a trip to Europe her parents dragged her along for in an effort to banish her dark thoughts over her failed marriage. The two fell in love and married quickly. However, their honeymoon coincided with the start of the war, which saw William join the Allied Forces, abandoning his wife and their first child.

Sarah survived the devastation and desolation of war to create the prestigious Whitefield Jewelry Store. Sarah Whitefield tells the story of her love and loss on her 75th birthday.

Anyone that dismisses Danielle for her cheesy and clichéd stories will be blown away by the depth of this epic tale.

Safe Harbor: Matt Bowles met eleven-year-old Pip one random afternoon and he decided to teach the girl to draw, moved by the beauty of her mother. Since the accident a year ago, Pip and her mother have struggled with inconsolable grief.

Matt cannot help but see his own shattered family in Pip and her mother. Ophelia, on the other hand, cannot ignore the joy that Matt brings into her daughter’s life. She realizes that a ray of hope might have finally pierced her world of darkness.

This is another one of those books that breaks the typical mold of Danielle Steel’s books. Safe Harbor often tops most lists of the best Danielle Steel books.

When Does The Next Danielle Steel book come out?

The next book by Danielle Steel is Only the Brave and will be released on April, 30th 2024.


26 thoughts on “Danielle Steel”

  1. I believe I have almost every hardcover book Danielle Steel has ever written, and they have only been read once, by me. I am doing an inventory, as my bookcases are completely full, so now I am storing them in cardboard boxes. After my husband of 31 years passed away on 4/30/19 I fell behind in my reading, so I have about 20 books to catch up on. One of my favorites was “Happy Birthday” which came out on 7/19/11, which is my birthday, 7/19/50. It was one of my best birthday presents ever, and I wrote to Danielle to tell her so. Thank you Danielle for 50 years of enjoying your novels!

  2. My mother got me started on Danielle’s books many years ago. She is definitely m favorite author. I have read everyone of her books. Beautiful is my favorite book so far.

    1. My Mother also got me started on Danielle’s books when I was young too. I have also read all her books . I look forward to every single release . Love Danielle’s story telling. She is my favorite Author

  3. I have all of Danielle’s books. My library shelves need to be longer to accommodate all of them. I just love her books and just cannot wait until her newest one is released. Keep writing I enjoy them so much. Would love to have an autographed coy of her latest book.

  4. In 2009 one of my mother’s neighbors gave her a Danielle Steel book to read cause she thought she would enjoy it. My mom was 89 years at the time. And she loved it! My cousin found out she did and gave my mom 25 of her books that she already read. My mom’s memory was getting worse so I decided to read them also so I could have conversations with her about the books. Well, I got hooked! My mom kept reading her books til she passed away at 98 years old in 2018.
    But I have kept on enjoying each one of her books. Even finding many of her first books at a Goodwill. What a jackpot I found that day. I own almost all of her novels. And share them with my friends. I keep up with every new book out now. And have read all her old books except for the first few. Trying to spread the enjoyment out longer. Danielle Steel is by far my favorite author. And I think of my mom as I read each one of her book.

  5. I’m interested in reading her books. Is it necessary to read them in order – do the stories refer back to each other? Ty

    1. Hi, I’m a big fan of Daniel Steel books and can tell you that you can read them in any order you like! They are great books and each is a separate story of its own. Enjoy!!

    2. No, you can start anywhere. Each one is a surprise and you’ll soon have a favourite. I started with “44 Charles Street” and just finished reading “His Bright Light”. Each book is special even though some topics reappear. “Neighbors” was great. “The Ring” was superb in my honest opinion. “The House” was also a delicious read. “The Ghost” was very good. After looking at the chronological order of Danielle’s books, I understood that my instinct was correct about why she wrote “The Ghost” when she wrote it. If anyone happens to have a child that has lived similar episodes in his or her life, whether it be mental illness or drug overdoses/self medication, this story will have you crying tears that only a mother can cry. I’ve cried in my bath tonight as I was finishing the book.

  6. I’ve read Danielle Steel books for years, but not all of them. At the beginning of the pandemic, I started with the first book and would reserve four at a time from the library. I’m almost at the end of the list. I don’t know what I’ll do when I reach the end. I only have 21 to go (actually 20, but the 21st comes out in a week).

    1. Not to worry! Danielle Steel is averaging 4-5 books per year! Over the years I have purchased all of her books. Now I can hardly keep up!

  7. I have every hard cover book Danielle has written and read all except the newest one which I will start this weekend..I always preorder to make sure I dont miss any. Love my bookcase with every book including her kids books…

    1. I have all of her books, hardcover as well except for a few of her first books. I found two of her first books today at Half price books. I keep looking and hope to someday have them all.

  8. I totally love Danielle Steel’s books. I have been reading them for years and years. Every single one of them. I like her style of writing and it is definitely my “comfort books”. I hope she continues to write more books. I feel that Danielle Steel would make a great friend. She has so much on experiencing life and how to cope with so many different life styles. I was a foster child for 4 years and some of her books touched me deeply because I have lived, in part, from some of her books. Thank you Danielle….you are such a beautiful lady inside and outside. God Bless You.

  9. Danielle steel is my #1 book that I read. I have almost all of her books. The more she writes the more I’ll read them. There is only one book that I didn’t finish reading that was power play. All of her books are amazing. Thank you for writing. You are an amazing writer. Mary Denise hickman

  10. I love Danielle Steel’s books. I have read them since her first one, but I did take off some time. I got back in with ‘Mistress’. I am on a binge rereading the older ones and reading the newer ones for the first time. I’m about 3/4 through the list. Of course, I have pre-ordered all her new one so far for 2022.

    1. Yes the list is current. It is updated whenever new books are announced – usually 3 months prior to their publication date.

      The Duchess is on there. #106.

  11. I have read or listened to Danielle Steel’s books since 2009. At one point I had read every book she had published at that moment in time. Since my eyesight has deteriorated since 2019, so now I listen to her books in audio format.

  12. I have been reading Danielle Steel’s books since I was a kid, late at night, after homework was finished and always on lazy weekends. I have read every book of hers and always have one on reserve from my local library. She is an amazing author and I love seeing her clothes, bracelets and backgrounds for her portraits. Can’t wait for the new book to come out! Would love to have it autographed!

  13. I have so enjoyed Danielle,s books and look forward to”Nine Lives” in July. I own every book she has written. Thank you Danielle for the letter and signed Photograph in reply to my daughters request for an autographed copy of “Royal”. She did this without my Knowledge, so you can imagine how Thrilled and Excited I was to receive this. I have made a Shadow Box, containing your letter and autographed Picture, and with a copy of “Royal, and your very first book, “Going Home”.
    Even with only one eye(lost sight in right eye after surgery),and at age 87, I will be reading every Book you write. I read a book in one day(Can’t put it down!)

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