Dave Barry Books

Dave Barry is the pen name of the American author David McAlister “Dave” Barry. Born on 3rd July 1947, Dave is the winner of the coveted Pulitzer Prize and a noted columnist. He wrote a humor column for Miami Herald from 1983 to 2005 and is the author of numerous books on comedy, humor, and parody.

Order of Dave Barry Non-Fiction Books

# Read Title Published
1 The Taming of the Screw 1983
2 Babies and Other Hazards of Sex 1984
3 Dave Barry's Bad Habits 1985
4 Dave Barry's Greatest Hits 1988
5 Homes and Other Black Holes 1988
6 Dave Barry Slept Here 1989
7 Dave Barry Turns Forty 1990
8 Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need 1991
9 Dave Barry Talks Back 1991
10 Dave Barry Does Japan 1992
11 Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up 1994
12 The World According to Dave Barry 1994
13 Dave Barry's Gift Guide To End All Gift Guides 1994
14 Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys 1995
15 Dave Barry in Cyberspace 1996
16 Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus 1997
17 Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs 1997
18 Dave Barry Turns Fifty 1998
19 Dave Barry Is Not Taking This Sitting Down 2000
20 My Teenage Son's Goal In Life Is To Make Me Feel 3,500 Years Old 2001
21 The Greatest Invention In The History Of Mankind Is Beer 2001
22 Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway 2001
23 Boogers Are My Beat 2003
24 Dave Barry's Money Secrets 2006
25 Dave Barry on Dads 2007
26 Dave Barry's History of the Millennium 2007
27 I'll Mature When I'm Dead 2010
28 You Can Date Boys When You're Forty 2014
29 Live Right and Find Happiness 2015

Order of Dave Barry Standalone Novels

Order of Never Land Series

# Read Title Published
1 Escape from the Carnivale 2006
2 Cave of the Dark Wind 2007
3 Blood Tide 2008

Order of Peter and the Starcatchers Series

Order of The Worst Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Worst Class Trip Ever 2015
2 The Worst Night Ever 2016


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Dave Barry writings are noted for their humor and comedy. His first book, Big Trouble was released in 1999. Dave Barry Slept Here is a book by Dave that talks about American History. Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys is read widely in prison and rehab centers. Dave Barry Does Japan is another contribution By Dave Barry to International Peace. Big Trouble is a novel where the story is centered on the game of Killer. Teenager Matt files for a Squirtmaster 9000 for his chance at ‘Killer’. Matt’s victim Jenny has an abusive stepdad, Arthur. Two real hitmen arrive to kill Arthur for his corrupt business dealings. Caught in this utter confusion is Puggy. This homeless guy is taking refuge under a tree in Arthur’s yard. This humorous crime fiction takes the reader through a roller coaster of laughs, suspense, and drama.

Dave Barry Awards:

Dave Barry won the Pulitzer award in 1988 for his writings as a humor columnist in Miami Herald. In addition to having his books featured in the New York Times Best Seller List, Dave also won the FairFax Prize on September 22, 2013. He was given this award in the Book festival in Fairfax for his outstanding literary contributions.

Dave Barry Books into Movies/TV:

Dave Barry turns 40 and Dave Barry’s Greatest Hits were two novels broadcast into a sitcom named Dave’s world. This series was run by CBS from 1993 to 1997. Barry also appeared in a cameo role in the series. The show ran for four seasons and was later canceled. Big trouble was made into a motion picture. This too featured Barry in a cameo role. The movie was postponed and finally released in April 2002. Two other books, Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys and Peter and Starcatchers have been adapted into movies.

Best Dave Barry books:

Two of the more appreciated Dave Barry books are:

Dave Barry Slept Here: A Sort of History of the United States: This book is all about American History from Barry’s perspective. It covers the pre-Columbian era. The book talks the pre-Bush administration days. He discusses the days where there were no roads, transport and no urban development in America. He adds a humor to the fall of Spain and outlines the entire event in an irresistible comic style. Dave Barry’s narration is funny and describes events while leaving out the boring facts and figures.

His novels are easy to understand even by people who do not have a prior knowledge of American history. He talks about the changes in technology, advent of modernism, and the growth and development in America. All the events are highlighted in an outrageously hilarious fashion. The book is an ultimate laugh riot with footnotes and discussions.

Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys: This book talks about the thought process of men. About what they think, rather what they do not think at all. The idea is clear, it’s not about men, and it’s about guys. It talks about the funny and quirky instances involving guys and their behavior. How they behave awkwardly in most of the situations, without realizing it. Guy problems, issues, violence and other aspects related to guys, are discussed in a light and funny manner. The book puts guys in a situation where the reader feels that they are helpless and funny species landing from another planet.

They are just striving to fit into the lives of people on Earth. The book is for adults and even non-guys will enjoy reading the book. Women identify with this book completely. They definitely have such men in their lives who relate to the instances and characters outlined in the novel. The author recommends this book to all, especially if you are a guy and in need of a hearty laugh. The social and biological issues have been subtly highlighted in the form of puns, jokes, and comical lines. Footnotes and discussions add to the reader’s interest.