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David Stone is an American author best known for his Agent Micah Dalton books. David Stone writes spy novels. He first emerged on the scene in 2007 when his first book The Echelon Vendetta was published.

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Order of Agent Micah Dalton Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Echelon Vendetta 2007 Description / Buy
2 The Orpheus Deception 2008 Description / Buy
3 The Venetian Judgment 2009 Description / Buy
4 The Skorpion Directive 2010 Description / Buy
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The author is hardly a household name in the spy thriller arena. But David Stone definitely has a foothold, and it is likely that his star will keep shining even as he continues to crank new Micah Dalton books out.

Most publishing professionals always encourage aspiring authors to write what they know, and it looks like that is what David Stone has done. The author was in the army where he worked as an intelligence officer.

He also spent some time working in law enforcement on the state level. The resident of North and Central America has lived all over the globe, with his military career taking him to Europe, Southeast Asia and everywhere in between.

And in that time he garnered an intimate understanding of Spy craft and the various difficulties that soldiers and spies often encounter in their efforts to serve their country in difficult environments.

David Stone has always maintained very strong views about the political landscape in the United States. Describing his affiliations as some sort of blend of the Democrats and republicans, David has always supported the efforts of CIA operates both within the country and overseas in their attempts to eliminate threats to the United States, even when those efforts exceed the boundaries of the law and so-called due process.

In fact, David has been known to take a hostile tone against those civilian voices that are quick to condemn the actions of the very CIA operatives that have worked so hard to maintain their safety.

And the author agrees that his personal opinions sometimes seep into his writing. He doesn’t begrudge anyone who might consider his ideas offensive and, as a result, chooses to give the Micah Dalton books a wide berth.

However, David believes that, while he has very strong views on politics and human rights and the treatment of hostile combatants, he makes every effort to not preach to his readers whenever he delivers a new spy thriller.

The author admits that he has turned his back on entire series of novels because the author keeps beating him over the head with messages he cannot begin to agree with. As such, David works hard to keep his own bias out of his books, though he agrees that certain readers might glean aspects of his personal opinions in the mannerisms and actions of his protagonists.

Best David Stone Books

David Stone hasn’t done much outside his Micah Dalton novels. However, the series has been effective in raising David’s renown, with some of the best books in his bibliography including the following:

The Venetian Judgment: Micah Dalton was set to go out with a bang. He knew where the Serbian gang was, the same gang responsible for bringing so much tragedy into his life. And he was ready to eliminate them all, perishing along the way in the Venetian Winter.

But that was before he received a Jade box with immense meaning for the higher ups within America’s Intelligence landscape. The belief that a mole might exist within the CIA’s highest levels quickly spread, triggered by the box’s message.

And soon Micah is on the hunt. There is a nefarious plan to cripple his Nation’s global intelligence efforts and Micah isn’t afraid to stand against the shadowy spy group leading the charge.

This book delves into the work of North America’s spy Network on an international level. The book takes a few liberties and it helps to drive the plot, this along with developing Mandy Pondel’s character and her relationship with Micah.

The Skorpion Detective: When Micah stumbles upon the enemy’s surveillance in the Ring District during his secret meeting with an ex-Mossad agent in Vienna, his aggressive response makes Micah the target of a complex plot driven by a secret U.S agency.

Micah will go to the very edge of sanity in order to protect his honor and keep America’s strategic alliances with the world from being compromised.

While some of the Micah Dalton books tend to feel very typical of the spy thriller genre, this one has a unique plot that makes for interesting exploration, especially with Micah being pushed to the edge of his breaking point.

When Does The Next David Stone book come out?

David Stone doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Skorpion Directive and was released on April, 29th 2010. It is the newest book in the Agent Micah Dalton Series.


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