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Denis Lahane was born and raised in a small neighborhood in Boston Massachusetts. As of the moment, Dennis continues to live in the area, where he sets most of his books. During the summers, he spends his time on Fieldstone Beach. Out of five children, Lehane is the youngest child. Lehane’s father worked as a supervisor for the Sears and Roeback while his mother worked at a school’s cafeteria within the Boston locality. In the year, 2007 Lehane married Sheila Lawn who initially served as an advocate for the elderly in the city of Boston. He studied at Boston College High School before moving on to Eckerd College where he discovered his passion for writing.

Order of Kenzie & Gennaro Series

1A Drink Before the War 1994Description / Buy
2Darkness, Take My Hand 1996Description / Buy
3Sacred 1997Description / Buy
4Gone, Baby, Gone 1998Description / Buy
5Prayers for Rain 1999Description / Buy
6Moonlight Mile 2010Description / Buy

Order of Coughlin Series

1The Given Day 2008Description / Buy
2Live by Night 2012Description / Buy
3World Gone By 2015Description / Buy

Order of Dennis Lehane Standalone Novels

1Mystic River 2001Description / Buy
2Shutter Island 2003Description / Buy
3The Drop 2014Description / Buy
4Since We Fell 2017Description / Buy

Order of Dennis Lehane Short Story Collections

1Coronado 2006Description / Buy

Order of Dennis Lehane Graphic Novels

1Shutter Island 2003Description / Buy

Dennis Lehane Anthologies

1 The Mighty Johns2002Description / Buy
2 Boston Noir2009Description / Buy
3 The Best American Mystery Stories 20102010Description / Buy
4 Mystery Writers of America Presents Vengeance2012Description / Buy
5 In Pursuit of Spenser: Mystery Writers on Robert B. Parker and the Creation of an American Hero2012Description / Buy
6 Boston Noir 22012Description / Buy
7 FaceOff2014Description / Buy
8 Trouble in the Heartland2014Description / Buy
9 The Best American Mystery Stories 20152015Description / Buy
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Lehane’s very first novel, A Drink before the War was released in the year 1994. It introduced recurring characters such as Angelo Genaro and Patrick Kenzie. In the year 1995, Before the War scooped the Shamus Award for the Best First P.I novel. Gone Baby Gone performed so well that it caught the attention of Ben Affleck. In the year 2007, Ben Affleck directed a movie with the same name. In the year 2003, another of his novel, Mystic River was adapted as a film. The novel won the Barry Award and the Anthony Award for the best novel.

In the year 2005, Lehane released his very first play, The Coronado. The play debuted in the same year in New York. Coronado was based on one of Denis Lahane short stories. The play also had a regional premiere at the American stage in St. Petersburg. It also had a Midwest premiere in the 2007. This play is based on the short story Until Gwen which was published by the Atlantic Monthly. It was selected for The Best Mystery Short stories and The Best American short story.

Dennis Lehane Awards

In the year 2003, Mystic Rivers won the USC Scripters awards. It was once again nominated for the Edgar awards in the year 2004 for the Best Motion Picture Screenplay and Best TV feature. In the year 2007, The Wire was nominated for the WGA awards as the best outstanding dramatic series. Boardwalk Empire was nominated for the best writing in a dramatic series and Live by Night won the Best Novel at the Edgar Awards.

Dennis Lehane Books into Movies

Mystic River was adapted as a movie in the year 2003. The movie went by the same name and was directed by Clint Eastwood. The main characters in the movie included Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon and Sean Penn. Lehane was also featured in the movie, though he was given a very small role. Apart from Mystic Rivers, another of Denis’s book Gone, Baby, Gone which was adapted into a movie in the same year. The movie was directed by Ben Affleck, and featured Michelle Monaghan and Casey Affleck as the main characters.

Dennis Lehane Best Books

A Drink before the War is one of the best performing books in the Kenzie Genaro series. It is Lehane’s debut novel and was published in the year 1994. This book focuses on two private investigators, Kenzie and Genaro who have been given the task of retrieving missing documents. The two detectives track a former housekeeper to her sister’s house, which is out of Boston. While tracking her, they soon learn that she has placed the documents in a safe deposit box in a bank. Kenzie later on escorts Angeline to the bank where she hands a photo to Kenzie before being shot down by a notorious pimp and gangster, Marion Socia. The photo showed Paulson who had stripped down to his underwear and sox together with Socia.

Another book in the series that performed well is Gone, Baby, Gone which once again has Kenzie and Genaro as the main characters. In these installment, the two investigators are once again hired to look into the disappearance of one Amanda who has of recently been making headlines. They decide to take the case, though the girl’s uncle is seemingly reluctant. While working on the case, they soon discover that Amanda’s mother was not only neglectful and also degenerate. At the time she disappeared, Amanda had been left alone while her mother partied at a local bar. While she had pleading with the public for her daughter’s return, she also privately was concerned about her very own life. Gone, Baby, Gone is indeed a great read.

When Does The Next Dennis Lehane book come out?

Dennis Lehane doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Since We Fell and was released on May, 16th 2017.

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  1. I was recently advised to read your books. So far I’ve read your first 2 and loved them. Can’t imagine how I never heard of you. I’ve even seen the movies made from some of them. Thank you!

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