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Diane Capri is a top selling author born in the farming town north of Detroit in Alabama with a keen interest in crime fiction particularly mystery and suspense. She graduated from Wayne Law School and spent most of her early life as a successful lawyer representing clients from around the world. She was ranked in the top 1 percent of lawyers nationwide. At school, she was an editor of the Wayne Law Review. When not practicing law, Diane spent her time traveling on airplanes and in the hotel room where she would the free time to good use by learning the art of fiction. In 1995, one of her biggest clients filed for bankruptcy protection, which left her with more time to do what she loved rather than what paid the bills.

Order of Hunt For Justice Series

1Carly’s Conspiracy / Due Justice 2011Description / Buy
2George's Game / Twisted Justice 2011Description / Buy
3Harper's Hell / Secret Justice 2011Description / Buy
4Kate's Killing / Wasted Justice 2011Description / Buy
5Annabelle's Attack / Raw Justice 2011Description / Buy
6Darla's Deceit / Mistaken Justice 2013Description / Buy
7Cold Justice 2015Description / Buy
8False Justice (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
9Fair Justice (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
10True Justice (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
11Night Justice 2019Description / Buy

Order of Hunt For Reacher Series

1Don't Know Jack 2012Description / Buy
2Jack in a Box 2012Description / Buy
3Jack and Kill 2012Description / Buy
4Get Back Jack 2013Description / Buy
5Jack in the Green 2014Description / Buy
6Hit the Road Jack 2014Description / Buy
7Jack and Joe 2015Description / Buy
8Deep Cover Jack 2016Description / Buy
9Jack the Reaper 2017Description / Buy
10Black Jack 2018Description / Buy
11Ten Two Jack 2018Description / Buy
12Jack of Spades 2019Description / Buy
13Prepper Jack 2020Description / Buy
14Full Metal Jack 2020Description / Buy
15Jack Frost 2021Description / Buy
16Jack of Hearts 2021Description / Buy
17Straight Jack 2021Description / Buy
18Jack Knife 2022Description / Buy

Order of Hunt For Reacher Collections

1Hit the Road Jack 2014Description / Buy

Order of Jess Kimball Thriller Series

1Fatal Enemy 2012Description / Buy
2Fatal Distraction 2012Description / Buy
3Fatal Demand 2015Description / Buy
4Fatal Error 2015Description / Buy
5Fatal Fall 2016Description / Buy
6Fatal Edge (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
7Fatal Game 2017Description / Buy
8Fatal Bond 2017Description / Buy
9Fatal Past (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
10Fatal Dawn 2018Description / Buy
11Fatal Heat 2021Description / Buy

Order of Jennifer Lane Series

1Annabelle's Attack/Raw Justice 2013Description / Buy
2Darla's Deceit / Mistaken Justice 2013Description / Buy

Order of Judge Wilhelmina Carson Series

1Carly’s Conspiracy/Due Justice 2011Description / Buy
2George's Game/Twisted Justice 2013Description / Buy
3Harper's Hell/Secret Justice 2013Description / Buy
4Kate's Killing/Wasted Justice 2015Description / Buy

Order of Jordan Fox Mystery Series

1False Truth 1 2014Description / Buy
2False Truth 2 2015Description / Buy
3False Truth 3 2015Description / Buy
4False Truth 4 2015Description / Buy
5False Truth 5 2015Description / Buy
6False Truth 6 2015Description / Buy
7False Truth 7 2015Description / Buy
8False Truth 8 2015Description / Buy
9False Truth 9 2015Description / Buy
10False Truth 10 2015Description / Buy
11False Truth 11 2015Description / Buy

Order of Heir Hunter Series

1Blood Trails 2016Description / Buy
2Trace Evidence 2017Description / Buy

Order of The Park Hotel Mysteries Series

1Reservation with Death 2019Description / Buy
2Early Check Out 2019Description / Buy
3Room with a Clue 2019Description / Buy
4Late Arrival 2019Description / Buy

Diane Capri Anthologies

1 Writers Crushing COVID-192020Description / Buy
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Diane began her writing career by completing her first novel the Due Justice in a suspenseful thrilling style that she borrowed from the novels she enjoys reading. The setting of the story is from her sunshine state of Florida and revolves around a witty and stubborn Judge Willa Carson, who would do anything to achieve the true justice. The story is fast-paced and thrilling with a sense of humor. Diane Capri later introduced other characters that include Jennifer Lane and Jess Kimball. Both Jenny and Jess are strong women characters who would stop at nothing in seeking the truth and upholding justice. Jess is an investigative journalist while Jenny is a young lawyer. All three women are featured in the Hunt for Justice Series that comprises 10 books. Unfortunately, her success with Hunt for Justice was short-lived as she ran into problems with her publisher with bankruptcy ensuing. Legal complications took away her career and books and she had to start again.

Diane Capri Awards

Diane Capri has won several accolades in her writing career. One of the Diane career highlights is winning the 2016 IPPY award that is presented to the year’s best titles in independent publishing. Her story Jack and Joe won the silver medal in the best mystery/ thriller category. The story Jack and Joe also got the 2016 nomination for the Thriller Award by the International Thriller Writers Organization. It is also worth pointing that Diane Capri is an active member of Romance Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America and a board member of International Thriller Writers with her best-selling friend and author Lee Child.

Diane Capri Books Into Movies

In 2009 at a cocktail party in New York, Diane Capri and Lee Child got into a discussion about where the Jack Reacher a popular character created by Lee Child could be. The lack of an answer to where Reacher was inspired Diane to write a series of novels answering the inquiry with the blessing of Lee. In her first novel Don’t Know Jack, Diane introduced FBI special agents Carlos Gasper and Kim Otto. Jack Reacher was made into a film in 2011 with Tom Cruise being the main actor. The movie was a huge success. Today, all Jack Reacher books are optioned for filming with the 2nd movie released in 2016. Although the Reacher books are all by Lee Child, we felt it was worth nothing.

Best Diane Capri Books

Secret Justice: In this third release in the well-known Hunt for Justice Series, Diane Capri re-introduces the free-spirited Judge Wilhelmina Carson. In the story, the Judge Willa’s secretary struggles with murder cases that introduce her to the world of bank fraud, corruption and art theft while judge’s dad also suffers his own problems. Before Willa fully recovers from the shock of meeting her father’s new wife, her secretary becomes strangely involved with a wicked jeweler. When the secretary’s husband and the jeweler end up dead, the secretary becomes the number one suspect. In her quest to seek justice, the judge embarks on a journey through the month-long pirate party with turns and twists that keep at the edge until the end.

Fatal Distraction: In this second story in the Jess Kimball Thrillers Series, both Jack Reacher and Jess Kimball end up delivering justice when the legal system fails. Jess ends up drawing lines she would not usually cross while seeking justice while Reacher does everything it takes to find justice after finding himself in the trouble.

Jack and Joe: In this award-winning sixth story in the Hunt for Jack Reacher Series, Diane re-introduces the FBI special agents Carlos Gaspar and Kim Otto in a thrilling and captivating story full of tension as the agents stop at nothing to the secrets left behind by Reacher.

When Does The Next Diane Capri book come out?

The next book by Diane Capri is Straight Jack and will be released on November, 2nd 2021. It is the newest book in the Hunt For Reacher Series.


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