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Dick Couch is an American novelist that writes military fiction. Most authors write what they know and it comes as no surprise that Dick writes a lot about Navy Seals.

Order of Garrett Walker Series

1The Mercenary Option 2003Description / Buy
2Covert Action 2005Description / Buy
3Act of Revenge 2014Description / Buy

Order of John Moody Series

1John Moody, Navy SEAL 2016Description / Buy

Order of Dick Couch Standalone Novels

1Seal Team One 1991Description / Buy
2Pressure Point 1992Description / Buy
3Silent Descent 1993Description / Buy
4Rising Wind 1996Description / Buy
5Act of Valor ( With: Tom Clancy, George Galdorisi) 2012Description / Buy

Order of Dick Couch Non-Fiction Books

1The Warrior Elite: The Forging of Seal Class 228 2001Description / Buy
2To Be a U. S. Navy Seal 2003Description / Buy
3The Finishing School: Earning the Navy Seal Trident 2004Description / Buy
4Down Range: Navy Seals in the War on Terrorism 2005Description / Buy
5Chosen Soldier: The Making of a Special Forces Warrior 2007Description / Buy
6Sheriff of Ramadi 2008Description / Buy
7A Tactical Ethic: Moral Conduct in the Insurgent Battlespace 2010Description / Buy
8Sua Sponte: The Forging of a Modern American Ranger 2012Description / Buy
9Always Faithful, Always Forward: The Forging of a Special Operations Marine 2014Description / Buy
10Navy SEALs: Their Untold Story 2014Description / Buy

Order of Tom Clancy's Op-Center Series

1Op-Center ( By: Tom Clancy, Steve Pieczenik) 1995Description / Buy
2Mirror Image ( By: Jeff Rovin) 1995Description / Buy
3Games of State ( By: Jeff Rovin) 1996Description / Buy
4Acts of War ( By: Jeff Rovin) 1996Description / Buy
5Balance of Power ( By: Jeff Rovin) 1998Description / Buy
6State of Siege ( By: Jeff Rovin) 1999Description / Buy
7Divide and Conquer ( By: Jeff Rovin) 2000Description / Buy
8Line of Control ( By: Jeff Rovin) 2001Description / Buy
9Mission of Honor ( By: Jeff Rovin) 2002Description / Buy
10Sea of Fire ( By: Jeff Rovin) 2003Description / Buy
11Call to Treason ( By: Jeff Rovin) 2004Description / Buy
12War of Eagles ( By: Jeff Rovin) 2005Description / Buy
13Out of the Ashes ( By: George Galdorisi) 2014Description / Buy
14Into the Fire ( With: George Galdorisi) 2015Description / Buy
15Scorched Earth ( By: George Galdorisi) 2016Description / Buy
16Dark Zone ( By: George Galdorisi) 2017Description / Buy
17For Honor ( By: Jeff Rovin) 2018Description / Buy
18Sting of the Wasp ( By: Jeff Rovin) 2019Description / Buy
19God of War ( By: Jeff Rovin) 2020Description / Buy
20The Black Order ( By: Jeff Rovin) 2021Description / Buy
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Dick’s journey with the military began when he joined the United States Naval Academy, eventually graduating in 1967. Life in the military really kicked off with Dick Couch’s assignment to the naval destroyer USS Mansfield DD728.

A student of Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL and a graduate of the Navy Underwater Swimmers School and Army Free Fall School, Dick fought in Vietnam as part of SEAL Team one.

His actions on the battlefield earned a lot of recognition, especially his efforts in the rescuing of prisoners of war during the Vietnamese war. In fact, Dick’s rescue operation was one of the few successful ones.

Along with his time as a maritime and paramilitary case officer with the CIA, Dick Couch’s career in the military was not only long but quite successful, so much so that when he finally left in 1997, the author’s mind was brimming with ideas for both fiction and non-fictional books revolving around the Navy and its work.

Even though Dick Couch spent so much time in the Navy he has admitted that he still undertakes research every time he initiates a new writing project. Even with his experience, it is necessary for the author to explore factors like mission tasking, intelligence, warning orders, support and the like.

Luckily for Dick Couch, as a professor at the US Naval Academy, where he teaches ethics, the author still has access to the right resources in order to gain essential knowledge about his books.

That doesn’t mean Dick’s experience plays no role in the eighteen months it takes him to write a book. According to Dick, the primary benefit of his experience is the fact that it grants him a unique and authentic perspective.

He can appreciate the information he gathers and produces about the military in ways civilians cannot imagine. As such, he is able to give his readers an unrivaled look into the means and methods of the Navy.

Despite all the Navy-based books he writes, Dick Couch doesn’t shy away from criticizing other Navy Seals who write books. Dick is especially offended by those Navy SEALs who use their books to regale readers with their personal accounts as SEALs because Navy SEALs are not expected to advertise the nature of their work or attract recognition for their actions.

Dick Couch is very respectful of the real-life people he writes about in his non-fictional books, doing his best to represent the honor and esteem that surrounds all that they do.

Best Dick Couch Books

Dick Couch is one of those people that appeals to a very specific type of reader. His books delve deeply into the intricacies of the military, both in his fiction and non-fiction works, with some of the best books in his bibliography including:

The Forging of SEAL Class 228 (The Warrior Elite): If you ever wondered what it took to become a Navy SEAL, this book gives you an idea of the type of person that would volunteer for such a service and the physical punishment they must suffer.

Dick isn’t merely interested in delivering an interesting narrative. He accurately documents the manner in which a young man becomes a warrior.

The book begins with a hundred potentials, all them interested in the prospect of being a SEAL. Then the numbers begin to fall as the recruits are exposed to the harshest of training regiments.

Dick Couch’s prose is not the best and the book could do with some additional editing. The author makes no attempt to engage in a discussion about the morality of the actions that Navy SEALs routinely take, which might bother some readers.

The Making of a Special Forces Warrior (Chosen Soldier): While the number of soldiers who volunteer for Special Forces Training every year is in the thousands, only a select few complete the course. In this book, Dick Couch tries to outline the ordeal these applicants go through, from the language courses to the technical training and the unbearable field exercises.

To be part of the Green Berets, one must do so much more than learn to fight. They must learn to exist in foreign cultures, master everything from communications to engineering and even manifest the ability to act as tactical combat leaders.

The picture Dick paints of the process of making a Special Forces warrior is intimate in its efforts to represent the extraordinary nature of some of the United State’s best weapons.

When Does The Next Dick Couch book come out?

Dick Couch doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is John Moody, Navy SEAL and was released on June, 16th 2016. It is the newest book in the John Moody Series.


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