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Author Donald Edwin Westlake was born July 12, 1933 in Brooklyn and was raised in Albany, New York. After writing a lot in his teens, he got rejected two hundred times; he would finally make a sale in 1954. He would sell more stories here and there over the years while going to college. He would later spend two years in the United States Air Force. While living in New York City, he wrote on the side and worked at a literary agency. In 1960, he started writing full time, and it was this year that he sold his first novel under his own name (the novel was called “The Mercenaries”). He was married three times, the third to a well regarded gardener and writer of two non-fiction books. The Westlake garden has been opened many times for viewing by the public in the summer. He died New Year’s Eve, 2008 from a heart attack while he was about to go to a dinner with his wife while they were on vacation in Mexico. He was 75 years old.

Order of Phil Crawford Series

1Backstage Love 1959Description / Buy
2What Girls Will Do 1962Description / Buy

Order of Parker Series as Richard Stark

1Payback / Point Blank / The Hunter 1962Description / Buy
2The Steel Hit / The Man With The Getaway Face 1963Description / Buy
3The Outfit 1963Description / Buy
4The Mourner 1963Description / Buy
5The Score / Killtown 1963Description / Buy
6The Jugger 1965Description / Buy
7The Seventh / The Split 1966Description / Buy
8The Handle / Run Lethal 1966Description / Buy
9The Rare Coin Score 1967Description / Buy
10The Green Eagle Score 1967Description / Buy
11The Black Ice Score 1968Description / Buy
12The Sour Lemon Score 1969Description / Buy
13Slayground 1971Description / Buy
14Deadly Edge 1971Description / Buy
15Plunder Squad 1972Description / Buy
16Butcher's Moon 1974Description / Buy
17Comeback 1997Description / Buy
18Backflash 1998Description / Buy
19Flashfire / Parker 2000Description / Buy
20Firebreak 2001Description / Buy
21Breakout 2002Description / Buy
22Nobody Runs Forever 2004Description / Buy
23Ask The Parrot 2006Description / Buy
24Dirty Money 2008Description / Buy

Order of Mitch Tobin Series

1Kinds Of Love, Kinds Of Death 1966Description / Buy
2Murder Among Children 1967Description / Buy
3Wax Apple 1970Description / Buy
4A Jade In Aries 1970Description / Buy
5Don't Lie To Me 1972Description / Buy

Order of Alan Grofield Series as Richard Stark

1The Damsel 1967Description / Buy
2The Dame 1969Description / Buy
3The Blackbird 1969Description / Buy
4Lemons Never Lie 1971Description / Buy

Order of Dortmunder Series

1The Hot Rock 1970Description / Buy
2Bank Shot 1972Description / Buy
3Jimmy The Kid 1974Description / Buy
4Nobody's Perfect 1977Description / Buy
5Why Me? 1983Description / Buy
6Good Behavior 1985Description / Buy
7Drowned Hopes 1990Description / Buy
8Don't Ask 1993Description / Buy
9What's The Worst That Could Happen? 1996Description / Buy
10Bad News 2001Description / Buy
11The Road To Ruin 2004Description / Buy
12Watch Your Back! 2005Description / Buy
13What's So Funny? 2007Description / Buy
14Get Real 2009Description / Buy

Order of Sam Holt Series

1One Of Us Is Wrong 1986Description / Buy
2I Know A Trick Worth Two Of That 1986Description / Buy
3What I Tell You Three Times Is False 1987Description / Buy
4The Fourth Dimension Is Death 1989Description / Buy

Order of Sara & Jack Series

1Trust Me On This 1988Description / Buy
2Baby, Would I Lie? 1994Description / Buy

Order of Donald E Westlake Standalone Novels

1Sally 1959Description / Buy
2Man Hungry 1959Description / Buy
3All My Lovers 1959Description / Buy
4SO WILLING. 1960Description / Buy
5All about Annette 1960Description / Buy
6Virgin's Summer 1960Description / Buy
7The Wife Next Door 1960Description / Buy
8The Mercenaries/The Cutie 1960Description / Buy
9Passion's Playthings 1961Description / Buy
10Call Me Sinner 1961Description / Buy
11Campus Doll 1961Description / Buy
12Brother and Sister 1961Description / Buy
13Killing Time 1961Description / Buy
14Young and Innocent 1961Description / Buy
15361 1962Description / Buy
16Strange affair. 1962Description / Buy
17Killy 1963Description / Buy
18Campus Lovers 1963Description / Buy
19Pity Him Afterwards 1964Description / Buy
20The Fugitive Pigeon 1965Description / Buy
21The Busy Body 1966Description / Buy
22Spy in the Ointment 1966Description / Buy
23God Save the Mark 1967Description / Buy
24Anarchaos 1967Description / Buy
25Philip 1967Description / Buy
26Who stole Sassi Manoon? 1968Description / Buy
27Up Your Banners 1969Description / Buy
28Somebody Owes Me Money 1969Description / Buy
29Adios Scheherazade 1970Description / Buy
30Comfort Station 1970Description / Buy
31Ex Officio 1970Description / Buy
32I Gave at the Office 1971Description / Buy
33Cops and Robbers 1972Description / Buy
34Gangway! ( With:) 1973Description / Buy
35Help, I Am Being Held Prisoner 1974Description / Buy
36Brothers Keepers 1975Description / Buy
37Two Much 1975Description / Buy
38Dancing Aztecs 1976Description / Buy
39Castle in the Air 1980Description / Buy
40Kahawa 1981Description / Buy
41A Likely Story 1984Description / Buy
42High Adventure 1985Description / Buy
43Humans 1992Description / Buy
44Smoke 1995Description / Buy
45The Ax 1997Description / Buy
46The Hook 2000Description / Buy
47The Scared Stiff 2001Description / Buy
48Put a Lid on It 2002Description / Buy
49Money for Nothing 2003Description / Buy
50Memory 2010Description / Buy
51The Comedy is Finished 2012Description / Buy
52Forever and a Death 2017Description / Buy

Order of Donald E Westlake Short Story Collections

1Curious Facts Preceding My Execution 1968Description / Buy
2Enough 1977Description / Buy
3Tomorrow's Crimes 1989Description / Buy
4A Good Story and Other Stories 1999Description / Buy
5Meteor Strike 2012Description / Buy
6Double Feature 2020Description / Buy

Order of Donald E Westlake Non-Fiction Books

1The Getaway Car 2014Description / Buy

Order of Fearless Jones Series with Janet Evanovich, Lawrence Block, Linda Fairstein, Nelson DeMille, Mary Higgins Clark, Carol Higgins Clark, Nancy Pickard, Walter Mosley, Edna Buchanan, Ann Rule

1The Plot Thickens ( With: Janet Evanovich, Lawrence Block, Linda Fairstein, Nelson DeMille, Mary Higgins Clark, Carol Higgins Clark, Nancy Pickard, Walter Mosley, Edna Buchanan, Ann Rule) 1997Description / Buy
2Fearless Jones ( By: Walter Mosley) 2001Description / Buy
3Fear Itself ( By: Walter Mosley) 2003Description / Buy
4Fear of the Dark ( By: Walter Mosley) 2006Description / Buy

Order of Alfred Hitchcock Presents Series with Robert Arthur, with Ellis Peters, Dorothy L Sayers, Robert Bloch, , , Shirley Jackson, , , Ray Bradbury, , Richard Matheson, , , F. Scott Fitzgerald, Michael Gilbert, Roald Dahl, , , , , , , , Carter Dickson, , , , Julian May, , , , , , , , , , , , , , James Francis Dwyer, as Richard Stark, Margot Bennett

1Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories That Go Bump in the Night ( By:) 1940Description / Buy
2Stories They Wouldn't Let Me Do on TV ( By:) 1957Description / Buy
3Alfred Hitchcock Presents 13 More Stories They Wouldn't Let Me Do on TV ( By: Robert Bloch, , Ray Bradbury, Robert Arthur, , Roald Dahl, , , , , , , James Francis Dwyer) 1957Description / Buy
412 Stories They Wouldn't Let Me Do on TV ( By: Robert Arthur) 1957Description / Buy
5Alfred Hitchcock Presents Stories for Late at Night ( By: Robert Arthur) 1961Description / Buy
6Alfred Hitchcock Presents: More Stories for Late at Night [Unabridged] ( By:) 1962Description / Buy
7Alfred Hitchcock's A Hangman's Dozen ( As: Richard Stark, With: , , Ray Bradbury, Robert Arthur, Richard Matheson) 1962Description / Buy
8Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories My Mother Never Told Me ( By: Shirley Jackson, Robert Arthur, Richard Matheson, F. Scott Fitzgerald) 1963Description / Buy
9Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories Not for the Nervous ( By: Ellis Peters, Dorothy L Sayers, , , Ray Bradbury, , Robert Arthur, Richard Matheson, , Michael Gilbert, , , Carter Dickson, , Julian May, , , , , , , , Margot Bennett) 1965Description / Buy
10Alfred Hitchcock Presents: A Month Of Mystery ( By:) 1970Description / Buy
11Down by the Old Blood Stream ( By:) 1971Description / Buy
12Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Master's Choice. ( By:) 1979Description / Buy
13Stories That Go Bump In The Night: V. 1 ( By:) 1982Description / Buy

Donald E Westlake Anthologies

1 Tales to Send Chills Down Your Spine1979Description / Buy
2 The Plot Thickens1997Description / Buy
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Donald E. Westlake was quite a prolific author, writing over a hundred novels. His work was mainly crime fiction, specializing in comic capers; there are some brief forays into other genres, one of which includes science fiction. Westlake released work under his own name and under pen names, the biggest of which is Richard Stark. Under the Stark name, he wrote about Parker, who starred in 28 novels. Other characters he wrote about include Phil Crawford, Dortmunder, Mitchell Tobin, Grofield,Sam Holt, and Sara Joslyn. Dortmunder is the comic flip side of Parker, and once said that a novel he wrote (“The Hot Rock”) was supposed to be a Parker, but kept turning funny. It became book one of the “Dortmunder” series. He also wrote stand alone novels and some short stories. Westlake also wrote some screenplays that include “Cops and Robbers”, “The Stepfather”, and “The Grifters”.


He is one of three authors to win three Edgar Awards in three categories; in 1968 he won for “God Save the Mark” (best novel), in 1991 for “The Grifters” (best screenplay), and in 1990 for writing “Too Many Crooks” (best short story). The Mystery Writers of America named him a Grand Master, which is their highest honor. Westlake was nominated for an Academy Award for the work he did on “The Grifters” in the best adapted screenplay category.


Many movies have been made based of Westlake’s work. “The Hunter” has twice been made into a movie, once called “Point Blank” (with Lee Marvin playing Walker, who was supposed to be Parker) and the second time it was called “Payback” with Mel Gibson playing Parker but his name was changed to Porter. Jason Statham played Parker in 2013, in a movie that was based off of “Flashfire”. “The Hot Rock” was adapted in 1972, with Robert Redford playing Dortmunder. In 1973, Robert Duvall played Parker (named Macklin in this picture) in “The Outfit”.


For those readers looking to get into novels by Donald E. Westlake, this section will help with that. It will go over the novels “The Hot Rock” and “Bank Shot”.

The Hot Rock: This is the first novel in the “Dortmunder” series and was released in the year 1970. Introducing John Archibald Dortmunder, who does not carry guns, nor does he allow his crew to carry them. After he gets out after his recent stay in jail, he has another score. It is a large gem that is called Balabomo Emerald that has a worth of about half a million dollars. His client on this one is the United Nations ambassador of Talabwo (an African nation). Akinzi currently has the gem, and they are the neighbor of Talabwo. They will get 150,000 in cash when they are able to deliver the stone. All of the planning and preparations go well, as is the execution. But the results of the heist are terrible. That is because Dortmunder has the worst luck of any thief there is.

Bank Shot: This is the second novel in the “Dortmunder” series and was released in the year 1972. John Archibald Dortmunder has been working on a scam selling encyclopedias until he can pull of his next big heist. This newest mark is wise to what is going on, and he has to get out quick. He may have a lead on the next con, the Main Street bank is working out of a mobile home, for just a short time. All he has to do is get past the seven guards and get the bank on wheels rolling and drive off. Simple plan. One that goes wrong.

When Does The Next Donald E Westlake book come out?

Donald E Westlake doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Double Feature and was released on February, 4th 2020. It is the newest book in the Donald E Westlake Short Story Collections.

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