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Dorothy Cannell is a cozy mystery author best known for the Ellie Haskell Series. Even though she often identifies as an American writer, Dorothy was born in England (1943).

Order of Ellie Haskell Mystery Series

1The Thin Woman 1984Description / Buy
2The Widow's Club 1988Description / Buy
3Mum's the Word 1990Description / Buy
4Femmes Fatal 1992Description / Buy
5How to Murder Your Mother-In-Law 1994Description / Buy
6How to Murder the Man of Your Dreams 1995Description / Buy
7The Spring Cleaning Murders 1998Description / Buy
8The Trouble with Harriet 1999Description / Buy
9Bridesmaids Revisited 2000Description / Buy
10The Importance of Being Ernestine 2002Description / Buy
11Withering Heights 2007Description / Buy
12Goodbye, Ms. Chips 2008Description / Buy
13She Shoots to Conquer 2009Description / Buy

Order of Tessa Fields Series

1Down the Garden Path 1985Description / Buy

Order of Florence Norris Series

1Murder at Mullings 2014Description / Buy
2Death at Dovecote Hatch 2015Description / Buy

Order of Dorothy Cannell Standalone Novels

1God Save the Queen! 1997Description / Buy
2Sea Glass Summer 2012Description / Buy

Order of Dorothy Cannell Short Story Collections

1The Family Jewels And Other Stories 2001Description / Buy

Order of World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories Series

1The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 1 2000Description / Buy
2The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 2 2000Description / Buy
3The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 3 2002Description / Buy
4The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 4 2003Description / Buy
5The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 5 2004Description / Buy

Dorothy Cannell Anthologies

1 Malice Domestic 31994Description / Buy
2 Funny Bones: 15 New Tales of Murder and Mayhem1997Description / Buy
3 Naked Came the Farmer1998Description / Buy
4 Malice Domestic 92000Description / Buy
5 The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories 22000Description / Buy
6 The Sunken Sailor2004Description / Buy
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She only moved to the US in 1963. She was 20 at the time and her goal was to stay in the US for a year before returning home. But then she met her husband and followed him back to his hometown.

A former student of Ursuline High School in Essex and the East Dagenham Technical College, Dorothy was an avid reader. She stole the hobby from her father with whom she frequented the library.

Her mother was always telling stories. That was another habit Dorothy took for herself. When she wasn’t reading, she could be found telling her three siblings stories of her own making.

Of course, as a little girl, it never occurred to her that she could earn a living as a serious writer. So for the longest time, she merely dabbled in the activity. Even after she came to America, Dorothy Cannell had no real intention of pursuing writing and publishing, not until she took a writing class at ICC.

Her teacher, Ivan Sparling, was amazing, refining her skills and giving her the encouragement she needed to believe in her publishing dreams. Dorothy also made many great memories with a writing group Sparling had organized.

The gathering pushed the author to write more frequently. It took her seven long years of hard work. But she finally wrote and then sold a short story. From there, her career took off.

Her first novel, The Thin Woman, came to her while she was watching Phil Donahue. One particular show featured Tony Randall who made mention of a movie about a family reunion and a treasure hunt.

This got Dorothy thinking. She started crafting her own story inspired by Tony Randall’s words. She watched several more shows. One dealt with escort services. Another involved obese women who had been mistreated because of their weight.

All these ideas and more came together in the author’s mind to form Ellie Simmons, her most popular protagonist.

Dorothy Cannell was fortunate to nurture her writing talents at a time when the publishing industry was hungry for female mystery authors. As the years went on, Dorothy saw many of her colleagues in the business fade as the publishing industry moved on, finding new genres to promote and shedding any writers it found wanting.

Dorothy attributed her longevity to the growing interest in cozy mysteries, an interest that refused to wane in the years and even decades that followed.

Dorothy Cannell Awards

Dorothy received Anthony Award and Agatha Award nominations for The Widow’s Club. Her short stories (The High Cost of Living, The January Sales Stowaway, and Cupid’s Arrow) were also nominated for Agatha Awards.

This is on top of winning prominent accolades like the Malice Domestic Award

Best Dorothy Cannell Books

Dorothy’s work has been described as witty, humorous, delightful and clever, with some of the best books in her bibliography including:

The Thin Woman: Ellie Simmons was hardly the perfect woman. From her perspective, she was too old, too overweight and too clumsy, and the people around her rarely contradicted this opinion.

So nothing would have brought Ellie more joy than to skip the family reunion. And once she finally decided to make an appearance, Ellie wasted no time in hiring Ben, an escort, to pretend to be her fiancé.

Before she could catch her breath, Ellie’s uncle had died, and she and Ben stood to receive a sizable inheritance but only if they met a few bizarre conditions.

The Widow’s Club: Ellie’s life was a mess. But then she met Ben, lost a lot of weight and everything changed. Now she is on the trail of a killer, one whose victims are married men who were unfaithful to their spouses.

Ellie is helping the members of the Flowers Detection Agency solve the case. But she has plenty of personal problems on her plate, chief amongst which is her malnutrition. Ellie might have dramatically trimmed her weight but it isn’t enough.

She isn’t quite as secure in her appearance as she would like. And if she doesn’t get her eating habits under control, they could derail her efforts to find the killer hiding among the members of the Widows Club.

When Does The Next Dorothy Cannell book come out?

Dorothy Cannell doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Death at Dovecote Hatch and was released on March, 31st 2015. It is the newest book in the Florence Norris Series.

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