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Author Dorothy Sayers was born on June 13 1893 in Oxford, United Kingdom, the only child her parents had. Her father was a reverend and chaplain of Christ Church and headmaster of the Choir School. It was he who taught her Latin while she was only six. The small village of Bluntisham-cum Earith was where she grew up when her father was living there as the rector. The names in the church graveyard where used by Sayers in a novel she wrote called “The Nine Tailors”. She had a son with a man named Bill White, and the child was raised by her aunt and cousin. They passed the child off as Sayers’s nephew. After she had released two of her detective novels, she marred a Scottish journalist named Captain Oswald Atherton Fleming (he used the professional name Artherton Fleming and was also referred to as Mac) on April 6, 1926. They lived in Bloomsbury in house that she would live in until she died. They worked, Fleming worked as an author and a journalist, and she worked as a copywriter in advertising and worked as an author. The job that she had the longest (besides being a writer) was from 1922 until 1931 where she worked as a copywriter at S. H. Benson’s advertising agency. Sayers was quite successful while working this job. Variations of her ads still appear today. She died of a coronary thrombosis on December 17, 1957 in Witham, Essex at the age of 64. She left her son (who did not know she was his mother) everything when she died. She was preceded by her husband who died in 1950.

Order of Lord Peter Wimsey Series

1Whose Body? 1923Description / Buy
2Clouds of Witness 1926Description / Buy
3Unnatural Death 1927Description / Buy
4Lord Peter Views the Body 1928Description / Buy
5The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club 1928Description / Buy
6Strong Poison 1930Description / Buy
7Five Red Herrings 1931Description / Buy
8Have His Carcase 1932Description / Buy
9Hangman's Holiday 1933Description / Buy
10Murder Must Advertise 1933Description / Buy
11The Nine Tailors 1934Description / Buy
12Gaudy Night 1935Description / Buy
13Busman's Honeymoon 1937Description / Buy
14In the Teeth of the Evidence 1939Description / Buy
15Striding Folly 1973Description / Buy

Order of Lord Peter Wimsey & Harriet Vane Series with Jill Paton Walsh

1Thrones, Dominations 1998Description / Buy
2A Presumption of Death 2002Description / Buy
3The Attenbury Emeralds 2010Description / Buy
4The Late Scholar 2013Description / Buy

Order of Dorothy L Sayers Standalone Novels

1The Documents In The Case 1930Description / Buy

Order of Dorothy L Sayers Short Story Collections

1A Treasury of Sayers Stories 1958Description / Buy
2Two Plays about God and Man 1985Description / Buy
3Dorothy L. Sayers: The Complete Stories 2002Description / Buy

Order of Dorothy L Sayers Chapbooks

1The Emperor Constantine 1951Description / Buy

Order of Dorothy L Sayers Standalone Plays

1The Man Born to Be King 1943Description / Buy

Order of Dorothy L Sayers Non-Fiction Books

1The Mind of the Maker 1941Description / Buy
2Unpopular Opinions 1946Description / Buy
3Creed or Chaos? (Short Story) 1947Description / Buy
4Further Papers on Dante ( With: Barbara Reynolds) 1957Description / Buy
5Are Women Human? 1959Description / Buy
6The Days of Christ's Coming 1960Description / Buy
7Wilkie Collins a Critical and Biographical Study 1977Description / Buy
8The Whimsical Christian 1987Description / Buy
9Spiritual Writings 1993Description / Buy
10The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers. Vol. 1, 1899-1936 1996Description / Buy
11The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers. Vol. 2, 1937-1943 1998Description / Buy
12The letters of Dorothy L. Sayers. Vol. 3, 1944-1950 1999Description / Buy
13The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers: 1951-1957 2000Description / Buy
14The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers: Child and Woman of Her Time 2002Description / Buy

Order of Alfred Hitchcock Presents Series with Donald E Westlake, Ellis Peters, Robert Bloch, , , Shirley Jackson, , , Ray Bradbury, , Robert Arthur, Richard Matheson, , , F. Scott Fitzgerald, Michael Gilbert, Roald Dahl, , , , , , , , Carter Dickson, , , , Julian May, , , , , , , , , , , , , , James Francis Dwyer, Richard Stark, Margot Bennett

1Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories That Go Bump in the Night ( By:) 1940Description / Buy
2Stories They Wouldn't Let Me Do on TV ( By:) 1957Description / Buy
3Alfred Hitchcock Presents 13 More Stories They Wouldn't Let Me Do on TV ( By: Robert Bloch, , Ray Bradbury, Robert Arthur, , Roald Dahl, , , , , , , James Francis Dwyer) 1957Description / Buy
412 Stories They Wouldn't Let Me Do on TV ( By: Robert Arthur) 1957Description / Buy
5Alfred Hitchcock Presents Stories for Late at Night ( By: Robert Arthur) 1961Description / Buy
6Alfred Hitchcock Presents: More Stories for Late at Night [Unabridged] ( By:) 1962Description / Buy
7Alfred Hitchcock's A Hangman's Dozen ( By: Donald E Westlake, , , Ray Bradbury, Robert Arthur, Richard Matheson, , , , , , , Richard Stark) 1962Description / Buy
8Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories My Mother Never Told Me ( By: Shirley Jackson, Robert Arthur, Richard Matheson, F. Scott Fitzgerald) 1963Description / Buy
9Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories Not for the Nervous ( With: Ellis Peters, , , Ray Bradbury, , Robert Arthur, Richard Matheson, , Michael Gilbert, , , Carter Dickson, , Julian May, , , , , , , , Margot Bennett) 1965Description / Buy
10Alfred Hitchcock Presents: A Month Of Mystery ( By:) 1970Description / Buy
11Down by the Old Blood Stream ( By:) 1971Description / Buy
12Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Master's Choice. ( By:) 1979Description / Buy
13Stories That Go Bump In The Night: V. 1 ( By:) 1982Description / Buy

Dorothy L Sayers Anthologies

1 Ask a Policeman1933Description / Buy
2 Human And Inhuman Stories1963Description / Buy
3 Crime Never Pays2001Description / Buy
4 The Best Crime Stories Ever Told2002Description / Buy
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Dorothy Sayers wrote poetry, essays, plays, and even did some translations. She is most known for the series of mysteries that she wrote between the First and Second World Wars that star amateur sleuth and aristocrat named Lord Peter Wimsey. In these stories, she does not write pure mysteries but looks at the problems that veterans of World War One had, supporting women’s education, and role in society. She claimed that her translation of the Divine Comedy by Dante to be her best work.


Some of her work has been adapted into movies. These include “Clouds of Witness”, “Murder Must Advertise”, “The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club”, “The Nine Tailors”, and Five Red Herrings. All of these starred Ian Carmichael. The ones that starred Edward Petherbridge are “Strong Poison”, “Have His Carcase”, and “Gaudy Night”.


For those readers looking to get into novels by Dorothy Sayers, this section will help with that. It will go over the novels “Whose Body?”, “Clouds of Witness”, and “Unnatural Death”.

Whose Body?: This is the first novel in the “Lord Peter Wimsey” series and was released in the year 1923. A naked body is found in a bath tub, which is not unusual for a bath. It is unusual for a murder though. Especially since the body had gold pince-nez set on the sightless eyes. After death, it would seem the face was shaved. It is assumed by the police that the victim was a well to do financier, but Lord Peter Wimsey knows better. And he dabbled in mystery detection as a hobby. He will untangle the mystery of the corpse in the bath.

Clouds of Witness: This is the second novel in the “Lord Peter Wimsey” series and was released in the year 1926. The Wimsey family retreat (Riddlesdale Lodge) is a rustic place that is full of the atmosphere of the thrill of the hunt and country pleasures. That is, until one day the game that turned up was human and dead. The man lie near the chrysanthemums, had on a dinner jacket and slippers. He was soon to be Lord Peter’s brother in law. Wimsey’s own brother is accused of murder. If that is not enough to boggle the mind of Wimsey, perhaps a vanishing midnight letter that came from Egypt, a bullet meant for one specific Wimsey, and a fiance full of grief and suitcase in hand will be.

Unnatural Death: This is the third novel in the “Lord Peter Wimsey” series and was released in the year 1927. The wealthy old woman is dead. That is the good news, the bad being that she died before she was expected to. The trail leads from a lovely village in Hampshire, a nice London flat, and a careful test of a secret affair that was staged by Wimsey.

When Does The Next Dorothy L Sayers book come out?

Dorothy L Sayers doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Late Scholar and was released on December, 5th 2013. It is the newest book in the Lord Peter Wimsey & Harriet Vane Series.

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