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Ed Greenwood is a Canadian author of fantasy fiction. He is responsible for the Forgotten Realms, a fictional world that gained notoriety when it was assimilated by Dungeons and Dragons.

Order of Forgotten Realms: Cities Series

1The City of Ravens ( By: Richard Baker) 2000Description / Buy
2The Jewel of Turmish ( By: Mel Odom) 2002Description / Buy
3The City of Splendors 2005Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms: Cormyr Saga Series with Troy Denning

1Cormyr 1996Description / Buy
2Beyond The High Road ( By: Troy Denning) 1999Description / Buy
3Death of the Dragon ( With: Troy Denning) 2000Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms: Double Diamond Triangle Saga Series

1The Abduction (Short Story) ( By: J. Robert King) 1998Description / Buy
2The Mercenaries (Short Story) 1998Description / Buy
3An Opportunity for Profit (Short Story) ( By: Dave Gross) 1998Description / Buy
4Conspiracy ( By: J. Robert King) 1998Description / Buy
5Easy Betrayals (Short Story) ( By: Richard Baker) 1998Description / Buy
6The Diamond (Short Story) 1998Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms: Elminster Series

1Elminster: The Making of a Mage 1992Description / Buy
2Elminster in Myth Drannor 1997Description / Buy
3The Temptation of Elminster 1998Description / Buy
4Elminster in Hell 2001Description / Buy
5Elminster's Daughter 2004Description / Buy
6Elminster Ascending 2010Description / Buy
7Spellstorm 2015Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms: The Harpers Series

1Elfshadow ( By: Elaine Cunningham) 1991Description / Buy
2The Parched Sea ( By: Troy Denning) 1991Description / Buy
3Red Magic ( By: Jean Rabe) 1991Description / Buy
4The Ring of Winter ( By: James Lowder) 1992Description / Buy
5Elfsong ( By: Elaine Cunningham) 1994Description / Buy
6Masquerades ( By: Jeff Grubb) 1995Description / Buy
7The Veiled Dragon ( By: Troy Denning) 1996Description / Buy
8Silver Shadows ( By: Elaine Cunningham) 1996Description / Buy
9Stormlight 1996Description / Buy
10Finder's Bane ( By: Jeff Grubb) 1997Description / Buy
11Thornhold ( By: Elaine Cunningham) 1998Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms: Knights of Myth Drannor Series

1Swords of Eveningstar 2006Description / Buy
2Swords of Dragonfire 2007Description / Buy
3The Sword Never Sleeps 2008Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms: Pathfinder Tales Series

1The Lost Pathfinder ( By: Paul Boehmer, Dave Gross) 2010Description / Buy
2Prince of Wolves ( By: Dave Gross) 2010Description / Buy
3The Secret of the Rose and Glove (Short Story) ( By: Kevin Andrew Murphy) 2010Description / Buy
4Winter Witch ( By: Dave Gross, Elaine Cunningham) 2010Description / Buy
5Plague of Shadows ( By: Howard Andrew Jones) 2011Description / Buy
6The Ghosts of Broken Blades (Short Story) ( By: Monte Cook) 2011Description / Buy
7Two Pieces of Tarnished Silver ( By: Erik Mona) 2011Description / Buy
8Master of Devils ( By: Dave Gross) 2011Description / Buy
9Death's Heretic ( By: James L. Sutter) 2011Description / Buy
10Faithful Servants ( By: James L. Sutter) 2011Description / Buy
11The Perfumer's Apprentice (Short Story) ( By: Kevin Andrew Murphy) 2012Description / Buy
12Mother Bears ( By: Karen White, Wendy N. Wagner) 2012Description / Buy
13City of the Fallen Sky ( By: Tim Pratt) 2012Description / Buy
14Hell or High Water (Short Story) ( By: Ari Marmell) 2012Description / Buy
15A Tomb of Winter's Plunder ( By: Tim Pratt) 2012Description / Buy
16Queen of Thorns ( By: Dave Gross) 2012Description / Buy
17Called to Darkness ( By: Richard Lee Byers) 2012Description / Buy
18Liar's Blade ( By: Tim Pratt) 2013Description / Buy
19Bastard, Sword (Short Story) ( By: Tim Pratt) 2013Description / Buy
20The Wizard's Mask 2013Description / Buy
21King of Chaos ( By: Dave Gross) 2013Description / Buy
22Stalking the Beast ( By: Howard Andrew Jones) 2013Description / Buy
23The Dagger of Trust ( By: Chris Willrich) 2014Description / Buy
24Skinwalkers ( By: Wendy N. Wagner) 2014Description / Buy
25The Redemption Engine ( By: James L. Sutter) 2014Description / Buy
26Boar and Rabbit ( By: , James L. Sutter) 2014Description / Buy
27The Crusader Road ( By: Michael A. Stackpole) 2014Description / Buy
28Reign of Stars ( By: Tim Pratt) 2014Description / Buy
29Firesoul ( By: Gary Kloster) 2015Description / Buy
30Forge of Ashes ( By: Josh Vogt) 2015Description / Buy
31Lord of Runes ( By: Dave Gross) 2015Description / Buy
32Liar's Island ( By: Tim Pratt) 2015Description / Buy
33Beyond the Pool of Stars ( By: Howard Andrew Jones) 2015Description / Buy
34Liar's Bargain ( By: Tim Pratt) 2016Description / Buy
35Starspawn ( By: Wendy N. Wagner) 2016Description / Buy
36Shy Knives ( By: Sam Sykes) 2016Description / Buy
37Reaper's Eye ( By: Richard A. Knaak) 2016Description / Buy
38Through The Gate in the Sea ( By: Howard Andrew Jones) 2017Description / Buy
39Gears of Faith ( By: Gabrielle Harbowy) 2017Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms: Sage Of Shadowdale Series

1Elminster Must Die 2010Description / Buy
2Bury Elminster Deep 2011Description / Buy
3Elminster Enraged 2012Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms: Shadow Of The Avatar Series

1Shadows of Doom 1995Description / Buy
2Cloak of Shadows 1995Description / Buy
3All Shadows Fled 1995Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms: Shandril's Saga Series

1Spellfire 1987Description / Buy
2Crown of Fire 1994Description / Buy
3Hand Of Fire 2002Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms: Sundering Series with Richard Lee Byers, R.A. Salvatore, Paul S. Kemp, Troy Denning, Erin M. Evans

1The Companions ( By: R.A. Salvatore) 2013Description / Buy
2The Adversary ( By: Erin M. Evans) 2013Description / Buy
3The Godborn ( By: Paul S. Kemp) 2014Description / Buy
4The Reaver ( By: Richard Lee Byers) 2014Description / Buy
5The Sentinel ( By: Troy Denning) 2014Description / Buy
6The Herald 2014Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms: The Sundering Adventure Modules Series by R.A. Salvatore

1Murder in Baldur's Gate (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
2Legacy of the Crystal Shard (Short Story) ( By: R.A. Salvatore) 2013Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms Standalone Books

1Death Masks 2016Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms Collections

1Feathered Dragon ( By: Douglas Niles) 1991Description / Buy
2Once Around the Realms ( By: Brian M. Thomsen) 1995Description / Buy
3Evermeet: Island of the Elves ( By: Elaine Cunningham) 1998Description / Buy
4The Shadow Stone ( By: Richard Baker) 1998Description / Buy
5Silverfall 1999Description / Buy
6The Glass Prison ( By: Monte Cook) 1999Description / Buy
7Dissolution ( By: Richard Lee Byers) 2002Description / Buy
8Starlight & Shadows: Gift Set ( By: Elaine Cunningham) 2005Description / Buy
9We Three Dragons 2005Description / Buy
10Mistshore ( By:) 2008Description / Buy
11Downshadow ( By: Erik Scott de Bie) 2009Description / Buy
12The Threat from the Sea ( By: Mel Odom) 2009Description / Buy
13House of Serpents ( By: Lisa Smedman) 2009Description / Buy
14Dawnbringer ( By: Samantha Henderson) 2011Description / Buy
15The Empyrean Odyssey ( By: Thomas M. Reid) 2011Description / Buy
16Sandstorm ( By: Christopher Rowe) 2011Description / Buy
17Prince of Ravens ( By: Richard Baker) 2012Description / Buy
18The Gilded Rune ( By: Lisa Smedman) 2012Description / Buy
19Venom in Her Veins ( By: Tim Pratt) 2012Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms: Anthologies Series

1Realms of Valor ( With: Christie Golden, Jean Rabe, R.A. Salvatore, Elaine Cunningham, James Lowder, Douglas Niles, Troy Denning, David Zeb Cook, , Mark Anthony) 1993Description / Buy
2Realms of Infamy ( With: Christie Golden, R.A. Salvatore, Elaine Cunningham, Mary H. Herbert, James Lowder, J. Robert King, , Troy Denning, Barb Hendee, David Zeb Cook, , James M. Ward, Mark Anthony) 1994Description / Buy
3Realms of Magic ( With: Christie Golden, Jean Rabe, Brian M. Thomsen, R.A. Salvatore, Dave Gross, Elaine Cunningham, Mary H. Herbert, Jeff Grubb, J. Robert King, , , Douglas Niles, David Zeb Cook, , , Mark Anthony) 1995Description / Buy
4Realms of the Underdark ( With: Brian M. Thomsen, Elaine Cunningham, J. Robert King, , Mark Anthony) 1996Description / Buy
5Realms of the Arcane ( By: Brian M. Thomsen) 1997Description / Buy
6Realms of Mystery 1998Description / Buy
7Realms of the Dragons 2004Description / Buy
8Realms of the Dragons II ( By: Erin Tettensor) 2005Description / Buy
9Realms of the Elves ( By: Philip Athans) 2006Description / Buy
10Realms of War ( By: Philip Athans) 2008Description / Buy
11Realms of the Dead ( With: Richard Baker, R.A. Salvatore, , Susan J. Morris) 2010Description / Buy

Order of The Best of the Realms Series by R.A. Salvatore, Elaine Cunningham

1The Best of the Realms ( By: R.A. Salvatore) 2003Description / Buy
2The Best of the Realms: The Stories of Elaine Cunningham ( By: Elaine Cunningham) 2007Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms Game Books

1The Magister (Short Story) 1988Description / Buy
2Lords of Darkness 1989Description / Buy
3The Ruins of Undermountain 1991Description / Buy
4Halls of the High King (Short Story) 1991Description / Buy
5Volo's Guide to the North 1993Description / Buy
6Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast 1994Description / Buy
7Volo's Guide to Cormyr 1995Description / Buy
8Volo's Guide to the Dalelands 1996Description / Buy
9Volo's Guide to All Things Magical (Short Story) 1996Description / Buy
10Prayers from the Faithful (Short Story) 1997Description / Buy
11Secrets of the Magister (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
12Volo's Guide to Baldur's Gate (Short Story) 2000Description / Buy
13Silver Marches 2002Description / Buy
14Serpent Kingdoms 2004Description / Buy
15A Player's Guide to Castlemourn (Short Story) 2006Description / Buy
16Ed Greenwoods Castlemourn Campaign Setting 2007Description / Buy
17Ed Greenwood Presents Elminster's Forgotten Realms 2012Description / Buy

Order of Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Series

1Shadowdale/FRE 1 (Short Story) 1989Description / Buy
2Tantras (Short Story) 1989Description / Buy
3Waterdeep FRE3 1989Description / Buy
4Haunted Halls of Eveningstar (Short Story) 1992Description / Buy
5Ruins of Myth Drannor 1993Description / Buy
6The Code of the Harpers (Short Story) 1993Description / Buy
7The Seven Sisters 1995Description / Buy
8Pages from the Mages (Short Story) 1995Description / Buy
9The City of Ravens Bluff 1998Description / Buy
10Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy

Order of Band of Four Series

1The Kingless Land 2000Description / Buy
2The Vacant Throne 2001Description / Buy
3A Dragon's Ascension 2002Description / Buy
4The Dragon's Doom 2003Description / Buy
5The Silent House: A Chronicle of Aglirta 2004Description / Buy

Order of Falconfar Saga Series

1Dark Lord 2007Description / Buy
2Arch Wizard 2008Description / Buy
3Falconfar 2010Description / Buy

Order of Gazetteer Series

1Five Shires 1988Description / Buy

Order of A Novel of Niflheim Series

1Dark Warrior Rising 2007Description / Buy
2Dark Vengeance 2008Description / Buy

Order of Platter of Surprises Series

1A Modest Gallimaufry of Brief Tales (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy

Order of Platter Of Surprises Short Stories

1The Ostrond File (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
2Walking the Kings Skull (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
3A Nice Silky Merlot (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy

Order of Ed Greenwood Standalone Novels

1The Iron Assassin 2015Description / Buy
2The Awakened Modern 2017Description / Buy

Order of Ed Greenwood Short Stories

1Shadowsfall Legends (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy

Order of Ed Greenwood Non-Fiction Books

1Castlemorn Players Guide (Short Story) 2006Description / Buy
2The Grand History of the Realms 2007Description / Buy
3Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide 2008Description / Buy

Order of Ed Greenwood Game Books

1Geanavue 2002Description / Buy
2Loona, Port of Intrigue (Short Story) 2003Description / Buy
3Quests of Doom 4 2018Description / Buy

Order of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Series

1SpellJammer (Short Story) 1990Description / Buy
2Forgotten Realms: Adventures ( By: Jeff Grubb) 1990Description / Buy

Order of Dungeons & Dragons Edition 3.5 Series

1Player's Guide to Faerûn ( By: Richard Baker) 2004Description / Buy
2Shining South ( By: Thomas M. Reid) 2004Description / Buy
3Complete Arcane ( By: Richard Baker) 2004Description / Buy
4Lost Empires of Faerûn ( By: Richard Baker) 2005Description / Buy
5Stormwrack ( By: Richard Baker) 2005Description / Buy
6Champions of Valor ( By: Thomas M. Reid) 2005Description / Buy
7The Doom Of Listonshire (Short Story) ( By: Ari Marmell) 2006Description / Buy
8Power of Faerûn 2006Description / Buy
9Tome of Battle ( By: Richard Baker) 2006Description / Buy
10Complete Mage ( By: Ari Marmell) 2006Description / Buy

Order of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Series

1The Drow of the Underdark (Short Story) 1991Description / Buy
2Maztica Campaign Set ( By: Douglas Niles) 1991Description / Buy
3Fires of Zatal (Short Story) ( By: Jeff Grubb) 1991Description / Buy
4Volo's Guide to Waterdeep 1992Description / Buy
5Land of Fate ( By: Jeff Grubb) 1992Description / Buy
6Ravenloft Monstrous Compendium Appendix II: Children Of The Night (Short Story) ( By:) 1993Description / Buy
7Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 1993Description / Buy
8House of Strahd (Short Story) ( By: Tracy Hickman) 1993Description / Buy
9Dark of the Moon: Ravenloft Adventure: (Short Story) ( By: Thomas M. Reid) 1994Description / Buy
10Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure ( By: Thomas M. Reid, Jeff Grubb, Aaron Allston) 1994Description / Buy
11Adam's Wrath: Ravenloft Adventure: (Short Story) ( By: Lisa Smedman) 1994Description / Buy
12Awakening: Ravenloft Adventure (Short Story) ( By: Lisa Smedman) 1994Description / Buy
13Elminster's Ecologies ( By: James Butler) 1994Description / Buy
14Player's Survival Kit/Book, Adventurer's Log, and Cards ( By: John D. Rateliff) 1995Description / Buy
15Chilling Tales ( By: Lisa Smedman) 1995Description / Buy
16Cities of the Sun ( By: Richard Baker) 1995Description / Buy
17Neither Man Nor Beast: Ravenloft Adventure: ( By: Jeff Grubb) 1996Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Series

1The Forgotten Realms 1987Description / Buy
2Moonshae ( By: Douglas Niles) 1987Description / Buy
3The Savage Frontier (Short Story) ( By: Paul Jaquays) 1988Description / Buy
4Hall of Heroes (Short Story) ( By: R.A. Salvatore, Jeff Grubb) 1989Description / Buy
5Cities of Mystery (Short Story) ( By: Jean Rabe) 1989Description / Buy
6Bloodstone Lands (Short Story) ( By: R.A. Salvatore) 1989Description / Buy
7Dwarves Deep (Short Story) 1991Description / Buy

Ed Greenwood Anthologies

1 Realms of Valor1993Description / Buy
2 Realms of Infamy1994Description / Buy
3 The Book of All Flesh2001Description / Buy
4 Summoned to Destiny2004Description / Buy
5 When the Hero Comes Home2011Description / Buy
6 When the Villain Comes Home2012Description / Buy
7 Women in Practical Armor2016Description / Buy
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Born in 1959, Greenwood spent his childhood in Don Mills, an upscale Toronto Suburb. When he created the Forgotten Realms, the author had no idea that it would go on to become one of the most beloved fictional settings in RPG history.

Greenwood was a voracious reader. He started reading adult-level stories when he was four. His interest in writing was actually sparked by his hunger for reading. A young Ed Greenwood would read the books in his father’s den.

And whenever he found a novel he particularly liked, he would go hunting for a sequel only for his father to tell him that the author had died and there were no more books to be found in that particular series.

Greenwood’s father would end such conversations by telling the boy to go write his own sequels if he was so determined to continue the stories that had grabbed him. It is unclear as to whether the older man actually intended for his son to take this advice to heart or if he was simply being sarcastic.

Either way, Greenwood listened and acted accordingly. At four years of age, he started writing. By the time he was 6, Greenwood was a published author, though he would have been the first person to tell you that everything he wrote in those early years was dreadful.

The novelist was more than happy to see the first person space operas and romance stories of his youth disappear. That being said, the experimentation of his childhood wasn’t a complete waste.

Greenwood was still a child when he started producing stories within the Forgotten Realms. At the time, the author just wanted a platform within which he could set all the swords and sorcery stories swirling around in his mind.

He took great pleasure in adding detailed backstories to the various corners of the Forgotten Realms universe. In 1975, when the boy discovered Dungeons and Dragons, he started setting all his campaigns in the Forgotten Realms.

The players who participated in the author’s campaigns were always thirsty for more detail and he met their demands by giving the Forgotten Realms as much life as any real-world setting.

As luck would have it, a magazine called The Dragon agreed to publish short articles from Ed Greenwood that explored the facets of the Forgotten Realms. These articles drew the interest of TSR, the company behind Dungeons and Dragons.

They sent Jeff Grubb to prod Greenwood. Upon learning that the Forgotten Realms was truly his own distinct creation, they did not hesitate to add it as a campaign to the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Game.

They also brought Ed Greenwood onboard, tasking him with writing novels and short stories for the Dungeons and Dragons version of the Forgotten Realms.

Today, the Forgotten Realms is celebrated both in Literary Fantasy Fiction and in the arena of Role-Playing Games. Despite his busy schedule as a writer, Greenwood finds the time to work as a library clerk.

Ed Greenwood Awards

Greenwood is a member of the Gamers Choice Hall of Fame. He also joined the Academy of Adventure Gaming’s Hall of Fame in the early 2000s.

Best Ed Greenwood Books

Greenwood has been commended for creating a fictional RPG setting that is epic in scope whilst also offering opportunities for localized, grounded storytelling, with some of the best books in his bibliography including:

The Making of a Mage: Times are hard. Dragons rule the sky. Evil sorcerers walk the land and barbarians abound. But none of that matters to Elminster. After all, he’s just a simple shepherd boy, or at least he was. Then a mage lord swept down on the back of a dragon and changed everything.

Myth Drannor: Elminster is a powerful and enigmatic figure in the Forgotten Realms. This book continues the exploration of his life, specifically delving into the events that brought him to Cormanthor, the nature of his education under many mighty mages and the steps he took to put his magic to good use in a world saturated with evil sorcerers, wicked dragons and barbarians.

When Does The Next Ed Greenwood book come out?

Ed Greenwood doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Quests of Doom 4 and was released on June, 1st 2018. It is the newest book in the Ed Greenwood Game Books.


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