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Edward Rutherfurd is an English author that writes epic historical fiction. Born in 1948 in Salisbury, England, Rutherford’s education includes stints at the University of Cambridge and Stanford Business School.

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Order of Dublin Saga

# Read Title Published Details
1 Dublin / Prince of Ireland 2003 Description / Buy
2 Ireland: Awakening / The Rebels of Ireland 2004 Description / Buy

Order of Edward Rutherford Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Sarum 1987 Description / Buy
2 Russka 1991 Description / Buy
3 London 1997 Description / Buy
4 The Forest 2000 Description / Buy
5 New York 2009 Description / Buy
6 Paris 2013 Description / Buy
7 China 2020 Description / Buy
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The author worked in political research and publishing for a while before leaving to write ‘Sarum.’ The book was a significant undertaking because it covered ten thousand years of history.

Readers quickly embraced ‘Sarum,’ turning the volume into an international bestseller. ‘Sarum’ was not his last bestseller. Over the years, Rutherford has added titles like ‘Russka’ and ‘Ireland: Awakening’ to that list.

Despite the extensive periods he covers, the author contains his books to a small group of families, telling their stories and the tales of their descendants. This approach allows Rutherfurd to chart the history of a particular location from its origins to modern times.

His books range between five hundred and a thousand pages. They are broken into chapters, each of which tackles a different era. Rutherfurd believes that people are drawn to historical sagas because they occur in a complete world.

History is called so because it is done. Past events started and then came to an end. This comforts readers. Some of them use history to explore their family and cultural roots. Others love the beauty of historical artifacts: the buildings and paintings from a bygone era.

This isn’t always true. Historical fiction’s popularity is constantly ebbing and flowing, just like other genres. People obsess over one style for a little while before losing interest and seeking out another. So far, Rutherfurd hasn’t shown any concern over the notion that his readers may lose interest in his style at some point, and for a good reason.

His fanbase has shown no sign of tiring of his work. The author takes his inspiration from James Michener. Rutherfurd has tried to learn and evolve the techniques Michener invented. He cannot definitively describe his style.

The author agrees that he has a brand, just like other successful writers. Rutherfurd is not afraid to admit that he writes commercial novels. He pens his stories with a specific audience in mind.

He doesn’t begrudge the limits and constraints placed upon him because of his brand because they drive his creativity.

It takes Rutherfurd nine months to write a book. But he can spend years pondering the ideas behind his books. Topics come to him all the time. He scrutinizes them carefully to determine whether they have a global audience.

He won’t proceed unless a concept excites him. The author does some research along the way to determine whether or not the idea in question is as interesting as it sounds.

Rutherfurd has dozens of ideas that he dropped because he lost interest. He keeps them in a filing cabinet.

Edward Rutherfurd Awards

Rutherfurd won the Langum Prize in 2009, the International Historical Novel Honor Award (City of Zaragoza) in 2015, and the Washington Irving Medal for Literary Excellence (2011).

Best Edward Rutherfurd Books

Rutherfurd is a highly successful author that has sold over fifteen million copies, many of which have been translated into several languages. Rutherfurd’s best books include:

Sarum: ‘Sarum’ is one of Rutherfurd’s most popular stories, an epic tale of adventure exploring the lives of the Masons, Shockley’s, Wilsons, Godfreys, and Porteus. These five families intertwine through the centuries, their saga painting a fascinating picture of what the future might look like.

You wouldn’t be wrong in calling this volume the Stonehenge book. But it is more than that, taking readers back to the days of Neolithic man before tracing the relevant bloodlines to contemporary times. ‘Sarum’ is the story of Great Britain.

New York: ‘Sarum’ chronicled Britain’s rise. ‘New York’ does the same for New York. Rutherfurd looks at the humble beginnings of New York back when it was little more than a small fishing village.

He throws a spotlight on the merchants that came soon after, the impact of the Revolutionary War, the financial center that emerged, the threats it faced during the Civil War, the riches that passed through the city’s hands at the height of the Gilded Age, and more.

As always, Rutherfurd’s exploration is comprehensive. He highlights the romances, personal struggles, and family trials that occurred during New York’s most exciting eras.

When Does The Next Edward Rutherfurd book come out?

Edward Rutherfurd doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is China and was released on September, 3rd 2020.


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